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  1. voiture

    WoWS 5th Anniversary

    ok i got this
  2. voiture

    WoWS 5th Anniversary

    not mission for symbol(right). do you have any update? or what's i miss? Thanks,
  3. voiture

    WoWS 5th Anniversary

    Thank You
  4. voiture

    WoWS 5th Anniversary

    WoWS 4th Anniversary don't have Commemorative Symbols like this? Or what's i miss? FLAG i got(Left) / Symbol not got(Right) Thanks,
  5. i have 7/8 on this season collection . 4th april i get 1 contrainer. but today not stream or live . where i can get last one, 12nd april?
  6. voiture

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    why i have twitch drop 1 item on 4th april? i want last one twitch drop on this season, where can i collect? > King of the Sea Contrainer
  7. voiture

    Daily containers for azur lane collections

    how collect it more? why WG not add collection to the Azur Lane Premium containers? i can collect it from only daily container?
  8. voiture

    Not Get New Orleans Space Permanent Camouflage

    OK Thanks a lot of all. i got it
  9. I complete second Fly Strike Event and get only Algerie Space Permanent Camouflage but not get New Orleans Space Permanent Camouflage. how should i do?