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  1. BuckleUpBones

    World of Warplanes

    @Sub_Octavian And the problem with data is that it takes quite some time to accumulate, the longer they wait the better the result but also the greater the conundrum… or not. Data: Even though CVs players are having fun it’s more attune to a [content removed] , feeding on the character, unnoticed, until it’s too late (just another battle last night and another bystander in a CV duel, alittle frustration creeping in already). PS, adding a CV launch cooldown will have negatable effect, one CVs per team will have an immediate effect, adjusting “Defensive AA Fire” (increasing DPS along with increasing cooldown) could bring some balance between surface ships and CVs to the effect of which squadron gets shot down and which squadron gets full assault. Inappropriate use of a medical term. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  2. BuckleUpBones

    World of Warplanes

    Well I’ve returned for a few battles of late and started playing cruisers, found out it’s just now a game of waiting for your turn to be pickoff by CVs, it really sucks, I’m not a CV hater, just can’t do nothing about it but die… or voice on the forum, I just wanta shoot my guns! CVs complains are rifle throughout all the forums, SEA, NA, EU and even RU if you translate, no one can deny the volume thus no one will back read because of the volume, so always new threads. OP, main difference I see is CV total attack on surface ships whereas in the old meta CVs had to dogfight each other, for awhile at least, so surely the solution is to return dogfighting in some form. Best form would be joystick dogfighting but any form to keep CVs busy with each other would do. Post Updated ~lengxv6
  3. BuckleUpBones

    Tier 11

    The mind boggles! Potential for ideas is huge, even having a helicopter mode/upgrade to shield ships from incoming missiles, as did prince Andrew Falkland's war 1982.
  4. BuckleUpBones

    Tier 11

    Could do it in Halloween mode first for a test run. Firing a (1972) Maverick down range could get rid of carriers early! 😎
  5. BuckleUpBones

    Tier 11

    1945 to …. Move WOWS into the 1950’s, 60’s and even more tiers for 70’s 80’s and 90’s, a place for jets too, with an user option to include Tier 11+ MM.
  6. BuckleUpBones

    Carrier Suggestions (Constructive Please)

    Yes fighters, “Dogfights” is the key to balancing CVs with the rest of the fleet, this is a way to mitigate CV total attack, forcing carriers to focus on each other for awhile (as per old RTS). If not including dogfights was by game limitations then fair enough but if it was by design then re-work. And make all aircraft dogfight-able with fighters as specialist and TB alike terrible.
  7. BuckleUpBones

    I suggest a 2nd season of CV Refund

    For non-CV players where is our refund? 😠 “Dogfights” is the key to balancing CVs with the rest of the fleet, this is a way to mitigate CV total attack, forcing them to focus on each other for awhile (as per old RTS). If it was by game limitations then fair enough but if it was by design then re-work, SOS.
  8. BuckleUpBones

    I love my carrier

    Looks like WG has swapped out one OP RTS mechanic for another OP flight sims mechanic. Except with the old one CV players were buzzy with each other in dogfights, now they have 100% of the time destroying us (looks like fun though).
  9. BuckleUpBones

    I’m Good, Very Good!

    I’ve been warming up with co-op, had 2 random’s last night, both battles had duel carriers. Ages ago with jets and among other things, cruiser AA screening was a thing, it prompted team work. Captaining Dallas in those 2 battles I found myself AA screening (also in ship formation) and not (solo) hunting! AA builds are back! First game had a storm so the Dallas instantly became useless and a Bismarck I choose to screen sailed to his early death and me along with him too. Second game (better one), I did take a forward centre position and AA screen the centre (17 aircraft kills), was targeted multiple times but I wrecked more of them than they did of me, survive too, but it did show a lack of "smarts" to kill the obvious, me.
  10. BuckleUpBones

    I’m Good, Very Good!

    Hi everybody, pop into WOWS on Sunday and battled for a few hours. 😊 Pop into asia.wows stats and noticed my PR has gone up 8 points, without me even playing!!! Does mean that the overall playerbase skills/abilities is nosediving!
  11. BuckleUpBones

    Strategies for credit grind

    I’m a returning player, was the Farragut for me, easy millions, until it got nerf (2017), so I’m looking for my next best now! Something somewhere between the lowest costing ship by the highest ranking (highest damaging) ship that you're good with.
  12. BuckleUpBones

    Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    Try/make sure graphic drivers are up-to-date, then clear/refresh driver game cache.
  13. BuckleUpBones

    Strategies for credit grind

    8. Pick your best credit earning ship and play it until WG nerfs it, repeat with next best.
  14. BuckleUpBones

    what happened to WOWs?

    Releasing on Steam uploaded a different type of player. Norton advised me to start playing ***** ******, so I did, then ********** for a time and now mostly playing ***** ******. Back for subs.
  15. BuckleUpBones

    Submarines Are Coming

    On dear I’ve gone and updated this game. Returning playing, just for submarines, no less no more. Sign: Bona Fide.