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  1. RedAdmiral_1

    How to motivate team mates to get off the map border?

    Same here, in space battles, each time I make some sort of advance, I get the message loud and clear "get back" -- "Get back" I just reply, to no avail "Move up" -- "Move up" gives me the shits, -- then I have to hide for a while and wait for back up.
  2. RedAdmiral_1

    Performance issues since 0.8.0

    Yeah me to, I've been locked out of games, sitting there watching the clock counting down, then no participation, get abused for un-cop behaviour, it happens in the domination games mainly, 3x in Strait dom -- 3x in Loop dom -- 2x in Hot Spot dom --2x in Sleeping Giant dom, have to sit there watching my team unsupported getting shredded one ship down to start with, never ever had this happen before, not sure what to put it down to, it's only happened in the last three - four weeks.
  3. RedAdmiral_1

    Why are the Co-op (PvE) battles so short?

    Yep! know what you mean, especially if you're achieving a good result, BUT it's basically a training room battle. (drives me nuts at times)
  4. RedAdmiral_1

    More prominent tracers on premium ships?

    Not sure about the darker screen, it really stood out from the norm, so I took it as being a little extra (if that was possible) and used it through the whole game. in fact I will consider having a look at ASLAINS MOD PACK just for the tracer bit. lol
  5. RedAdmiral_1

    More prominent tracers on premium ships?

    Yes on a couple of games, thought I'd got some special tracer thing, but it only happened about three times ?? so I ignored it, was doing the snowflake thing so I don't remember which ships were involved.
  6. RedAdmiral_1

    Game problems & Bans

    Had a similar thing a few months back 2 outages in half an hour, both times in battle, got warnings about unsupportive behaviour, and a short penalty, it's not like I make a habit of it, 4th time in three years, would be interesting knowing the number/% of players that have the same gripe, but it's like the penalty for accidentally being rammed by other players was sitting behind an island recovering when I got rammed by a BB and a CA trying to occupy the same space, triple whammy. but that's the game I guess. Happy hunting mate.
  7. RedAdmiral_1

    Aim Assists

    I don't think it's bad luck, Have had similar situation more than once, but recently a few weeks back I ducked in behind an Island to avoid a string of torps heading my way, then sat there watching them pass under the island just missing me? WTF. something very fishy going on at times.
  8. RedAdmiral_1

    Disciplinary action for being rammed?

    Regardless of all the ranting and raving, I for one know how Deacon feels, and ended up cursing in one battle, low on health and on fire I took refuge behind an island to recover, when stopped, some seconds later a Musashi also on fire and a Mogami, decided to share the same spot, with nowhere to go, was rammed by both ships and penalised with a double whammy for unsporting behaviour. but hey that's the game mechanics unfortunately, remember it is JUST a game.
  9. RedAdmiral_1


    If you don't like the one they give you, just change back not much effort required really.
  10. RedAdmiral_1

    Choice of ships for T7 scenario?

    Must agree with all players, still comes down to where you position yourself at end of the day, got the five star after four attempts using the Scharnhorst, and Four star (5 times) using the Atlanta & Sharnhorst, tried Fiji three times, but bombed out each time.