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    Twilight Battle is broken

    I love this mode. it's so much fun. Because i love that's why i care about it and start these topic. so.. when you have division who play like this in each other team and just camp at base spam heal until 20 min end.... if that sound fun... I just uninstall. ez
  2. Kaiserliche_Marines

    Twilight Battle is broken

    Thank you for the warning. i will edit ASAP
  3. Kaiserliche_Marines

    Twilight Battle is broken

    You can see the problem in the picture.The story is.... I just play with friend like normal.They just camp at base inside the filth and spam ability to heal each other nonstop. Completely unkillable. and print the tons of massive XP and Money. It can not be accept. This is not a tactic. it's broken mechanic gameplay. the true is those 2 DD they use ability to shoot their mate and heal them inside the filth. they play like this until game end.WARGAMING PLEASE FIX THISif you want more information. i have replay and I am willing to cooperate fully.