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  1. 昨晚我下線時,火隊的數據還全面勝過水隊,而且領先優勢很大。 但現在水隊已經在三個項目上反超。 驚訝之餘,很快有朋友告知我,這個突然的變化是官方舞弊的結果。 他提供了如下的確鑿證據。 根據官網的更新公告,06:23 - 06:24 (北京時間,即UTC+8)期間內,遊戲伺服器處於維護狀態 這段時間內,本不應有任何的戰鬥正在進行,因此活動數據也應停止增長。 然而從以上的圖可以看出,水隊的數據在伺服器維護期間,仍然在繼續上升。 這其中的蹊蹺想必各位都能發現吧。
  2. Sorry for the misused font and color. Already edited.
  3. How am I suppose to take a look at the event when the server is under maintainance... BTW, if this is indeed a miscommunication, did I do anything wrong by pointing it out? If not, why do you need to be so sarcastic?
  4. Hey guys, I saw this line on NA, EU and RU event posts: "For completing every quest, you will receive the Halloween 2016 camouflage. It gives you an additional 100% XP per battle."However, I DIDN'T SEE THIS in our event post.Is this just a miscommunication, or do we really don't have halloween camouflages? Red text. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking