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  1. chicony56

    Suck game and suck company!

    looking at your stats I see nothing too bad in your skills , more a case of bad luck . I would only suggest concentrating on your strong boats MISSOURI/NELSON if winrate is the be all and end all for you , to my mind you are an asset to your teams and to me that's more important
  2. chicony56

    Suck game and suck company!

    now you gonna get it
  3. chicony56

    Suck game and suck company!

    moderators where are you?
  4. chicony56

    10K Battles

    10,000 battles average 15 min per game ...let me see MMMMM ...ouch!
  5. chicony56

    now I`ve seen it all

    That is little comfort
  6. chicony56

    now I`ve seen it all

    watched the replay and observed this person antics , seems this fellow moved from spawning spot at slow speed in a complete circle and I don`t think fired a shot if I had at a guess I suspect a 2 account spy cheat , possibly playing the other (enemy) account for real knowing our every move but one premium spy boat would be enough
  7. chicony56

    now I`ve seen it all

    well 38%??? ...NOT off to a great start and did.nt think it possible to get such a low winrate maybe they get a kick out of watching their own ship sink
  8. bismark working for enemy team runs to corner of map and spies name "arrps" 20190113_103430_PBSB107-King-George-V_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  9. chicony56

    garbage game

    gotta admire the courage though ... stuffed if I would appear before a Russian judge ...do they still use thier firing squad in the judicial system?
  10. chicony56

    garbage game

    reckon wargaming are shaking in their boots now with this threat to sue ... or maybe laughing
  11. chicony56

    CV rework FAQ

    RTS for CV play to me is fine The problem to me is the quick rise of new players up the tiers with no training /qualification criterior , someone with little experience can be driving a premium CV causing grief and mayhem quite easily A better way I thought was retain RTS but force a player to achieve a certain damage threshold in say 50 games in CO-OP in that ship before being able to participate in RANDOM and the would apply to every tier progression BUT ....WARGAMING WONT SELL AS MANY BOATS So that wont happen
  12. chicony56

    Weekend win rate

    Favour BBs as Damage caused seems to drive XP award??? I can't subscribe to that theory ... DDs/cruisers have greater ability to capture/spot/higher damage due to torps no ... just can't see it sorry
  13. chicony56

    Instead of swearing at CV players...

    in my experience most CV drivers don't monitor chat ... too frantically trying to control the many micro management aspects to notice it ... so I don't bother wasting my time communicating too them
  14. chicony56

    Weekend win rate

    you could try this ... first totally ignore profile stats ... too match maker influenced 165 battles ago I started my own stat after each battle I add up all my teams XPs ...win or lose ... divide it by player numbers ...if my XP is above that figure I record it as a successful battle or commander of value( not a win ) that will only stress you at the moment I`m at 54% commander of value yet my profile possibly 48- 50 % I just don't look my commander of value I prize much higher than any other stat might be crazy but what do I care the beauty of this is it takes MM and noob/potatoes content out of the equation ... and it is "totally" personally influenced though it might be a bit tedious for some to do all the calculating after each match