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  1. chicony56

    quitting the game

    Honest question - why? I do not believe WG will be able to balance the type to fit well into the game , being a BB main which will require player cruiser /dd support for defence against them , expecting player support ...well you must know how that goes ...DD`s to the left of me ...subs to the right ...here I am ... stuck in the middle with NO-ONE
  2. chicony56

    quitting the game

    subs will be the tipping point for me...when they are introduced I`m out for good
  3. chicony56

    About to delete this game

    I second that
  4. chicony56

    About to delete this game

    Inefficient to what end ? If wanting to rise up the tiers ( no interest to me ) maybe so I have found my sweet spot ( tier v _ vi)
  5. chicony56

    About to delete this game

    This is how I do it I have two accounts , on one I only play PvP once a week ,one game only ( not on weekend ) to satisfy the RANDOM urge On the other account I only play PvE usually every day till earn first XP crate ( leave game in happy /winning frame of mind ) next time I play PvP , I have forgotten wether the last game was win or loss AND NEVER CHECK ON MY STATS
  6. chicony56

    Why Everyone Hates Me :(

    It,s the silly season after all
  7. chicony56

    WG : Sorry, but no Sorry

    As a whale hunting venture on WGing part it`s been hugely successful and I reckon will be tried again a mistake by WGing , I very much doubt it
  8. Well there is a lotta money to be made for WG so it was always inevitable shnellboats/PTboats/MTBs will be next
  9. chicony56

    15 game losing streak

    " 80-90% of the players that fill my team have win rates at 40% or below " stretching the truth there a little bit I think ... don`t think that's mathematically possible
  10. chicony56

    It begins...

  11. chicony56

    You keep using that music...

    at least she blew me a kiss ... aimed straight at me ... feel chuffed about that
  12. chicony56

    I'm Quitting guys due to depression and anger

    I play WOW a lot less I play my piano a lot more ... you never lose when you play music
  13. chicony56

    I miss Sharkbait

    This guy musta been one helluva chap ... so many morning his loss
  14. chicony56

    This the second time I agree with Zoup's concerns

    We need ships that had water under their keels , had real sailors aboard , that really fired their guns , that means mid to low tiers this has become World of "what if " warships where`s my Repulse/Renown bit sad really
  15. chicony56

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    so there`s no hope then? we are stuck with what we have