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  1. Blackaddicus

    PC players, share your specs!

    AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Cooled by a be Quiet! Pure Rock 2 MSI B450 Tomahawk Max 16GB G.SKILL Ripjaws V DDR4-3200MHz CL16 MSI Ventus 3X OC RTX 3080 500Gb Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe SSD 1Tb Samsung 860 Evo Sata SSD 2Tb Seagate Barracuda HHD EVGA 750 GQ PSU - Carried over from my last system. Phanteks Eclipse p400a Case
  2. Blackaddicus

    Supertest - FAQ

    Hey. The invites for the interview should be sent out via forum message.
  3. Blackaddicus

    Supertest - FAQ

    The number of batches that we do is determined by our need for testers. As you were listed in batch 1, you will/have been messaged with the instructions for the interview phase. If we do a batch 2 it will be made up of a new set of players.
  4. Once enough applicants have applied we will advise the results of the selection, typically within a month
  5. Blackaddicus

    Supertest - FAQ

    A new wave of supertest recruitment has just opened up, please check the linked thread
  6. This is for the asia server only. EU will post on the EU forums when they are recruiting.
  7. The biggest issue is that changing F3 to operate like you suggested, is that it assumes that your it relies on your teammates playing as a team which rarely happens as it is. Skill based MM and +1/-1 MM have being floating around the community for years, and has been consistently being shot down by WG I don't think this is going to change anytime soon. The best I suspect the community can hope for would be better mirroring of ship capabilities between the teams (equal number of radar ships on each team).
  8. Blackaddicus

    The Key to Victory: A Community Halloween Challenge

    Get a key and escape the Polygon ✅ Reach maximum Battle Points ✅
  9. Blackaddicus

    Some new year stuff.

    The Majority of the Aussies are probably still asleep/just starting to wake up. So I will get things started. VAMPIRE II, I for one look forward to playing our new creeping smoke lord and saviour.
  10. Blackaddicus

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    There is also the computers MAC address which is specific to the device used. So those people on a laptop that travel around a lot which would result in a lot of different IP addresses would still have the same MAC address.
  11. Blackaddicus

    Graphics Card Setttings for Nvidia GTX960

    Ok so your system is meeting the Recommended game specs (your CPU turbo's up to the 3.4GHz that is in the games recommended specs), so you system does not appear to be holding you back. There appears to be a lot of people having this issue at present, present consensus on the EU forum is that there is probably a problem with GUI overlay whilst in Game. Apparently turning off Antialising: FXAA has helped some people.
  12. Blackaddicus

    Graphics Card Setttings for Nvidia GTX960

    Sounds like something in your system is bottlenecking. Can you please list the computers core component details (model of CPU, ram type and speed, motherboard make and model) Knowing these may help troubleshooting your issue.
  13. Blackaddicus

    Moskva and Kirov, research them while you can!

    I'm expecting the Soviet line split a bit later on than that, let me go into my reasoning. Generally what I have seen is 2 full patches between new ship line releases, so by following this pattern let's look at the possible updates. 0.9.1 is this week and is the second part of the UK heavy cruiser launch. 0.9.2 should be around the 12th of March will have to see what it is however as April 1st falls in this patch cycle I would expect the event for April fools in this patch. 0.9.3 by my reckoning should be early to mid April, I would expect this to be the pan EU DD early access patch. 0.9.4 should be early May, pan EU DD line full access by my reckoning. 0.9.5 late May/early June, unsure what could be here, would like to see the operation return but I don't think it will happen. 0.9.6 should be late June/early July, this is where I expect the Soviet cruiser line split to occure. So 5 months time is reasonable, it probably won't be 0.9.4 though
  14. Blackaddicus

    Santa Containers Thread

    My 10 free Santa's gift containers contained: Gascogne 12 new year streamer camos 4 Frosty Fur Tree camos 600 dubs 50 Equal Speed Charlie London flags 50 Zulu flags 50 Zulu Hotel flags also bought 20 big gift containers and got this haul