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  1. Freelancer_Tesla

    Murphy's Rules of Warships Combat

    I got torpedoed by Takaos multiple times when they think they have 20km torpedoes and chuck it at the sniping BB.
  2. Freelancer_Tesla


    Basic rule: Use XP to research new modules and ships. You usually need to research one or two modules to begin research on the next ship, but I wouldn't recommend that. After you research a module or ship, you can buy it using Credits. Repeat and rinse. Currency: The blue colored stars are ship XP and they're tied to the ship that earned them. The yellow stars are Free XP, they can be used on any ship regardless of where it came from (try saving those for really horrible stock ships). Credits are to buy stuff, upgrades, ships, camouflage and premium consumables. Doubloons are to buy more luxurious items like Premium time, Premium ships and Permanent camoflage. Good luck!
  3. Freelancer_Tesla

    After Soo Much PAIN! Finally!

    Thinking about buying the Myoko but...(remembers the times he citadels Myokos in his Bayern ) I got mine 2 weeks before.
  4. Freelancer_Tesla

    all players of this game cheeze me off

    Take a day off WoWS and go play WoT. You'll feel better (after you get blasted by SPGs while running zigzags at full speed, getting DPM to death by invisi-light tanks, getting derped by Japanese heavies, all which makes problematic teammates pale in comparison). Disclaimer: Works for me at least.
  5. Freelancer_Tesla

    Just got a cleveland and everyone try to kill me

    Clevelands are big and fat and their citadels are large and juicy and they have paper thin armor. But I mostly shoot at them because I get triggered by their constant HE spam.
  6. Freelancer_Tesla

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    What sort of sacrifices do you offer to the RNG Gods? I need to do the same. On the other hand, congrats! But if I see any RNG related rant threads started by you in the future, I'll spam said thread with the link to this thread . Kappa.
  7. Freelancer_Tesla

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    You should actually start a poll instead, it'll be easier to see the results. For the EXP, I feel it's pretty stable. If you play Tier V, a couple of games will get you the first crate; after an hour you will get the second crate and the third crate I guess is for people who have a lot of time on their hands. In a way, it encourages playing higher tiers as they usually earn you more EXP on average. For the rare reward chances for the "Try Your Luck" crates, I'm still deciding on it. So far all they have given me are 5 signal flag sets and lots of disappointment. But then again, we can't have new players earning Grems easily can we?
  8. Freelancer_Tesla

    Best pure and all around gunboat

    Gnevny. Pew pew.
  9. Freelancer_Tesla

    Just a quick question about tking

    Usually he has to kill you to turn pink, though doing a complete ton of damage should turn him pink as well. EDIT: But generally, even if someone keeps on ramming you on purpose, just ignore him. After the game spam reports at him.
  10. Freelancer_Tesla

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Got more salt from Try Your Luck Containers then all the oceans in the world combined together.
  11. Freelancer_Tesla


    Enjoy the Kiev while you can...next comes the Tashkent...
  12. Bring a stock Tashkent with a retraining captain and go: "Err guyzzz, I just bought this ship and....aww no, my ping, is it 999?!"
  13. Freelancer_Tesla

    My best luck in the year

    Something similar to yours (hopefully this sort of RNG nonsense doesn't happen all that often in Ranked...):
  14. Freelancer_Tesla

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    Or any package WG decides to throw into the premium shop.
  15. Freelancer_Tesla

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    Could restore your computer back to Windows 7 though that may not be such a great idea as Microsoft is stopping support for it soon. But yeah, I miss Windows 7...