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  1. Blackaddicus

    Update 0.8.6 Bug Report Thread

    Hmmm, support got me to do a clean boot of windows (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929135/how-to-perform-a-clean-boot-in-windows), and we worked out that it was one of the other programs that i had which boots on startup. On further examination it looks like it was my avast antivirus that was causing the issues, by taking up a insane amount of system resources, i have since uninstalled it and installed bitdefender instead and haven't had any issues since.
  2. Blackaddicus

    What was the record for citadels in Aegis again....?

    37 is my best to date.
  3. Blackaddicus

    Issue With 0.8.6 Free Rewarded Containers

    wondering about this as well as i completed the 3 missions to be able to get it as well.
  4. Blackaddicus

    Update 0.8.6 Bug Report Thread

    Thanks Gombee for pointing me in the right direction, first time that I have had major issues so didn't really know where to go.
  5. Blackaddicus

    Update 0.8.6 Bug Report Thread

    Hey @GOMBEE8626. I have been having major problems with WoWS since the 0.8.6 update went live. Basically the game is lagging horribly on my system at present, this is effecting just about every aspect of the game from port which is taking longer to load items that i click on while in the port. Through to gameplay itself which ranges from taking forever to load into a game, to ships stuttering around the map with my FPS dropping down as far as <10 FPS at times (my ping is stable), and at the end of the game it takes so long for the game to try and load the results of the match that i get booted back to game login. I have run check and repair through the launcher several times however it hasn't resolved the issue. included my most recent python log for somebody to have a look at. python.log
  6. Blackaddicus

    Commonwealth Tech Tree [Proposed]

    Damm that is a fairly comprehensive list you have there. my votes for ship names are HMAS Tasmania (T2 DD), and HMAS Hobart (T6 CL), but that may have more to do with the fact that I am a proud Tasmanian living in Hobart. 😛
  7. Blackaddicus

    How long WG fix the old Operation or release new ones

    In all honesty, players not protecting the VIP's is probably still going to be a issue, and will be the main way that the mission is lost. It is a bit hard to judge exactly how it will play once it hits live, as most players on the PTS know how to play so they usually know how the old ops played.
  8. Blackaddicus

    How long WG fix the old Operation or release new ones

    At most there are 2 squadrons in the air at any one time, and have very little impact on the mission. I would go as far as saying that it is easier now than what it was pre cv rework.
  9. Blackaddicus

    How long WG fix the old Operation or release new ones

    Raptor Rescue should be in the next patch, as it was being tested on the PTS for 0.8.6
  10. This is exactly why when I take a CV out into Aegis, I don't use the torp bombers for the first 2 waves of ships, and then I only use the torp bombers on the ships on the eastern side of the convoy, so that they show better angles for my friendly ships.
  11. Blackaddicus

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.5

    Ok my impressions at present are based around the Savage battles, will be playing other modes a bit later so more feedback will follow. Rogue Wave: Directives: all the missions are reasonable, the latter directives are a lot better than the PEF ones. Savage Battle: Its alright, trying to work with randoms can be a exercise in frustration, will be a lot better in a division on comms. As it stands the economy sucks, it will be rough to complete the battle for resources with the current economy, i ~200k for a reasonable win (1-2 kill contribution) would be better with credit payouts the more you do for the win, I had a win where i won with 6 kills and only got 196k credits. Update: I like how the credit earning potential gets better based on the ship you are playing, ~80k average for the first ship in the line, ~150k for the second and ~210k for the third (service cost increases along the line as well). However i still feel that the economy needs improvements, as those not running premium are struggling to break even. (about ~50k more credits per tier would be good to enable those not running premium to make a bit of cash) Camo's and misc: The camouflage patterns are dull, there could of been a lot more variation between the classes, will probably pass on buying the perm camos for doubloons. Nice to see the captains are available for credits for a change. Matchmaking Improvements: having to deal with less T8 CV's as a T6 is nice, not much else to say. Clan Brawl: Should be fun, just waiting for more specifics, it is nice that the Asia start time is a good one for the Aussies for once. Ranked Sprint: Looking forward to these ranked sprints will be a lot of fun at T7, lots of good ships to chose from. Game Mechanics: need to test out, will give more feedback later on. Game Balance: The AA change will help get rid of the feeling that your AA docent do anything. need to test more. Interface Changes: Everything looks a lot cleaner, good changes. Armory: Nice to see the Yoshino out at last. don't care about the rename of copper and Molybdenum to Ranked and clan tokens as i'm unlikely to ever get any of them. The rest of the changes are usual game balance changes, no comments about them.
  12. Blackaddicus


    AA will becoming a bit more effective in the next patch if things stay as they are on the PTS. Basically at the moment the continuous part of AA does its damage to a random plane in the squadron, which often results in the strikes taking no losses due to the damage being spread over all the planes. On the PTS at the moment WG is testing continuous damage focusing on one plane at a time, which from my testing has resulted in being able to shoot down planes more consistently. The issue with the Atlanta and the Flint is that most of their AA rating is concentrated in the Flak bursts, which if the CV player is decent they will be able to dodge most if not all of the flak clouds.
  13. Blackaddicus

    Because this is fair isnt it

    Which is exactly what i am expecting for the upcoming T7 ranked sprints.
  14. Blackaddicus

    T10 US DD Somers - Did I miss the Dev Blog reveal?

    or a drunk texan making finger guns and shouting BANG https://medium.com/@devblogwows/st-new-ships-ccca454640a9
  15. Blackaddicus

    Feedback thread for Update 0.8.3

    My game has been very slow to load into games (I either load in with <10s to go or after the game starts), and load up the results screen since the update so from a technical standpoint i have to rate the update as poor. I can tell that the problems are from the update, as prior to the update i was loading into games quickly and the results screen usually came up instantly after a game finished.