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    My DD Captain ruined

    Not disagreeing with you. It would be a pain for someone to fix if they were short of cash or had no port slots free. As I was saying earlier though from a purely personal point of view that bug got cancelled out with the free premium camos on the new Replacement DDs...so at the moment I don't feel that I have been robbed - although absolutely others may not have benefitted in the same way while still being penalized. I'll probably feel more robbed when they send the repo men after the camos. Goodluck sorting it out.
  2. Hammond_Cheeseman

    Premium Camouflage Compensation Bug

    i thought the bug was if you had one of your automatically traded dds with premium camo all of your new ones got it. I had The Xmas camo on Minekaze and it remained plus premium appeared on thr new Fubuki and Kagero I got. Naturally I cant confirm what happened where people had no premium. Are you saying you had bought premium and lost it? I know I had to go and apply it again (it wasnt on the ship by default).....
  3. Hammond_Cheeseman

    My DD Captain ruined

    I will try to explain again. Buy Mutsuki. It will unlock him. Pretty sure its a bug locking him. Sell Mutsuki and get some of your cash back. Expensive but should solve your issue. I moved him to Fubuki before selling. Maybe thats a safer way of doing it in case just selling Mutsuki locks him again.
  4. Hammond_Cheeseman

    My DD Captain ruined

    OK I think I had the same problem as you. You can see your minekaze captain if you try to transfer from other ships. Of course he's now, a Mutsuki captain and for some reason wont transfer. I tbought we were meant to get Mutsuki in this casr but evidently not. Anyway I bought Mutsuki and suddenly no problem (I bought it with no captain selected I think when I went to the ship he was on board but not certain). Anyway shipped him to my new Fubuki sold Mutsuki again and back to normal minus some cash. I'd complain but at moment I now have premium camo for my new Kagero and Fubuki where before Id only had Xmas camo on Minekaze (which is still there too). Thats a win. . If WG doesnt take back the free ones.Wish I had got around to repurchasing Hatsu before the change(and sadly I was ages away from the Old Kagero too).