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  1. IroncladSnake

    Battle of Dakar

    Thank you for posting this was awesome to learn about :)
  2. can we please buff train room so tier ten s can help noobs, I know iam very junior bad tier , ten iam still learning , if you would implement this we can help with the skill gap yes ive only been playing for 4 yrs, the stuff the cc have taught me, has helped me amazingly and I just would like to be a part of building better skillset throughout the player base overall . this is all I want from ntc veteran player and rookie halp each other get better no krazny modules but some nice camos and hell maybe a special star that your a coach or mentor what do you think?, my internet isn't good enough for me to be pts or cc at moment but if there is anway icn help you make the game better do not hesitate to ask me Snake out
  3. Ive had to deal with some krazy stuff this year healthwise etc and some family drama and some computer snafu , to who sent the misouri to me in secret santa thank you so much cause i hit the wall hard nasty ... this year would like to wish everyone happy festive and thank you all for helping a disable gamer who is carer cope ill be detonating some secret santa myself thank you everyone Ironclad snake :)
  4. Hi Ralph it is working now and thank you again also there was hot fix patch today it seems like as well, had to reinstall both wgc and game client twice and uninstall twice to get it working, , still have orange but as iplay about 30 mathches on good day won't take long if ever you need help in server if we in at same time i will help you and your clan buddies also i informed tech folk that patch today helped as well as your help to fix ... many thanks and fair sails Snake oot.
  5. Hi Ralph, yay thanks will do so yes i apologise for bad spelling and useless gramar iam dyslexic like ESO from youtbe cept iam dyslexic numericaly as well. governtment could not be bothered helping with that when i was in school, thanks for always being niece and helpfull to poitoes like me.. snake oot .
  6. also feed up with fake banning cause game crash when map loads.. do i have to reinstall ? sent ticke t no usefull help just lectures about stop quitting game yada yada, bit hard when laptop freeze etc sent crash reports sent dig diax, sent everything to support, no answer does any one have any ideas how to fix this and no idont use mods anymore i only used some alternate skin for " tirpitz and the roll tide one (Alabamma). iuninstalled and forensically removed them from my laptops yes there a bit old but there fine for warships, hell i can run skyrim and fallout stably with my gear and far cry 5 for hells sake. but warships nope takes bout half month for patching of new update to settle down for client to be stable to play it if your lucky by that time camapign over and a bajillion in fines. sorry for rant and yes i know it school holiday in Australia and net warp poitatoe speed at moment despite being on the N.B.N. ( NO ONE BLOODY KNOWS NETWORK, fastest poitatoe net on planet ). i give up hope poeple are atleast being able to play this goot game and test out the RN stronk Destroyers, hope your not having drama im having and i hope your having fun fair sail to you all . Snake out
  7. IroncladSnake

    salty aussies

    Hi drakon233, sorry about that some of my country folk absolutely disgust me with their behaviour online, mainly because they are from only one language and ethnicity and they don't know when to shut up . and concentrate on playing game and being good squadmate.. i get it you have to play Warships with us as do we, We have to live with the consequences of their insensitiveness and stupidity , on a daily basis , it realy doe'snt help that this stuff goes on ... thanks for calling this out and your always thoughtfull posts, Ive never played with you but would be honour and fun iam still learning game i apologise if any spelling errors iam dyslexic but bilingual .