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  1. kts350

    WG Code for 5x gift containers

    I just used it and it still worked for me
  2. kts350

    Torpedo hit rate 4%

    Mines at 4% although lately I've been getting more hits in battles so my aim must have improved a little.
  3. kts350

    Sometimes... WG gives you a treat

    Fired a torp salvo at a CA the other day and killed the 2 DD's that were following behind it that appeared from behind a island didn't know they were there.
  4. kts350

    We need to worry about this...

    I am not the worlds greatest aimer but the other in one battle me and another CA from my side were shooting at a DD and we couldn't get a hit on it, I thought it was just my crappy aim but it seems it could of been something else.
  5. kts350

    How about

    Only problem I've found is it keeps loosing my control settings every I load up the game I have to go in and put in my key board controls for steering before my first battle.
  6. I only play on weekends because of work so I was 800 short of getting it
  7. kts350

    Arpeggio Stage III / Mission 4 for new players?

    I came to the relisation on the weekend I wont finish the 4th mission I only have 1 tier 7 ship the pepsicola I', not the worlds greatest player so I'm only averaging around 50 ribbons each mission because of work during I only normally get to play for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday and I won't have enough time to rack up 3000 ribbons.
  8. kts350

    Looking for NSW players

    Im from Sydney some weeks on nearly everyday others only get a get on a couple depends on work.
  9. kts350

    any aussies playing?

    I'm in Sydney not the worlds greatest player but I give it a go, some weeks im on more then others depends on my shifts at work.
  10. Same happened to me my first 3 missions with the New York got taken out before I got a shot off because I was being out ranged.