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  1. chicony56

    The new player experience

    a sub 50 battle gamer can buy any boat they like...just use it in CO-OP...but they don`t sadly...yes that's WG fault
  2. chicony56

    The new player experience

    ...QUOTE... "I can only imagine how someone with fewer than 50 games may feel going from being highly effective to borderline useless. Being dropped into tier 7 matches " someone with less than 50 games shouldn't be in tier 7 matches...end of story
  3. have not played for over a week now blood pressure is down to normal not kicked the cat in that time getting more piano practise done and hav1nt heard that infernal "THE ENEMY TEAM HAS TAkEN THE LEAD / ABOUT TO WIN" nice
  4. chicony56

    MM and KArma

    Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say
  5. chicony56

    WG why?

    previous person said I'm just a guy who logs in to play 2 games a day these days. you and me both , the honeymoon is over for me , started with a hiss and a roar , ,,Now ? the shine has worn off
  6. naming and shaming rules must be dead RIP
  7. chicony56

    target lock query

    all very interesting and helpful , thankyou , though some of those tricks will require some practise
  8. chicony56

    target lock query

    so the centre of mass target point will adjust to movement off the horizontal plane nearer and farther and cannot be used for poor hit numbers on my part , thankyou seems I score hits less often on tangent sailing ship , must be some other reason for this
  9. chicony56

    target lock query

    can I have some affirmation to my thinking of proper use of target lock please as I have understood it , target lock works best when target is moving perpendicular to your line of aim so locked target plus appropriate lead is the technique but if target is moving oblique to line of aim ( adjusting for lesser lead ) the centre of mass lock will shift and will not remain accurate so on oblique sailing vessels its better to not use target lock? responses will be most welcome
  10. chicony56

    Portal comments are shifting to forum

    never did understand why there was one there to start with
  11. so the best suggestion so far is to have a separate league of sub 40 percenters where they can mix it with other of same . I would imagine a lot of sub 40 percenters would welcome such a comfortable less intence scenario to play in ( bots an all )having them not give up on the game through feeling the game being too intimidating so they can play for fun . the drop in numbers for MM to select a team can be solved by dropping the number required , ten a side still workable gets my vote
  12. excluding sub 40%ers to MM is the best idea I've heard and as 4 bad 4 WG business , what would hurt more? , upsetting sub 40%ers or keep pIssing off the above .I reckon the later
  13. chicony56


    never thought I would see an arse discussion in this forum
  14. Just sink the mother (edited) and play a couple of co-op games pink like the bot will care , just means it gets into another match earlier increasing its daily game talley Post Edited ~lengxv6