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  1. Most definitely but it will depend upon your location here in Oz. I am on the east coast (far-north NSW) and ping to the US server is IDENTICAL to that I average on the SEA server.......sits at around 105 and I rarely have any lag. I still have an account on this server but, starting afresh on the NA server was no drama as I intended to follow a different path through the Tiers. Also, I just play for the fun.....amassing points, silver dollars, whatever is of no great interest to me, so starting off with the four default gunships was no problem. Give it a try.......don't spend any brass, start with the defaults and see what you think. Nothing to lose.
  2. "Diverse" is a very diplomatic term and not the one I would have chosen. I've had a lifetime of being patient and I am not doing my nut other than verbally. You're correct...there is no answer but it doesn't hurt to use a post here as a safety valve to blow off a little steam. Maybe if more people had the opportunity (on a global basis) there would be less mass shootings.
  3. The next time it happens - and it is a clear case of inconsideration and/or stupidity - I will deliberately ram the cretin. And for the comedian using Willy Wonker...no, they are NOT always new players and no, I am NOT "new here".
  4. I am fed up to the back teeth with the careless, inconsiderate play by so many team-members who do not check to ensure that their field of fire is clear before loosing off a salvo of either torpedoes or gunfire! It is up to YOU to make sure that there are no other ships in your way or which are moving into that field in such a way that THEY will become the immediate target. Pull your collective fingers out and pay some basic attention to what is happening around you, for God's sake! Use the bloody map or come out of your permanently-zoomed-in view to see what the %$#& is going on.
  5. HenryCrun

    KMS Prinz Eugen's Proper Hull

    So that's not an offensive, derogatory, insulting term of reference then? It's acceptable to type "Jerry" when referring to the Germans.......is that correct?
  6. HenryCrun

    Major changes - or a new game?

    You assume an awful lot about someone about whom you know absolutely nothing, don't you? To answer your first question: because it is my prerogative as a member of this forum and as a player of WoWs. I'm as much entitled to post an opinion as you are and if you don't agree with my opinion, then that's your prerogative. It's called "democracy" and "freedom of speech". We aren't living in North Korea - or at least I'm not. "Maybe gaming isn't your thing" you state. I've been gaming since (circa) 1986. I was a director of a computer games retail business between 1989 and 1998. I wrote reviews for a computer games magazine between 1990 and 1998. Between 1998 and 2006 I helped develop two computer games, in one case as a consultant on historical accuracy and in the other as a provider of content. "....therefore you should be doing something worthwhile for the community, fighting for Australia's Future...." you state. With that phrase you have displayed not only your utter ignorance but also the fact that you are an arrogant, presumptuous and offensive person.
  7. HenryCrun

    A pretty dismal Premium shop at the moment.

    So what? That's not the point of the post, which was to query the lack of stuff to buy in the first place.
  8. HenryCrun

    USS Idianapolis

    Well, in that case, we should have the USS "Caine", a destroyer-minesweeper of WW2.
  9. HenryCrun

    A pretty dismal Premium shop at the moment.

    As one who has a marketing background I find their approach quite peculiar. The way they hold products back and release "special packs" and the way they restrict the types of items to certain regions is really at odds with what mass marketing is all about. Is this a Russian business mentality? (No slight implied or intended). You don't tell potential customers, who are holding money in their hands, to go away and come back later when we have some special deals.
  10. HenryCrun

    Major changes - or a new game?

    "Presented". Period.
  11. HenryCrun

    Major changes - or a new game?

    I have NEVER said that i don't like the game - quite the opposite, in fact: there is at least one post of mine in which I have expressed my keen like of the game. Do some basic research before mouthing off. As for giving up on Pacific Storm and your in-depth psychological assessment of my reason(s) for doing so, don't be so quick to jump to conclusions, Dr. Freud. Making assumptions on the basis of scanty information is for kids.
  12. What a dull line-up of Specials and Ships - makes the fly-specked window display of my local general store look exciting by comparison. What about it, WG.....brighten things up a bit and add some new stuff; there are people out here willing and able to spend, you know.
  13. HenryCrun

    Is WG developing a new "World of...." game?

    "Wooooosh"! Through to the keeper.
  14. Rumour has it that WG are currently developing a game which has some of the world's major religions in battle with each other, presented during the Medieval/Dark Ages period. Included will be the Crusaders; the various armies raised by the Ottoman Empire; the Swiss Guard from the Vatican will be involved; Japanese Shinto priests......and more. Supposedly battles will rage across maps set in Europe, the Middle East (referred to as the "Holy Lands"), India, the Far East, China and Japan. The list is not complete at this time. Name of the game? content modified, Religious, User Sanctioned ~tc1259