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  1. Seabad

    Kutuzov needs radar, not sonar

    https://asia.warships.today/vehicle/3762206160/Mikhail%20Kutuzov It's not even that good. Infact, adjusted for winrate including pre-change stats it is in 73rd place for win rate. So OP. When adjusted for games played, the kutuzov has a similar number of games played as gneisau and scharn and has a lower win rate than either. In other words, kutu ain't OP, it's actually REALLY well balanced based off all of the data. But I'm saying sonar is a bad consumable and anyone saying how great the AA is needs to remember that might be AA specced and with the DF consumable. More options never hurts.
  2. Seabad

    Kutuzov needs radar, not sonar

    Gee it's almost like the request for radar is to hunt DD hiding in stacked smokes from all the UK CA and shimakaze's around.
  3. Seabad

    Kutuzov needs radar, not sonar

    I don't so much care about buffing its guns. I care about radar so it can go DD hunting with the HE it does possess, so it can be a counter to UK CA. Infact, I'd trade smoke for radar because I flatly find radar more useful. You use that phrase like you know what it means.. but you don't. As I've proven in that past when I actually want to win I can win 88% of my games for multiple days straight. I'm not terrible, just horribly drunk.
  4. The kutuzov is one of my favourite ships. Unfortunately since the updates to captains skills and the changes to HE the Kutu's main source of damage has now been nerfed extremely. I used to go from 80k matches regularly to now 40k with many hits doing 0 damage whatsoever. I have actually been getting more damage with AP against BB's like bismarck and Iowa than I can when coughing HE all over them like the good old days. So what is the issue exactly? Well with the HE nerf the kutuzov finds itself without a clear role. It can't firehose BB any more, it can't firehose CA and AP overpens DD. Compounding the issues of its guns being ineffective against targets 50% of the time, the huge body and paper thin armour creates a situation where it will get citpenned by all guns from gunboat DD or larger, from all angles. As a premium ship it has smoke and good rudder times (typical assets premiums enjoy is quick rudders and either smoke or other nebulous upgrades) but smoke doesn't work when your guns can't hurt anything. This is not a torp ship, it is not good at spotting due to 11.7km detect range if specced that way, 12.7km+ if not, it has the functionally worthless (at T8) sonar while risking being radar'd in the smoke you need to survive encounters with larger ships. The kutuzov is not particularly fast. Weak guns, weak armour, average speed, average AA, good rudder and it cost $50 to buy. So my proposal is thus - give kutuzov radar. It's a 1950's ship, it had a radar. Increase the penetration characteristics of its HE so it has fewer dead/null hits.
  5. Seabad

    CV Nerf Required

    Your avg damage with essex over 96 games is 115k, I hit 200k some times. Believe it or not I'm not a total scrub. Stock essex is a P.O.S. and the variant loadouts create structural weaknesses against other CVs, the IJN CV are hands down better ships altogether. At some point I realised I only play CV while drunk thanks to lexington being garbage. I had fun until lexington. Getting cv sniped 50% of the time followed by losing planes to DD because RNG is fair and balanced over a large sample of players is great game mechanics, or something, WG want WOWS to be a competitive sport or something meanwhile anyone with a brain laughs at them for it.
  6. Seabad

    CV Nerf Required

    Could I suggest a couple of really basic changes? 1. remove double cv matches outright. 2. remove the air superiority captain perk, replace it with something else, or don't replace it, just remove air sup 3. buff USN fighter hp by a tickle. 4. make float planes on a BB a 1x per match item. if it gets shot down you dont get a second. people keep waffling on about how OP CV are but they are easily, hands down, the least fun and engaging class to play because they are so weak and unrewarding. I consistently hit 100K damage or higher in my essex the last few games I played in it and I still get NEGATIVE credits after repair. There is only max of 2 cv per match (max of 1 if my changes happened) so relative output is important. A CV doesn't hold or contest territory, unlike DD or BB, a CV has situational AA at best unlike other ships, a CV cannot shoot every 8 or 30 seconds, it "shoots" max every 50s (30s reload, 10s takeoff, 10s landing) and that is assuming you are sitting at 0 on an enemy in front of you doing nothing. No OP, you are wrong about CV needing another nerf. They are already too weak and high tiers is agony to play. I NEVER recommend this game to anyone on the basis of this kind of crap. The months it takes to grind out a single ship line. The imbalance between classes that has taken literally 2 years to address now. And to top it off there are guys like you, who don't even play this class, complaining about them when they are the weakest ship class in the game with incredibly poor internal balance just inside cv vs cv let alone against anything else.
  7. You don't really expect to achieve much as a t6 vs t7 do you? What game do you think you're playing?
  8. That's not really a valid thing to say. So they 7 squadrons vs the essex's 6. Assuming 15 pt captain thats 10 fighters vs essex's 7 meaning a very high chance of winning every dogfight. This isn't a whine, I wupped his team a new one. I just want to know the logic behind this once extra planes/squadron are included. I'm sure someone with the interest to could easily math this out and see which ship is 'objectively' better including when factored for AA and squadron count compared to raw damage output and speeds/hp of each line. Since we know that IJN and USN planes fighters are within 6% killrate of each other (as of old stats) I'm just wondering a few things. Because WG can't reasonably expect that even an AS essex with 3/0/2 would have enough raw firepower and coverage to stop a strike taiho with its 2/3/2 when factoring for 15 point captains. You'd be talking about 21 fighters spread over 3 squadrons compared to 20 fighters over 4 squadrons for an equivalent number of planes on a taiho. I really think that Taiho should only have 1 fighter in strike, same with shkk. Giving AS essex 4 squadrons for 28 planes + 14 for bombers vs strike taihos 10/12/10 for an equal number of planes but condensed in to a smaller number of squadrons. Even assuming BEST CASE SCENARIO where AS essex engages all of his fighters each pass it wouldn't matter since they can be ripped off TB/DB or just blown off with strafe. Furthermore strafe should be nerfed so it functions like other planes, if you strafe you dump 100% of your ammo and the squadron can't fight any more.
  9. So I just had a great game vs a taiho, why are these ships allowed 12 torps per flight? Plus two fighter squads?
  10. So.. because it functions like HE it doesn't do damage to BURNED sections of ships, but it can Citpen some ships because it's no AP? They surely do have some AP value, it's just obscure.
  11. I had multiple lex squads drop on lower tier BB and score sub 2000 damage hits. By comparison I can hit yamato for 13000-15000 on a perfect drop.
  12. You can tax a t8 DB squadron and drop them on a new mex and do only 1700 damage + fires. Overpenning bombs wut
  13. Give them a bomber squadron, let some extra RNG dumb down their gameplay.
  14. Or just remove 1 fighter from each IJN loadout.