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  1. How to set layer 16:9 ?

    now im using this square dell 4:3 1280 x 1024 and i wanna change to 16:9 1280 x 720
  2. How to set layer 16:9 ?

    when i set to 16:9 the ratio is stretch to 4:3 again i don't know why??, before version 0.7.0 is running as well
  3. move to eagles or shark

    how many battle until i got some offer to move position from shark to eagles and for otherwise too???
  4. well i appreciation what WG makes some awesome picture from their games but can WG make page media background that fill amount all art like this, thats very good but i see thats gallery is not complete at all such as the collaboration undertaken by WG like this image I took more time just search this picture for HD resolution for my background dekstop can WG add more feature on their website and always get up to date and without different result like this, this, and this?
  5. How to set layer 16:9 ?

    yeah i have 2 patch of WoWs one from WGC and one from Steam, WGC is for my primary account i use that patch on steam for just my other account not my primary account so i dont need a full ratio but i want make my PC running is little bit different lighty on fullscreen so i use 16:9 but that option can use before the update maybe around 5 months ago
  6. How to set layer 16:9 ?

    ya ya i know it dude so..... do you know to change set 16:9 at 4:3 layer?? i just ask that not for change my monitor --"
  7. How to set layer 16:9 ?

    heyy do you all know how to set layer 16:9 at 4:3 layer monitor ?, because before get updated but that was very long ago i can make it reso full at 16:9 but now i can't do that