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  1. BuckleUpBones

    Strategies for credit grind

    I’m a returning player, was the Farragut for me, easy millions, until it got nerf (2017), so I’m looking for my next best now! Something somewhere between the lowest costing ship by the highest ranking (highest damaging) ship that you're good with.
  2. BuckleUpBones

    Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    Try/make sure graphic drivers are up-to-date, then clear/refresh driver game cache.
  3. BuckleUpBones

    Strategies for credit grind

    8. Pick your best credit earning ship and play it until WG nerfs it, repeat with next best.
  4. BuckleUpBones

    what happened to WOWs?

    Releasing on Steam uploaded a different type of player. Norton advised me to start playing ***** ******, so I did, then ********** for a time and now mostly playing ***** ******. Back for subs.
  5. BuckleUpBones

    Submarines Are Coming

    On dear I’ve gone and updated this game. Returning playing, just for submarines, no less no more. Sign: Bona Fide.
  6. Its killed off a DD role, therefore its contributed to teamwork demise, most practiced tactic nowadays is focus fire.
  7. BuckleUpBones

    light american cruisers are here???

    This is the worst sales campaign ever by WG, they’re dragging it. Instead of riding the hype they’re snuffing it out! There was US CL influence to play again.
  8. BuckleUpBones

    limit on Win/Lost ratio on every ship

    In the old days you could! I could! cruisers was the difference between winning and loosing, but now nerf to mediocrity.
  9. BuckleUpBones

    limit on Win/Lost ratio on every ship

    MM rigged, It’s design to hustle resources. Bestway to play ships every 3-4 days for max of 4-5 battles, that seems to stuff the T.WR (today.winrate) , which is recorded and on record, for a couple of days anyway.
  10. BuckleUpBones

    EU server stats, in graphics.

    Equally noting is the re-balancing (nerfing) of good ships, yeah they were destructive in experience hands but it was fun, repeatable fun, but WG kill off so many fun ships and fun ship lines, effectively kill off players. And there should be a side-swipe at the hustle of premium ship prices.
  11. BuckleUpBones

    Destroyer armor nerf (buff)?

    WG just gets dumber and dumber, changing shell effect on DDs won’t stop/fix DDs decline, radar has always been the problem. WG was warned by nearly every DDs player before its induction but now it been here for quite some time... The fix is balancing the cap circle and radar range relationship, that's it, just that! The cap circle should be big enough and the radar range less enough so a DD can sit on the inside edge of the cap just out of radar range. Every map should have a sweet spot. Some map/island adjustment too. If a radar cruiser wants to flush out a DDs from the cap it would have to get close, challenge its concealment, “Reward vs Risk” balance. All other radar/cap/open ocean/DD vs DD situations as per status quo. At the moment its all risk for the DD and all reward for the cruiser. WG has never learned to balance all the classes at the same time, they've only ever balance one class at a time.
  12. BuckleUpBones

    Stop abusing DD's

  13. BuckleUpBones

    Status report from Rina_Pon at 3000 (plus) games

    You step off other games where you control the campaign, achieve victory and get an end result, win! This game can be a slap in the face when you can’t control the win.
  14. BuckleUpBones

    What happen to the Bonanza!!!

    It looks like my intel is alittle out of date, haven’t being involved with the game for quite some time, however my disappointment still stands.
  15. BuckleUpBones

    What happen to the Bonanza!!!

    I had all the US cruisers line up with high point commands, fully upgraded and primo camo, all ready for the "GREAT US CL BONANZA". Nek minnit… Only the Buffalo. WTF WG, what a disappointment, bonanza snuff out, was it because you saw a possible revenue lost. This would have been an awesome commerce for every player and WG, a way to keep players onboard and attentive, how does WG evaluate disillusionment?