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    Font size too small

    I am new to the public test server and trialling the submarine battles. I am of advanced age and do not have perfect eyesight, I find the current font size on the interface very challenging to read and therefor my reaction time is delayed due to trying to read distances to target - this takes a large amount of concentration to focus on and decipher which gives enemy destroyers advantage in detecting and attacking me.
  2. Dingo64

    Ingame name change

    I read somewhere that it is possible to change your ingame name but now I cant find it, can anyone tell me where to change it?
  3. Exactly! But my point is no one is accountable for disregarding protocol, the penalty should should be borne solely by the one that caused the collision NOT BOTH otherwise they are not going to learn to watch where they are going. Someone runs into me and I pay a lot more in fines than I get in compensation + Cost of repairs on top of that. Surely 'onus of blame' can be coded in to the game.
  4. Can some one please explain to me why I lose more credits and xp when someone runs into me (than the person responsible) simply because they cannot be bothered to look where they are going??? I understand that in the heat of battle you don't always have the time to look but I am talking at the start, when there is NO battle going on. Obviously international shipping rules do not apply in this game. Why is there no distinction of blame in a collision? I am tired of being penalized because I get run into by some idiot who starts their ship moving then goes to binocular view and stays there like they are the only one on the ocean. Is this ever going to be fixed or is it to be left in the "too hard" basket?