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  1. Sakuza199x

    Long time no roon. roon still good

    Just keep distance and burn them all.
  2. Sakuza199x

    PC players, share your specs!

    Intel i5 3470 rx470 4Gb 18Gb of ram 120Gb ssd running os only and 1Tb hdd. max setting at 1080p 67fps
  3. Sakuza199x

    How to Play Zao and IJN Cruisers?

    I created new NA account to trying some differences. My play style when playing IJN Cruises like a DD and shoot & run.
  4. Sakuza199x

    Is T8 worth grinding to?

    When you are playing the DD T6 and total we have 4 CVs T8 in the one game. So, it will be a survival game. I think it’s no problem. Just enjoy. Because when you at bottom Tier. You need to play carefully, watching mini maps more and thinking about position where you going to.
  5. Sakuza199x

    Tirpitz: a short discussion

    No problem here. Tirpitz is Bismarck torps version ( i mean Bismarck + Pre Camo = Tirpitz ). Basically, This combo just see on German DDs.
  6. Sakuza199x


    You know she is removed from last update ver, do you?
  7. Sakuza199x

    Should I spend coals on Pommern or Flint?

    I have ~200k coal but i will try to get pommerm or Polo if i were you.
  8. Sakuza199x

    Big Hunt thread

    Lollll. Yeah. I never come back this mode after got Oland camo. Now Rank only to get more Steel.
  9. Sakuza199x

    Big Hunt thread

    Really really love Oland Camo but better WG let we select to any ship at T8 which we want.
  10. Sakuza199x

    Big Hunt 2: Electric Boogaloo

    They ( wg ) don’t have any option for choice color what we want and that’s why i take Hector on Oland.
  11. Sakuza199x

    Big Hunt 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Yeah. Have to spend so much time to get 2nd free. I can’t play than more 3 game per day because it really boring. I will exchange 2 Key to get 3M credits I think.
  12. Sakuza199x

    Big Hunt 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I got the first one on Oland. Trying to get amagi camo or akizuki camo.
  13. Sakuza199x

    German 2nd Camo scheme list (Not all of them)

    So long time dont play any german ship and now i will go back with my pretty ship- Bismarck
  14. Sakuza199x

    Too COSTLY to play Tier 10 ships

    It’s okay. One more thing, do you see so much CV in a battle? ( i mean 4 CVs in a game ). I was play 6 games yesterday. My ship is USSR CA at T7 and i have to play with CV T8. And some BBs T9. What’s wrong with WG.