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  1. Well there is a lotta money to be made for WG so it was always inevitable shnellboats/PTboats/MTBs will be next
  2. chicony56

    15 game losing streak

    " 80-90% of the players that fill my team have win rates at 40% or below " stretching the truth there a little bit I think ... don`t think that's mathematically possible
  3. chicony56

    It begins...

  4. chicony56

    You keep using that music...

    at least she blew me a kiss ... aimed straight at me ... feel chuffed about that
  5. chicony56

    I'm Quitting guys due to depression and anger

    I play WOW a lot less I play my piano a lot more ... you never lose when you play music
  6. chicony56

    I miss Sharkbait

    This guy musta been one helluva chap ... so many morning his loss
  7. chicony56

    This the second time I agree with Zoup's concerns

    We need ships that had water under their keels , had real sailors aboard , that really fired their guns , that means mid to low tiers this has become World of "what if " warships where`s my Repulse/Renown bit sad really
  8. chicony56

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    so there`s no hope then? we are stuck with what we have
  9. chicony56

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    no other options .. just CV in , CV out ... best not to over complicate it ... it`ll just get messy you can`t please everybody .. just please as many as you can cannot tailor the game to suit every whim ... look at the advantages ... brings back rare boats ... reduces bitterness ... less forum posts on deadend subjects
  10. chicony56

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    been thinking about this as an answer too lower the angst in randoms every alternate game you get to choose if want to encounter CVs or not now before people fly off the handle CV player pool MM numbers may be a little affected perhaps ... but in saying that ... making Randoms a more pleasant environment should and I say would attract back lost players to the mode ... balancing the MM pool further to this , players can have two types of ships ... heavy spec`t AA setup ships ... heavy spec`t close-up set-up ships knowing which to expect you are prepared with the appropriate boat recording the mode you last had is moved on to the next game ( next day too ) benefits are ... ships now less often seen in game ... probably return in more numbers , eg, sexy Nelson ( AA skint ) we get two playing styles ... up in your face , base capture , close shell slinging bloody engagements ( Yamatos`s get in and get dirty ) cough, cough will please many I think and the passive ( help me team-mate , cluster up together and be afraid ) other ....I use the concept TEAM-MATE very loosely you finish a CV depressing game but can look forward to a more pleasurable experience next time ( if you choose ) CV frustration should be halved ... now shoot it down if you like
  11. chicony56

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    I can see this argument raging all year maybe next too
  12. chicony56

    so which commander are you ... ?

    Wargamming waisting time again get back to work!
  13. you can grow the player pool by encouraging players who have left (perhaps uninstalled) or gone to other modes (like me) back to random you do that by fixing MM and the other problems with the game "cough CVs" / potatoes rushing up tiers more population = no change to que times as long as Wargamming have the (get new player / sell them something premium / have them get all pst off and leave / rinse and repeat) mindset nothing will improve
  14. chicony56

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    I now have no problems with the CV rework I now have no problems with AA defence I now have no problems with perma spotting I now only play CO-OP
  15. chicony56

    Infuriating experiences on this server.

    it`s because most people aren't as intelligent as they like to think they are ... Answer , play co-op ... the bots are braver / more fun / less infuriating and you do not waste your time communicating join the enlightened ... co-op the place to be I gave up flogging the dead horse RANDOM BATTLES some time ago ...