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  1. How to set layer 16:9 ?

    yeah i have 2 patch of WoWs one from WGC and one from Steam, WGC is for my primary account i use that patch on steam for just my other account not my primary account so i dont need a full ratio but i want make my PC running is little bit different lighty on fullscreen so i use 16:9 but that option can use before the update maybe around 5 months ago
  2. How to set layer 16:9 ?

    ya ya i know it dude so..... do you know to change set 16:9 at 4:3 layer?? i just ask that not for change my monitor --"
  3. How to set layer 16:9 ?

    heyy do you all know how to set layer 16:9 at 4:3 layer monitor ?, because before get updated but that was very long ago i can make it reso full at 16:9 but now i can't do that