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  1. Operation Narai on PTS 7.7 crazy hard

    don't worry, a lot of the players on pts are quite "special" and make the op seem more difficult than it is, i'm sure people on this server will be back to robbing the bank with ease soon
  2. Narai coming back woohoo

    i wonder if rewards will be reset
  3. Who deserve to die quicker?

    ap spamming cruiser on my team he spamming bb on enemy team
  4. this scenario is quite easy... until the end when you get swarmed by enemy ships and gz planes, very hectic last few minutes
  5. Server down

    oh man the server rolled back and the last game before the crash didn't count
  6. Unexpected Marathon

    it's for sale in the premium store if you want some premium time, extra dubs, another 6pt captain and a special flag... i kinda want the special flag...
  7. if only we could do the missions in co-op...
  8. this scenario has been buffed and is very difficult now
  9. wg do this so you don't get too much exp and credit
  10. When you get a Kraken and Lose

    welcome to wows... where no one wins
  11. World of Warplane 2.0 : a new hope

    please please please wg add asia server for wowp