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  1. IlIuminaughti

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    only 3 (three) DD entries? shame. that being said i applaud the 111k sims. that's just insane.
  2. IlIuminaughti

    Five Epochs of the Navy: DESTROY THEM!

    I killed literally the whole enemy team.. coop though.
  3. IlIuminaughti

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.0

    hey, where is the new camouflage for ARP Takao? It's mentioned in the update patch, but afaik there is no new camo or any mission to obtain it.
  4. IlIuminaughti

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

    bomb the steam review bois EDIT: joking, ofc
  5. IlIuminaughti

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

    About NTC 1. If it's required to grind through the low tiers, it will make the bot population bloom. Average player will be thrown into a not-so-great atmosphere. They'll quit. Proposed solution: Discourage botters. Make it only on TX grind, so botters will find themselves broke on credit before long. 2. The reward is directly affecting the ships' performance, and that will open a whole other can of balans worm. Proposed solutions: Make it flashy, albeit cosmetic-only reward. I guess steel/coal is out of the question here because that'd interfere with other game modes. Think this through, dev. I've been playing for four years, lived through a lot of your bad decisions, while also spent not a small amount of real money. But this one? This one is the final nail on your coffin.
  6. IlIuminaughti

    Update 0.8.5 Bug Report Thread

    I second this. Was reaching my speaker's cable to check if they're loose or something, but no. Any other games are fine, just WoWs is muffled.
  7. IlIuminaughti


    No, not with that low of a dpm. Because then it'd be more of a RNG than a consistent way to counter dm.
  8. IlIuminaughti

    Coal ship: Jean Bart or USS Georgia

    - Smaller caliber guns means cheaper ammo cost. If you want the absolute cheapest high-tier BB to play then yeah, JB it is. - JB doesn't tank well. Georgia is better, also she can fk off very fast if things get too uncomfortable. - Georgia has better accuracy overall. - Depends. If you value occasional roflstomping cruiser and the secondary fireworks, then Georgia. If you think BB that rewards you for smartly choosing ammo type, using mbrb on the right time, and strategic positioning is fun to play, then JB. Personally I choose the latter. - JB has better practical AA. A bit of a side note from me, you can choose to just reverse and HE-snipe everyone (mostly BBs for more dmg) in JB if you think the battle is not favorable for you to push. It's not like the easy way as in the RNBB line. Using HE in JB is mandatory for some occasions as your gun cannot pen some BBs. MBRB will also help you reignite those kremlins who are trying to use their faster dcp. Just be ready to get some reports though, as players in this server in majority hates the HE-spamming BBs.
  9. IlIuminaughti


    According to some people I asked, No. She cannot replace Henri. Henri can fend off DM (one of the most frequently played CA in CB) , but yoshino? Questionable at best. But yeah, this ship is very relaxing to play in random. Snipe from the range and light the enemy up everytime the shell connects. All without the frustrating accuracy of Conqueror. Played 14 games, survived 11. So much for the 'squishy' ship, heh. The bad thing about this ship is she doesn't have the potential to carry. Like, at all.
  10. IlIuminaughti

    Update 0.8.5 Bug Report Thread

    I was about to make a bug report on this problem too. yea, the users BGM seems to be broken on this update.
  11. IlIuminaughti

    Feedback thread for Update 0.8.4

    The idea of TX ranked battle is sound. Theoritically players are more experienced, and because of the battle cost, it will only attract to those who are really prepared for it. Also TX ships are more or less already 'balanced'. That being said, please never add rental ships to ranked battle ever again. And don't say it's 'popular' based on the spreadsheet because the very existence of rental ships has a detrimental effect to other players. Give player a boost, incentive, or anything really, for them to grind to TX instead of just flatly giving them rental ships (could be an event, or special xp modifiers for T8 T9 ships weeks before ranked season begins). I know this season's ranked battle is just an experiment, but it was done so poorly. On the other topic, the port change is good. All the other changes are meh/uninteresting.
  12. IlIuminaughti

    Buying signal flags with credits

    Yeah, that was a nice feature addition. Useful for getting those AA buff flags that aren't being rewarded anymore. Or the solo warrior flags. Those, and the simple fact that finally I have something to spend using my hundreds of millions of credits that I accumulated so far.
  13. IlIuminaughti

    Suggestions for heavy cruisers at T 7/8

    I'd suggest Alaska as it closely resembles bb-play, grinds credit easier, and is able to finish Yamamoto campaign.. But somehow I feel like I'd be scolded for mentioning a T9 premium. Edit: I thought about it, no good prem CA on T7.. and then there's prinz and atago. But their ability to grind credit is questionable at best.
  14. IlIuminaughti

    FPS drop while alt-tabbing

    1. Description My FPS drops from stable 75 to 40-45 after I alt-tab to another desktop application 2. Reproduction steps 1. Open world of warships client (doesn't matter on port or in a battle) 2. Alt-tab into another desktop application (whatever application: web browsers, file explorer, or even calculator) 3. Alt-tab back into the wows client 3. Result In-game FPS drops from screen refresh rate before alt-tabbing to 40-45 after alt-tabbing back into the game. 4. Expected result No difference whatsoever before or after alt-tabbing in/out of wows client. 5. Technical details My system: Windows 10 update 1809 Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB with latest driver. WOWS Client on Ultra, graphic settings Very High. 6. Extra Information This bug started happening with the 0712 patch. It can be solved by closing the other desktop application and then alt-tabbing back into the game. But really, it shouldn't happen to begin with. It's not like we can only use one app (the wows client) at one time.
  15. IlIuminaughti

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    will we need a whole different client or can we use the existing game client with more updates? do we need wggc? thanks in advance.