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  1. General_Pita

    Cowardice and Incompetence - Asia server meta

    Hey coldbeer, I'm outta here, off this server..sold ALL ships(except ARP cause game mechanics wont allow) so now have 142,000,000 cr, 314,000xp and 870 dubloons sitting there! See u on the NA server!
  2. General_Pita

    Cowardice and Incompetence - Asia server meta

    Yeah just checked stats. 2400 games on SEA server 140 games on NA server..bought the Kuta and Molotov to get going but now gotta start grinding! ..Have all the t10 cruisers and then some..oh, well time to pew, pew!
  3. General_Pita

    Cowardice and Incompetence - Asia server meta

    That's why I started another account on the NA server..Gameplay is vastly different...much more communications, helping teammates etc...Wish I could transfer my ships,etc to NA server. thinking of selling ALL ships and closing this one down but what to do with dubloons etc? Lost cause? Totally agree with you coldbeer72.
  4. General_Pita

    No Additional XP?

    Wondering why my shchors doesn't get additional XP when all my other ships do?
  5. General_Pita

    Elite Ships

    Maybe ive missed something... I have "unlocked" all modules and 3 previous ships but Dmitri Donskoi remans "unelited"...Why?
  6. General_Pita

    Dont fire at your allies

    It really gives me the shits when you are constantly firing on an enemy ship and your suicidal "team mate" cuts/passes in front of you and you get the " Don't fire at your allies" WTF!!! Last game cost me 10500 credits. I got something like 50 credits compensation...because I was engaged in trying to defeat enemy...AND another thing while I'm ranting....How many time have we heard "Battle ends in 5 minutes" and BAM! battle ends right then WTF!! WG, you need to take a look at your timers...*rant over*
  7. General_Pita

    Different research points

    Ah yes! Thank you yobbo 1972 and ReNation. I had forgotten that I wasn't intending to play Fubuki, just a stepping stone to the Kagero then Shimma..
  8. General_Pita

    Different research points

    Can someone explain to me why a ship(Kagero) viewed in tech tree is 154,000 research points but viewed in dock is now 184,000 research points?
  9. General_Pita

    BB & CC disappearing

    No other ships around us so no smoke and Graphic settings are maxed out ;)
  10. General_Pita

    BB & CC disappearing

    Explain this to me... A bb and a cc (Yamato and De Moines) appear out of nowhere 8-10k away from me(Mogami) in the open..De Moines kills me in two salvos and then both disappear until only the De Moines re appears 12k away? Game Over....How are you supposed to fight that?
  11. General_Pita

    What is the Most Useless Premium Ship?

    Haven't tried mikasa , but for me Atlanta is pretty bad, great rof but to the moon arcs! And ALWAYS lose a main turret..its a given! Ridiculous! I'll keep her just because I paid for it but I dismissed her captain and put her in indefinite dry dock
  12. Hey Terkoz! I know exactly what your talking about..don't get any response at all when in chat and when your being fired on to the point of being focused, neaby team members that are easily within firing range on enemy won't help you..very frustrating! As you've found out, ping doesn't change from NA server. For what it's worth I even tried a VPN to route through different countries. .no difference...I usually get a minimum 100ms and 70fps but that will usually drop to 20fps and 100-200ms but have seen spikes of 4000ms and 1fps! Based in Brisbane.
  13. General_Pita

    Screen flicker

    After a bit of research, I've discovered that wowarships has issues with SLI cards. As I said, mine is a GTX690, ie 2x680 chips on the one card, so effectively SLI..funny how it caused no problems in previous versions...again, quite a few issues with the gtx 690's so will try to have game use just one CPU and report back with observations.. Take 2.. I can report using jut one gpu on the GTX690 does indeed work! No flickering ..All good...No less fps either. Open NVIDIA Control Panel Select Manage 3D Settings Select Program Settings Select a program to customize World Of Warships should be selected(if not, select it) Find Multi-GPU rendering mode, right click, select Single-GPU All done! Enjoy flicker free game!
  14. General_Pita

    Screen flicker

    Was hoping to see a fix for screen flicker in the latest patch...no luck..another day of not playing ...wonder if its a problem with Nvidia cards? My pc is an Alienware Area51 i7 9600 3.2ghz, 24 gb ram, GTX 690(680x2gcpu on the one card)...I usually see around 70fps and 100+ms (Australia, damaged cable from Perth to Singapore)..ive noticed in youtube replays that guys are getting around 100fps -30ms on NA and EU server! But during play my fps will go down to around 20(fluctuates a lot). Hope they fix this screen flicker soon....Like you SilverDX, this should not be happening on our computers!
  15. General_Pita

    Screen flicker

    Getting screen flicker in port and game play.. My ship seems semi transparent..can see waves through hull of ship...No mods...GTX690 GCard..latest drivers..Never had this problem with any other versions. Game not playable..All other screens are Ok. Have changed aspect ratio back and forth..no difference..have selected vertical synch ..no difference.. frustrating.