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  1. pradityan

    Feedback thread for Update 0.8.4

    The idea of TX ranked battle is sound. Theoritically players are more experienced, and because of the battle cost, it will only attract to those who are really prepared for it. Also TX ships are more or less already 'balanced'. That being said, please never add rental ships to ranked battle ever again. And don't say it's 'popular' based on the spreadsheet because the very existence of rental ships has a detrimental effect to other players. Give player a boost, incentive, or anything really, for them to grind to TX instead of just flatly giving them rental ships (could be an event, or special xp modifiers for T8 T9 ships weeks before ranked season begins). I know this season's ranked battle is just an experiment, but it was done so poorly. On the other topic, the port change is good. All the other changes are meh/uninteresting.
  2. pradityan

    Buying signal flags with credits

    Yeah, that was a nice feature addition. Useful for getting those AA buff flags that aren't being rewarded anymore. Or the solo warrior flags. Those, and the simple fact that finally I have something to spend using my hundreds of millions of credits that I accumulated so far.
  3. pradityan

    Suggestions for heavy cruisers at T 7/8

    I'd suggest Alaska as it closely resembles bb-play, grinds credit easier, and is able to finish Yamamoto campaign.. But somehow I feel like I'd be scolded for mentioning a T9 premium. Edit: I thought about it, no good prem CA on T7.. and then there's prinz and atago. But their ability to grind credit is questionable at best.
  4. pradityan

    FPS drop while alt-tabbing

    1. Description My FPS drops from stable 75 to 40-45 after I alt-tab to another desktop application 2. Reproduction steps 1. Open world of warships client (doesn't matter on port or in a battle) 2. Alt-tab into another desktop application (whatever application: web browsers, file explorer, or even calculator) 3. Alt-tab back into the wows client 3. Result In-game FPS drops from screen refresh rate before alt-tabbing to 40-45 after alt-tabbing back into the game. 4. Expected result No difference whatsoever before or after alt-tabbing in/out of wows client. 5. Technical details My system: Windows 10 update 1809 Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB with latest driver. WOWS Client on Ultra, graphic settings Very High. 6. Extra Information This bug started happening with the 0712 patch. It can be solved by closing the other desktop application and then alt-tabbing back into the game. But really, it shouldn't happen to begin with. It's not like we can only use one app (the wows client) at one time.
  5. pradityan

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    will we need a whole different client or can we use the existing game client with more updates? do we need wggc? thanks in advance.
  6. pradityan

    Match-Making: The absurbd & ridiculous

    Just complain that bad mm in T8 will make you stop buying premium T8 ships. If enough people complaining using this reason, I believe they'll be heard. On a side note I've been wondering if anchoring is no longer in effect? Seen hiryuus and rangers with their favorite 788 setup matched with Wooster and DMs. Did I miss any official statement about this? Or was it just, you know, karma? lel
  7. pradityan

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    yes. yes, they can bow-tank for days. in regard to the turret placement? none really.
  8. pradityan

    Is the Admiral Graf Spree enjoyable ?

    Is watching the shells landing anywhere but where you're aiming is fun to you? If your answer is yes, then go ahead and buy. For fun play, yes. Unique play, yes. But lacks the consistency. Got both spee and scharnhorst. fun for the first month then the gun inconsistencies became too frustrating to ignore. I'd take molotov over spee any day.
  9. pradityan

    Azur Lane Collaboration

    so I can only hear the voice only when I use the ships where I assigned the captain to? or can I use the voice on every other ships like ARP's voice?
  10. pradityan

    Is KGV really a better ship than Monarch?

    o yeah? this 'recipe of disaster' has gotten me more wins than lose in my monarch, as far as I can remember. I don't believe monarch is weaker than any other T8 battleships. It's just that its strength is a little bit different than those of the traditional BBs, and it just so happens that this strength is frowned upon by the community in general.
  11. pradityan

    Is KGV really a better ship than Monarch?

    Not really. you can farm even more damage firing at those big TX ships. use the spotter plane upgrade and you'll be more than fine.
  12. pradityan

    Padding, Clubbing, Scrubbing and Grinding

    My end game is minotaur. It's fragile but very potent, giving you reward for taking risks and punishing you so hard if you make a slightest mistake. That, I think, is how the ships should be balanced. Playing mino reminds me of the olden days of gunboating w/ Mahan when there were no radar, no dd with sonar etc.. tldr ver: it's stupid fun. ...and it goes even better if you're in a 3-mino division. The fireworks show is quite something to behold. I have most fun playing this game when I'm in my mino. Especially in division. lel
  13. pradityan

    Server clash SEA vs EU details

    you mean because it lacks radar? bcs i think her greatest weakness can be mitigated by using constant smoke cover.
  14. pradityan

    Server clash SEA vs EU details

    i was wondering.. if the UFR favors doomsnails so much, why didnt they use at least one mogami?
  15. pradityan

    Clan wars I is coming for everyone

    there doesn't seem to be any mention on dd/ca limitation, or does it? I'm kinda hoping to see a 7 khaba clan pewpewing away because "fun factor"