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  1. Sakuza199x

    New Light House - Super Ships

    so much credit after selling camos and now time to spend all to get more coals 🙂
  2. Oh yeah. I see it today. thanks you.
  3. How much coals for Iwami BB? still not release today.
  4. Sakuza199x

    For the Coal !

    thank you. I did not play this game 9 months ago 🙂
  5. Sakuza199x

    For the Coal !

    Hi all, I have enoughed coal for new ship and I wanna know when the new ship for coal is coming soon in the next months? thanks you
  6. Sakuza199x

    Christmas Story Event

    yeah, the thing makes me back to play the game is " battleship " film showing on TV. I don't have Missouri but IOWA is good enough also.
  7. Sakuza199x

    Christmas Story Event

    Hello All, I wanna to say thank to WG team who give me a chance to know more about world war ( the terrible thing in the world ). You always try to update new mode, new ships, new gifts and new function in the game. Thank you all for that. Say thank to Players Communication where I learn much from those topics. I am playing WOWS since 2015 and this is only game I played. The first T10 ship is USS Montana and she is the best ship in my eyes with these big guns. After that, I want to focus on my carrier so I leave the game so long time. And I get back to play in this year, I was surprised when I see so many line ship what I ever never see before. I am trying to play the game everyday (avg 1h per day) and now I have got 5 T10 ships and some pre ship from armory like: Geo, Yoshino.... And I am enjoying day by day. I wish you all have the best thing in your business, your life, balancing between the game and real life. Keep you safe of covid-19. See you soon in game. Thank you. p/s: sorry for my bad eng.
  8. Sakuza199x

    German Battleship Tokens NO more?

    these temp resources like this will be convert to credit, I think.
  9. Sakuza199x

    Do you sell your LOW Tier Premium ships?

    i sold out all ships from T1-5 except premium ships for collection.
  10. Sakuza199x

    Share your G.KURFURST build pls

    The same on my GK. My slot 6 is sec reload. but know my cap is 14 points. So any idea for 2 slot at 4 point?
  11. Sakuza199x

    Submarines are Cancer

    subs are really dangerous. I do think this line make game become fantasic. anyway, its just a game, enjoy it.
  12. All Legend Cap are really good but i will spend all my coal for ship. I think
  13. Sakuza199x

    Upcoming Changes to the Tech Tree

    I have been researched 5th TX ships and get 10k RP. ( now i get T9 german BB and keep trying to get GK). I want to save RP enough to buy ship in armory. so I want to know this resource could be expires or similar Coal resource? please help me. thank you.