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  1. Hah, and no reply from WG Asia? That's ... a bit worrying. Thank you MatterCore, for bringing this up in general discussions. Too bad there was no response from WG Asia. Oh well, at least we tried.
  2. Hiya Aslain, Thank you very much for the great work you do on your modpack. It brings many of us great joy to use some of the mods to make the game more personal and fun for us. Well done! I noticed that Fog Remover doesn't seem to be working on the map Strait. Actually, I noticed it many patches ago, but it always slipped my mind to ask you about it. I don't know how the Fog Remover mod works, but it seems to work fine for the other maps (or at least the ones I've played on). I don't know if Fog Remover is coded to work in a general sense, or it has to have some coding for each individual map. But, it is not working for the map Strait. Once again, thank you for your great work. And, please, stay healthy and, you know, rest, take it easy, etc. Your health is your wealth, as some of us Asians would say. Warmest regards, Bunda
  3. Greetings all, Let me thank the developers, testers, community contributors, and others for all your hard work and time in making WoWs a good bit of fun to play. Kudos to all who have helped in making WoWs what it is today. And, hopefully further improve it in the near future! I'd like to bring the attention of the game developers to take a look at the credit cost of taking part in the Halloween Event 2017, Part Two: Sunray in the Darkness. The ships for the event are free, but the module upgrades are not. And, these are T8 ships, so some of the upgrades are relatively expensive. Many of us mid- and high-tier players could easily afford such a blow of credits to have some fun. But, please, think of your many lower tier players. I'm sure many mid-tier players would also be struggling to afford the upgrades for just a bit of Halloween fun. And, the key word here is FUN. This event should be easily ACCESSIBLE to the whole playing community. It would be unfair to those who can't afford the upgrades, and thus play the event with a less than optimal ship, and NOT having any FUN doing so. Might I suggest you make the upgrades free? Make a special category for these upgrades, like for the consumables. When the event if over, take the upgrades away along with the ships. If the player wants to switch out upgrades, charge a nominal and minimal credit or doubloon fee.for doing so. Same thing for the commander skills. Many would just automatically spec their captains like normal, not realizing that for this event, normal captain speccing doesn't apply. Players should be allowed to respec these Halloween captains for a nominal and minimal credit or doubloon fee. I hope you understand my point of view. This should be a FUN and easily ACCESSIBLE event for the ENTIRE playing community. Thank you guys again for all your hard work and time. It is greatly appreciated by all. Warmest regards, Bunda
  4. Hiya Aslain, Thanks again very much for all your great work. You are a godsend and I'm sure the community really appreciates all your effort. I hope you're doing well health-wise. Warmest prayers and wishes for you. I noticed that if I use the latest "Extended Tech Tree" mod, the port UI goes a bit screwy. Specifically, I can't assign a commander from one ship to another. Secondly, when I go to my commander reserve, there are no commanders showing in the reserve. They are there, but there are no pictures or icons. Just blank spaces (although if you hover your mouse over the blank space, the commander is there coz the information icon shows up ... just no pics or anything). Obviously, this has never happened to me before while using the "Extended Tech Tree" mod. Again, thank you very much for all that you do for us to make the game more enjoyable. Kudos to you! Best regards, Bunda
  5. Hi Aslain, Hope you get better soon. As you said, cancer can be a b*tch. Warmest wishes and prayers to you, as always.
  6. Hi Aslain, I hope you're having a good time wherever you are. Thanks a whole bunch for all the good work you do for the community. I have noticed a slight problem with the Anti-Glare (Sunglasses) mod. It seems to work fine for the vast majority of gameplay, except if you play a CV and have the mod installed. When you play CV with the mod installed, there is a reflection of the sun right smack in the middle of the battle UI. There is a white blob that is not only irritating as heck, but it can actually screw up your aim coz ships tend to dissappear if they sail into the reflection. The problem doesn't exist if the Anti-Glare (Sunglasses) mod is not installed. I have contacted support, and they confirm that it is a mod problem and not their problem. This was not happening in update 0.6.7, so something obviously changed, but the mod maker didn't take it into account. Hope you can get in touch with the mod maker and see if he can solve the problem. I like playing with the Anti-Glare (Sunglasses) mod on all my other ships, but CV play is just screwed because of the sun's reflection. Thanks again for all your hard work! Keep it up! Cheers ...
  7. Hi everyone, Just had a game where most players agreed was quite epic despite us pretty much steamrolling the other team. After the game was over, I went over the game screenshots to see how everyone did. The Yamato on our team caught my eye. He obtained a "Dreadnought" and an "Amateur" achievement. How does one get a Yamato and only now get the "Amateur" achievement? Even if he botted his way to a T10 BB, he would still have enough wins in the lower tiers to get it. I've attached the screenshot with his/her name blocked out. I do have the replay if a CM or mod would like to take a closer look. /edit He/she did know how to play though. Relatively good positioning, knows how to bow on while dueling with another Yamato, etc. So, he/she does have some experience playing the game.
  8. Bunda369

    Premium Shop payment with PayPal still broken?

