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  1. Xirvis

    ASIA Server crashing ?

    Time for a break from WoWs....it's a sign
  2. Xirvis

    Server down? 3/5/17

    Same, got booted and now, can't log in
  3. Looks like it's "lagging" again because scores are not getting updated for fire team. I sank 6 ships from 4 battles and I'm not seeing it updated. Similarly the 2 wins from the same 4 battles. But I still see the scores on water team "ticking" away. Oh well....
  4. In team fire, my battle achievements are still not getting updated
  5. Xirvis

    Tirpitz now has MLG secondaries

    A secondaries build for Bismarck sees her secondaries range up to 10.6km. What does this do for the Tirpitz's secondary range?
  6. Xirvis

    Old players are leaving the game.

    I'm an old player and still around and kicking (or be kicked)
  7. Xirvis


    Experienced disappearance of cursors and pressing "tab" did nothing
  8. Xirvis

    So what exactly is the point of this thing?

    Whatever, a free port slot is a free port slot. Thank you WG!!!
  9. Xirvis

    Stealth Firing Fail

    This could possibly the reason for me to (finally) start playing KMS DD
  10. Xirvis

    About ARP ships

    You're so mean.....but I agree
  11. Xirvis

    I don't think 6.3.0 will make CVs any better

    As a casual CV player, I do welcome the removal of Alt for T5 CV and below. But if a T5 CV gets MM'ed into a battle with a T6 CV, GG!!
  12. Xirvis

    Scuttling your ship

    Best solution thus far.
  13. I really don't think this will impact me much. Only thing I have to potentially ponder over is on whether AFT still makes sense for some of my DD Captains with AFT