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  1. I got my system reinstalled these days and found this problem when I was trying to import my WOWS client after installed the latest ver. of WGC. I run my WGC on ZH-Singapore, the import button is on the "All Games" page, and I found this page empty. I checked my NAT Settings, DNS settings, cleaned internet cache, and even tried to refresh this page using TAP adapter, this problem still happens. ( Just failed to refresh the page, the client was imported and ran successfully ) Then i tried to switch my WGC to English, and found this page works fine in English. I switched to some other languages, like ZH-TW, Japanese, French, etc, and found this page only shows correctlly in English and Russian. I wonder if this is actually a bug and would be fixed later on.
  2. Since the auto-drop means 100% miss when using the AP bombers, the AP can only used manually. But does it work? ----NO. Here's what i saw as a battleship or a battlecruiser: U see the bombers showed up , u're on full speed even about 20kts, u saw the drop, at the same time u press S, Q or E, and ur safe from the bombing run. That's what happens when a GZ uses the AP. It's not a matter of practice, it's the matter of luck. Just like shooting a MK6 gun at 20+km range.
  3. Dont have radar is an acceptable situation. For more they need to balance the nations, as what they already said years ago. Think about it, in a domination battle we have 3 Shimakaze against 2 Gearing and a Z52, that's not only what really happened in the past, but also what is happening now. I dont mean Shimakaze is a bad ship, but it just doesnt suit the MM and the exact battle, even the MM makes 2 Shimakaze plus Z52 against 2 Gearing plus Shimakaze, it could be much more better, since we know on both side, friendly DDs have the ability to dogfight and we have the chioce to push.
  4. Xthedra_ST

    Graf Zepellin pulled from Premium Shop

    U see the bombers showed up , u're on full speed even about 20kts, u saw the drop, at the same time u press S, Q or E, and ur safe from the bombing run. That's what really happened to the AP Bombers on GZ. How can WG dare to tell it's it s not Graff Zepellin turns to be bad, it s just you dont had skill lol.
  5. Xthedra_ST

    why dont we have server equality

    It sure is, since there are still a lot of players from China in WoWS ASIA, besides those from HK and TW, and the meme was originally made by Chinese players, too. Don't be surprise about that since I'm also player from China. In addition, Indianapolis and Sims was almost the only Plan B to choose besides Myoko and Mahan in those days Rank require Tier 7, but this season which became Tier 8.
  6. Xthedra_ST

    why dont we have server equality

    Couldn't agree more, for a long time the only way to get signal ZH and ESCL was to complete achievements, which means player could get 10 a day. For what's worse was those signals were just the most frequently used. Also, the dragon flag, was given with the most amount--50 every 500 battle and 50 each Tier X owned, to those one who really needn't to worry about captains--those who had already battled a lot and got a bunch of Tier X ships. GG WG SEA.