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  1. one of them probably me. in coop though
  2. tembikai


    my second most played ship and main credit farming ship. this ship should return to playerbase.
  3. tembikai

    Summer Tokens - The Whale Thread

    Get Perth from free token. 3 ships from 5 containers.
  4. tembikai

    Summer Tokens - The Whale Thread

    i buy $10 token for 4 big santa containers Exeter Hood 1000 gold flag Exeter is the ship i want. Unable to play for entire previous Exeter event.
  5. tembikai


    Something strange with Hakuryu *View with extended tech tree mod
  6. tembikai

    Soo who is still staying in the SEA server?

    Dont really care 70% coop 30% random
  7. cant even play 3 match per day, let alone 30
  8. tembikai

    Soviet BBs (and Gangut + Kremlin)

    Who want to play this unhistorical paper RU BB? Player only want to play historical ships. Just look at Grosser Kurfurst, Republique, Zao, Minotaur, Harugumo etc
  9. tembikai

    New CoOp Bots?

    Hate new coop bot. Bot Hanging at back and run to map border. Game last much longer I just want quick daily boat fix.
  10. tembikai

    Musashi or Alaska

    cruiser main so Alaska
  11. 900k+ credit Kutuzov, 2.8k base xp, only use zulu flag
  12. tembikai

    who have 50%+ winrate in shimakaze?

    me not really dd captain, but radar cruiser captain. shima player tend to go very far forward in early game, desperate to dump their torps.
  13. tembikai

    I've been thinking of it

    well, 12 Furutaka definitely can kill a t10 BB just rush and derp torps
  14. tembikai

    Kiev V's Tashkent

    Hate Tashkent in t8, still hate her n t9 Like Udaloi more
  15. tembikai

    Colorado nerf ???

    60% win rate colorado in 50 games, 78k average damage way better than my schanhorst or Nagato Not BB main either. Choose flank where more enemy BB, less CA and commit to it This ship vulnerable to HE spam