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  1. it will work fine. i have a copy of wows on an external disk for backup. if theres an upgrade i just copy the upgrade data files and the game will update itself without re downloading
  2. meowmeow848

    Is it recommended to skip Seattle?

    i skipped it. would rather spend the credits on a fully upgraded ship that could be used for clan battles than having to grind seattle.
  3. meowmeow848

    Smoke vs Torpeodo reload booster

    using trb launch 8. if you get a hit and flooding wait for him to repair and launch the other 8 torps.
  4. meowmeow848

    Smoke vs Torpeodo reload booster

    ive done half my grind in smoke and half trb. personally i prefer smoke + gunboat build. torp then pop smoke and go guns. by the time the smoke is out your torp is ready again.
  5. meowmeow848

    Yugomo To Shima : My big dilemma

    shima is meh. the yugumo is way better. i just hate the ijn torps launch 15 torps at a bunch of ships and not a single hit tried TA tried f3 its still shit. the problem is the torp detection. too easy to spot and dodge. and the other t10 dds will sink you in a gunbattle
  6. meowmeow848

    What's your credit cow?

    kamikaze and graft spee. now i mainly play Mighty Mo to fund my t9 t10 games
  7. meowmeow848

    Is Ibuki a disaster compare to other iX cruisers?

    i've tried roon, baltimore, neptune and ibuki. i find that the roon as the easiest to play next is ibuki, baltimore and last is neptune. ive tried all the possible combinations on ibuki. i prefer the reload module. the stock reload is just too slow for a t9.
  8. meowmeow848

    Kiev V's Tashkent

    what i liked best is the repair party. you can farm dreadnought off her.
  9. meowmeow848

    Khabarosk, what is this thing???

    if i play solo at t10 i use khaba and do as much damage as possible but if i play div i bring along my gearing.
  10. meowmeow848

    Credit Grinding Issues.

    my main credit farmer is the kamikaze, profit on a good match is more or less 200k. my alternative is the graft spee 100-150k profit a match. or you can get a prem camo on your favorite t10 ship.
  11. meowmeow848

    Is it Possible To Commit Suicide?

    i manually dropped on a dd attacking me and missed and i got hit with my own torps
  12. i got 1 on gearing. were ahead on caps and points then the whole team got sunk i was the only one left with very low hp so i just had to survive till time ran out.
  13. meowmeow848

    Cat is here!

  14. meowmeow848

    3gb download then 10gb?

    this will work too if you get some errors like missing files etc.
  15. meowmeow848

    3gb download then 10gb?

    or did you copy an already updated game folder? because if its not updated it will start to download the update. i usually update the game on my desktop then copy the updated game to 2 other computers.