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  1. RedAdmiral_1

    A Gift to Turn the Tide

    Thanks for the free-bee, always welcome, thanks WG.
  2. RedAdmiral_1

    Stupid Halloween rubbish again

    Would love to have historically fought battles, regardless of who won historically, BUT HEY, how would they be able to put OP Russian paper ships into battles that they were not involved in or left the drawing board, there lay's your answer.
  3. RedAdmiral_1

    In-Battle Display keeps hanging

    Same here the ping rate is all over the place maybe the problem, on four occasions game went back to menu?? had to start from scratch
  4. RedAdmiral_1

    Should I just...

    Yeah Max know what you mean, and they are being generous, lol. hardly worth the effort. it ain't going to be much but something for nothing is their mind set.
  5. RedAdmiral_1

    Odin HP Debuffed (Bullcrap Alert)

    Yeah know exactly what you mean, nough said.
  6. RedAdmiral_1

    Odin HP Debuffed (Bullcrap Alert)

    That's the problem with any of the new ships introduced to the game, people like Flamu are very good at their play style & understanding of the mechanics of the game, but for me there is no way I'm ever going to be that good, regardless, BUT, after watching him decimate the opposition it lets me know that I'm in with a chance and the ship in question will give me some enjoyment, if played correctly. THEN WG goes and nerf's the bloody thing destroying any advantage I may of had. I think Flamu does like the qudos that comes with his comments, & notoriety, and therein lies the problem, lots of times I wish he would just be quiet and not comment. BUT that's never going to happen is it, I would go as far as to say WOWs adjusts the game around a lot of his comments, and others of course, but it never seems to come out balanced for a lesser players like me & others. I do however play for the sometimes fun/enjoyment of it & will continue to do so. Have a good one.
  7. RedAdmiral_1


    Same here, I don't think that WG likes the answers, no donation/Dubs required of course? maybe that's the problem.
  8. RedAdmiral_1

    Merry Christmas to EVERYBODY !!!

    Ill drink to that one Ralph
  9. RedAdmiral_1

    Co-op games over before it begins. ??

    Thanks for the heads up, will check out screen for counter.
  10. Just played seven games in a row but game ends before it's finished, all battles had 3-4 enemy ships still in play with 10-12 mins to go on timer, I Know its not as talented as Random, BUT, WTF. is WOWs trying to frustrate the players, please explain the reason for this, anyone.
  11. RedAdmiral_1


    Must agree entirely, plus they seem to be suicidal, no way of coordinating with a bot.
  12. RedAdmiral_1

    TIME LIMITED CODE - act fast or be salty *EXPIRED*

    Same here, time wise, got code eventually but my time was about midday due to commitments, all I got was code not recognised or expired? so what's the point, certainly not up at their time expectancy.
  13. RedAdmiral_1

    You know WG, the memes just write themselves.

    Must agree totally, the problem is when will they realise what's happening with their greed, - answer never,- while they are sucking in players with all these new premium token/ship enticements etc, etc. the player (which I can understand totally) gets to involved to see the folly of a continually open the wallet, I was suckered into buying/earning worthwhile ships and then months later seeing them nerfed more than buffed, making the whole grind worthless. the thing is new players won't know any different. I don't begrudge them making money but, stop hurting the established player base, just be a little more rewarding would be nice.
  14. RedAdmiral_1

    How to motivate team mates to get off the map border?

    Same here, in space battles, each time I make some sort of advance, I get the message loud and clear "get back" -- "Get back" I just reply, to no avail "Move up" -- "Move up" gives me the shits, -- then I have to hide for a while and wait for back up.
  15. RedAdmiral_1

    Performance issues since 0.8.0

    Yeah me to, I've been locked out of games, sitting there watching the clock counting down, then no participation, get abused for un-cop behaviour, it happens in the domination games mainly, 3x in Strait dom -- 3x in Loop dom -- 2x in Hot Spot dom --2x in Sleeping Giant dom, have to sit there watching my team unsupported getting shredded one ship down to start with, never ever had this happen before, not sure what to put it down to, it's only happened in the last three - four weeks.