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  1. Riddyck

    China bans online gaming

    for WG it'll either be move the chinese players back onto a chinese server OR migrate the rest of us to NA or EU .. theres no way WG or any game developer can allow that kind of intrusion into peoples lives outside of china
  2. Riddyck

    China bans online gaming

    well as we know the chinese server shut down a year or so ago which is what has been driving the player growth on teh ASIA server as players from other SEA countries fell out of the game. With this..... from reading the articles game developers will either need to have a chinese based server for Chinese players OR remove all chat, clan features and ensure that ALL players use their real names AND allow their servers to be supervised by the CCP regardless of their location. SO WG ( along with all game developers) will face a choice... have the chinese market on Chinas terms or have the rest of teh world. Either way the ASIA server is gonna become a ghost town. The Chinese players either go back to their own server or they stay on ASIA but WG moves the rest of us who dont agree with CCP intervention to that level across to the EU or NA servers
  3. For those who havent kept up to date China is moving very rapidly to ban online gaming and lock down Chinese gamers behind the Great Firewall of China so they cant talk or play with us anymore https://dotesports.com/general/news/china-to-ban-international-online-gaming-and-limit-global-services https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3916690?fbclid=IwAR1oX9ZR6HRiNUFx5fluYnJHvFXP8WxI8wvSghVfBLEmQgcSCZ_4KgX1M2U
  4. Riddyck

    Tips for Tier X Gameplay?

    no ... Tier X just suxs lol 🙂
  5. cant get a match at any tier due to technical issues with the server ....
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  8. Riddyck

    working from home

    There is a huge risk in rushing OUT of a lock down. Ok infections may drop off during the course a lock down BUT given commentary that there could be significant numbers of asymptomatic carriers then rushing out of a lock down before theyre identified isolated and treated just begs the whole cycle to start again. Current testing kits are few and far between and atm rely on a cumbersome and time consuming process for analysis. The new South Korean and even UK kits offer a distinct possability that testing can be sped up, but the problem will be manufactuering capacity. If we can procure enough on teh open market Im hoping that someones talking licensing and local manufcaturing.
  9. Riddyck

    working from home

    So my wife working from home day 3 is going AWESOMELY !!!!! Yesterday Im banished to my office at the other end of the house cause im apparently to noisy and distracting for her work environment... TODAY its "honey we need a new printer cause your old one doesnt scan and I need to scan for work".. so off to Office Works on "essential Business" I am dragged... said new printer is brought home where my youngest son and I spend a wonderful 30 mins of father son pandemic bonding time setting it up, connecting to wireless networks, making sure her work laptop etc is connecting and printing ( thank gawd for rum) So all afternoon Im enjoying the lovely hum of said new printer and regular visits from my wonderful darling wife every few mins collecting printouts (thank gawd I dont have pornhub open).. inevitably some scanning needs to be done "honey can you set up my lap top so I can use the new scanner" so off i toddles for more unpaid personalised IT support work only to find her laptop is admin locked and drivers for scanning cant be installed by me .. "honey... (eye lids fluttering coyly) I need to get these docs scanned urgently.." "sigh yes darling" .. so drivers get installed onto MY Gaming Rig (yay more unpaid IT support work ) which invariably sees me kicked off my PC (after more personalised and free IT Support to assist her in learning how the scanner works )... As said scanning is being done "honey I dont like your keyboard ..." (mutter grumble mutter works fine for my fat fingers ) " BUT i LOVE your dual monitor set up... maybe I should kick you out and use your office instead of timmies ......" Thank gawd we have rum
  10. @Dano07 ummm youve NEVER played a CV have you.... so you have absolutely no idea the level of work and skill a good CV driver NOW needs in order to get a half decent score and or be considered helpful to his team. Sure guys like @drakon233 will rack up good scores all day every day ( but tbh he is a freak who will rack up decent scores in ANYTHING you put him in ... love ya handy work btw @drakon233 specially when you are on my team lol ) but then you get guys like me who can go from 150K+ in a CV in 1 battle down to 30K in the very next battle.) Also candidly tbh looking at your overall stats for what you do play ... as a personal opinion i'd say the problem ISNT CV's on the enemy team but rather your play style.
  11. @Dano07 i play both CV and DD and tbh I dont have an issue as a DD player with CV... simple trick, turn you AA off for starters so it makes it harder for CV to find u... secondly alter your play style to suit
  12. Riddyck


    Ive parked mine up for random battles... you have to brawl in her and 99% of the time you'll get no support form your team, focused by the enemy and be out of the game quickly (albiet with some very good damage scores) so I mainly save mine now for CB
  13. Riddyck

    the life of a CV player

    ohh ive played CV since the rework but tbh this abuse of the reporting system is starting to get beyond a joke
  14. Riddyck

    How is your British CA event going?

    not a single ship so far for me 😞