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  1. People who don't share a common language hence the poor reputation due to box-runes and the general hostility between English and non English speakers?
  2. When I logged on to EU last night we had a pop of 19k, that's at 11pm on a Sunday. Never ever seen that on ASIA even when I lived in WA
  3. Seabad

    When do I start worrying/hassling?

    OTOH I now have a lot of spare time to play other games. WG are sabotaging their own efforts by not doing this properly.
  4. Seabad

    Thank You Support Staff!

    wait, so, whats the hold up? my account here is locked and my EU account isn't available yet
  5. They probs lost like 30% of the servers population with this stunt. There will be issues as they sort it out.
  6. What is even your point? I did say WG are lazy and part of the problem in my post.
  7. Nope, hacking is literally illegal, can be up to a class B felony offense in severity. Due to some inelegant wording on the US's part for how it determines what hacking is, it is broadly defined as gain unauthorized access to data on a system or computer. Memory injection, aimbots, these kind of things would probably all fit the qualification of hacking per legalese. Whether WG wants to press charges is a whole other affair.
  8. Gotta laugh at all this talk about skill level etc I would be moving to NA (EU in my case) because of common language and the fact that in NA its literally illegal to run or program cheating software. Its against the law for WG not to persecute cheaters actively, see the kid who got like 12 years jail for programming hacks last year. In ASIA you have a culture that encourages cheating, backed up by a lazy and uninteractive dev team, backed up twice by a game system that rewards persistence and not skill and you will find bots in tier 8 and tier 9 because so long as they have credits to carry their expenses they can whelp endlessly until they reach tier 10. The last time I was in a mixed t3-t5 match I saw two accounts offering sales with t10s attached. You are stupid to think these botting accounts aren't for-profit and that the botting problem is analogous to the level 110 character boost WOW experiences. Ever wonder how someone reaches tier 9 and still doesn't have a single clue? Is it because ASIAns are uniquely aware of the nature of f2p grind games and would rather pay a weeks wages to skip 2 years + of monotony and get an account of all tier 10s? No idea, just speculating. In my personal case I moved to EU server because I emigrated 2 years ago and 200 ping with a sometimes unstable connection (like 1 in 20 games and I assume a particular server is to blame, possibly its overloaded or just poorly wired up?) makes it harder to play than is necessary. Shots not firing due to ping issues or bombs/rockets overshooting, ships sliding forwards or backwards thanks to ping etc etc I have had my 2 years of drama and I want to leave. I don't give a good God Damn about the relative skill level of ASIA vs NA or EU its not like I would even notice when 7/12 team mates are spergs who can't play anyway. I might as well get the most benefit from a closer connection and larger player pool and closer language ties. Skill level would maybe stand out once in 100 games and it would come down to a couple of individuals on one team or the other and have nothing to do with a general 1% drift either up or down at a server level.
  9. This is exactly what I was talking about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I am so gone. Goodbye SEA.
  10. Seabad

    Finish top 3 or 4 every match but loose

    The games popularity is dropping a lot, they lost like 25% of their players worldwide in 1 year. Things will continue to get steadily worse and your impression of teams being bad and unable to win is perfectly on point. Use "view profile" right click on allies at the end of a match to see why you cant win. Check the bottom 5 and you will know.
  11. Seabad

    When is the next transfers? - NA to SEA

    I didn't play the game for over a year until like 2 weeks ago, and all my CV games from before are years out of date.
  12. Seabad

    When is the next transfers? - NA to SEA

    53% in other ship types and those stats you reference are now years out of date. Try again.
  13. Last night I had a game where the only two people on my team with WR over 45% was me and a guy with 61%, other 10 people all below 45%. Other team had avg winrate hovering around 51%. Is that fair? Expecting a unicum player and an avg joe *btw a HUGE % of my losses come from pre rebalance CV* to carry 10 turbopotatoes?
  14. How do you rationalise then a 41% player of which there are many, their ability to contribute? They get 41% over thousands of games for a reason. Because they ARE BAD.
  15. Seabad

    When is the next transfers? - NA to SEA

    I love these passive aggressive reactions im getting, I just had a guy with 41% WR on my team, i'd pay money to escape these people.