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  1. Probably not the smartest play imo. An 'angled' cruiser does not get routinely one shot, only the ones who make a mistake get one shot. A BB can routinely get 10k+ salvos on DD's at 12km, combined with the firepower of the DD spotting and a CA or 2 this is devastating to DD's.
  2. 5turgeon

    Do Commanders Remember Old Ships?

    If you click 'yes' to retrain captain the option will come up to pay 500 doubloons to skip retraining or 200000 credits to half the 250000 exp or spend nothing at all. Then once the Captain is in the ship there is a + next to his name that will allow you to spend the elite xp to retrain him
  3. 5turgeon

    Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    gib santa box plox to 5turgeon
  4. 5turgeon

    Yamamoto Mission Issue?

    Fixed. Thanks.
  5. You get one in four games that has a fishing div with a cv?
  6. Yeah nah (Unless you definition of a 'shitton' is wildly different to mine).
  7. 5turgeon

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Just got a Damage Control Party mod 1. To go with my other 2. You beauty.
  8. 5turgeon

    Who here has had a 1 v 1?

    I had 1 T8 BB's. We decided to meet in the middle.
  9. 5turgeon

    this is joke reward right?

    What does 'check your privelege' mean?
  10. If you still think it has broken the game please explain how.