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  1. MertFrunman

    Amazing Drawings of "Paper Ships"

    And I envy the amount of Drawing skill drawn up in this image
  2. MertFrunman

    Amazing Drawings of "Paper Ships"

    So I was browsing google images about Montana-class battleships and I stumbled on this And Here's the Link for more of them (sorry if this is a Repost still new to the Forum business):https://leovictor.deviantart.com/art/A-Brit-hunting-down-Yamato-128266494
  3. MertFrunman

    Do not level up during Lunar New Year

    4 out of 5 games in my Minny are losses last night so yeah....
  4. MertFrunman

    Yamato radar rotation

    Don't they rotate by they're own?
  5. MertFrunman

    why has my WTR gone to hell

    My mind is just blown with the amount of math
  6. I somehow agree enterprise has the History to be OP but other than that i disagree
  7. MertFrunman

    Major Contribution Achievement in Operation

    Probably just do something that majorly contributes to the Operation's Victory
  8. MertFrunman

    Blue mermaid flag code

    Is it still working now?