    Well, this just sucks. Support decides to just blow me off by just closing my ticket without resolving the problem. This was their penultimate reply: And this was their final reply: What, they don't read their own replies that they were supposed to get back to me on their (non)communications with PayPal? Was I supposed to put in an inquiry every week just to keep the ticket open? Do I now need to open a new ticket to see if they have resolved the problem? I haven't purchased anything using PayPal lately, so ... By the way, my ticket that was closed for no apparent reason is #219986, if any CM here would like to help me solve this problem.
  9. So, I was grinding my ARP Takao captain and MM decided to put me in a tier 10 match. With no BBs! Just 7 CAs/CLs, 4 DDs, and 1 CV per side. All pretty evenly spread out between tiers 8 - 10, with the most OP ships being the tier 10 CVs. Boy, was it a glorious battle! Like a low tier battle, but with high tier ships. Tier 10s leading the charge to agreed cap zones and supporting our DDs, and the same for the other side. We brawled at mid to close range, at the same time trying to angle properly and avoiding the torpedo soup from the Shimakazes, Bensons, Kageros, Gearings, and Fletchers. It was exciting as heck, and the side that broke contact first ended up losing (the enemy team in this case). We capped all three caps eventually, and then proceeded to slowly grind down the enemy ships. What a joy high tier game play is without any BBs. When there are like 5-6 BBs per side, then you can expect a snipe fest. Had one earlier today, where everything depended on the (in)competence of the respective BBs. I spent 20 minutes taking pot shots in a shoot-and-scoot boring game play, coz CAs don't survive long if tier 10 BBs decide to focus on a tier 8 CA. Wish we could have an option where high tier BBs are excluded from certain scenarios. Let them play in their big pond by themselves. The rest of us can have fun brawling and contesting caps like we used to do in low and mid tiers. But, that's just me, hehe. On a side note, I notice that there is very little synergy among the different ship classes. WG has focused so much on the rock-scissors-paper game play that they have probably forgotten that most MMORPGs (we are playing our roles, no?) focus a lot on synergy. Mage class are massive damage dealers (BBs and CVs), Rogue class (DDs) are the sneaky ninja assassins, Cleric class (BBs ... again?) are the healers, and the Warrior class (BBs, again, wtf??) are the tankers. Where do CAs/CLs fit in here? Even Fractured Space follows the regular MMORPG format of class synergy. Ok, rant over, lol.
  10. Bunda369

    Premium Shop payment with PayPal still broken?

    Well, if I need some doubloons or something, i'll give it a go. Until then, I guess I'll just wait for WG support to get to me. Sometime this century, I hope.
  11. Bunda369

    ARP Takao Missions

    I think I saw a Q&A with Sub_Octavian (the guy in charge of collecting stats and feedback at WG) that they are considering giving T8 cruisers a heal, and will start with the RN line of CLs first. They will then collect stats and go from there. I agree that cruisers need some love at the moment. Sub_Octavian did say that some buffs are forthcoming, but in a gentle manner so as not to screw with game play too much. if you ask me, it's the lack of survivability of cruisers at higher tiers which is a problem. No amount of angling or proper positioning will save you from 5 or more BBs in a match, while cruisers only make up 2-3 ships. You are relegated to shoot and scoot into concealment, rinse and repeat. Can't support your DDs that way, though. Also, it appears that long term, the Baltimore will be slotted into T8, to replace the New Orleans. They will then find a replacement for T9. But, that is probably way into the future when they split the USN CA/CL lines. /edit I also read some posts in the NA forum that the Arpeggio collab will end in December. But, I couldn't find any official sources stating such. Maybe our mods could liaise with WG Asia to find out if this is true or not. If it is ending in December, then the Haifuri collab makes sense. But, it would be a shame for players who join the game later and can't collect any ARP ships, especially the blue tsundere one. Which I hope all of you will be able to get! Booyah!
  12. Bunda369

    Premium Shop payment with PayPal still broken?

    Well, the last I heard from WG support was on Sept 3rd. That was over a month ago, and nothing since then. My ticket is still open and processing. Sigh. You think I will ever get a reply back from WG support on whether this has been solved or not? A month is a pretty long time to figure out what went wrong. I haven't purchased anything from WG using PayPal yet, but I figure the problem still exists for some players. I just wonder what the problem is.
  13. Bunda369

    ARP Takao Missions

    It's hit a citadel 30 times. And, the ARP Takao has a heal, just like the Atago, It is a blue Atago, lol. *Soft stats are exactly the same as the Atago, except no credit/xp modifiers. And, no camo, of course. You can take a peek at it to confirm that it has a heal like the Atago in the EU thread "Discussion thread for some interesting info from RU".* I Imagine some saltiness from current Atago owners. Or maybe not, coz the ships is useless for captain training, making credits, and what not. Kinda like the Hipper and Prinz Eugen sisters. Same in soft stats, but different in terms of premium abilities.
  14. Thank you all for your kind advice. This forum is a much nicer place compared to NA or EU forums. it can be a veritable salt mine over there sometimes. Is it just me, or is the current economy in randoms a little wonky as well? I just had a couple of games in my half upgraded Gneisenau and Nagato. Both were terrible losses. The enemy team just steamrolled over us. The majority of my team had between 145 - 234 base xp. I did about 60k damage and tanked roughly 1.4 million potential damage in both matches, yet only got about 400+ base xp. The credits were also meh. And, I was top three in both matches as well. Sigh. I'm not using premium account, but I've never used it before and randoms at tier 7+ were quite profitable in terms of base xp and/or credits before, even in a loss. The winning teams' mid range xp was between 500 - 700 base xp. Only the top three players on the opposing teams got 1000+ base xp. /edit Both matches were tier 8 matches, with 2/3 of the teams being tier 6 & 7. The base xp (and I assume the base credits earned) seems a bit low for a high mid tier match. Or is my assumption wrong in this? Maybe need to play more matches and see how it goes.
  15. Greetings, fellow captains! I'm sorry if you see me with stock ships in random battles. I prefer to upgrade my ships in co op, but the current economy is so wonky in co op that it is a credit loss most times at tier 7+ (I don't know about the lower tiers coz I've already progressed past those). Same goes for retraining my captains. Again, I do hate bringing an under-powered and under-gunned ship into randoms. I feel like such a crutch to my team, and they are probably just too polite to say anything (for which I'm most grateful). But, it is what it is with the economy changes in 5.12. Sigh.