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  1. HenryCrun

    Match Making hates me.

    Speaking of morons........it's "lose". They may very well be loose, but that doesn't mean that they want to deliberately lose.
  2. HenryCrun

    He Spam

    One does not have "ego issues" with others. One has such issues with themselves.
  3. HenryCrun

    He Spam

    You are assuming....exactly as I stated. You are, in essence, a presumptuous, egotistical cretin. I also have an account on the NA server (for the same length of time). I also own, and play, Bismarck there, along with every other BB (including Premiums) between Tiers IV and VIII (inclusive). I play PvE and PvP on that server. I will advocate for sniping BBs until the cows come home because that aspect of BB game-play has been removed from WoWs. Now pull your terrorist balaclava over your head and try not to spend the rest of your life assuming.
  4. HenryCrun

    He Spam

    Why throw back a comment such as that when you have absolutely no idea whatsoever of how I prefer to play this game? You really are being presumptuous and also blatantly condescending. Does your "Supertester" badge boost your ego to the extent that you look down your nose at those who use WoWs as nothing more than escapist entertainment? (Which is exactly what it is).
  5. HenryCrun

    He Spam

    You're dead right on that point....and that is what irritates the hell out of me because I now have to use HE when operating my battleships in order to try and counter the DDs and CAs. And the one ship which makes me groan and say "Oh, no. Not that!" is when I see an Atlanta in the mix! Those things are mobile flamethrowers and can turn your BB into a bonfire in no time.
  6. HenryCrun

    He Spam

    What the OP has described is really one of the major failings of this game and as one who has always been a BB user I can relate to his frustration. I say "major failing" because WoWs does not allow us (BB drivers) to play in a fashion which is anywhere realistic. When I first came into WoWs (over three years back) it was possible for a BB captain to operate in a somewhat realistic fashion in that we could sit out of the range of DD and CA guns and use the advantage of range and hitting-power of the larger guns with which a BB is equipped. Then everything changed - almost overnight - and WG penalised the BBs by linking scores (points, earnings etc) to distance being travelled during the battle - the "drive forward", in effect. If the BB was played in a realistic manner then the final points were lower than if the ship was played like a CA by moving forward into the melee. The BB had become just another CA but with big guns yet without the speed and manouverability of the cruiser. So now, when I play my battleships, I push towards a base (A, B, C...whatever) and play the thing as I would a cruiser. I also use HE more often than not as I have learned that AP against DDs and CAs is not as efficient as burning the things. Most of the time I will be destroyed by a mix of HE and torpedoes but I will have probably demolished at least one DD or CA and will also have assisted in the capture of a base. It goes against the grain and still frustrates me but this is how you need to play your Bismarck.
  7. HenryCrun

    Why are the Co-op (PvE) battles so short?

    Thanks for the history lesson.....but, having been a player for three years, I was and am aware of what the original intent was behind bots. However, I am also aware that PvE is now an arena in its own right; not everyone desires to play PvP.
  8. HenryCrun

    Why are the Co-op (PvE) battles so short?

    LOL! 😀 I've been playing but not posting.
  9. I've been playing this game for three years...mostly in PvE...and over the past couple of weeks (maybe longer) I have never seen a game lasting longer than 12 minutes. What has happened to the bots? Have they had their AI removed? Something is wrong.
  10. Most definitely but it will depend upon your location here in Oz. I am on the east coast (far-north NSW) and ping to the US server is IDENTICAL to that I average on the SEA server.......sits at around 105 and I rarely have any lag. I still have an account on this server but, starting afresh on the NA server was no drama as I intended to follow a different path through the Tiers. Also, I just play for the fun.....amassing points, silver dollars, whatever is of no great interest to me, so starting off with the four default gunships was no problem. Give it a try.......don't spend any brass, start with the defaults and see what you think. Nothing to lose.
  11. "Diverse" is a very diplomatic term and not the one I would have chosen. I've had a lifetime of being patient and I am not doing my nut other than verbally. You're correct...there is no answer but it doesn't hurt to use a post here as a safety valve to blow off a little steam. Maybe if more people had the opportunity (on a global basis) there would be less mass shootings.
  12. The next time it happens - and it is a clear case of inconsideration and/or stupidity - I will deliberately ram the cretin. And for the comedian using Willy Wonker...no, they are NOT always new players and no, I am NOT "new here".
  13. I am fed up to the back teeth with the careless, inconsiderate play by so many team-members who do not check to ensure that their field of fire is clear before loosing off a salvo of either torpedoes or gunfire! It is up to YOU to make sure that there are no other ships in your way or which are moving into that field in such a way that THEY will become the immediate target. Pull your collective fingers out and pay some basic attention to what is happening around you, for God's sake! Use the bloody map or come out of your permanently-zoomed-in view to see what the %$#& is going on.
  14. HenryCrun

    KMS Prinz Eugen's Proper Hull

    So that's not an offensive, derogatory, insulting term of reference then? It's acceptable to type "Jerry" when referring to the Germans.......is that correct?