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  1. Good evening all, This week I felt like playing some ships, so I finally updated the client. The last time I played was roughly a dozen matches after the captain skill rework, and before that was the russian DD split. Or maybe they happened in reverse order, I am not 100%. Anyway, I played some games this week. I thought it would be great fun, and even though I had enough updates that it probably would have been quicker if I had just downloaded a whole new client, I was still really looking forward to sailing around the seven seas. Realizing that I would be extremely rusty, that I was never that good to begin with, and there were a few new ship lines (almost as many new premium ships it seems :P ), I decided it wouldn't hurt to start some of those newer lines. And even better, I would get to play against mostly clueless noobs! Well apparently not. Before I stopped playing, I didn't get into many tier 10 battles, but I can recall them being exceptionally slow paced (campy), while the middle and lower tiers could typically be relied on to have a bit more fast paced action. Not so any longer it seems. Many of my battles in tier two to tier six were extremely slow paced, to the point where it was quite possible to drive a battleship past your DDs if you let your situational awareness slip, even if you actually playing bow on with 1/4-1/2 speed. Almost all of these players seemed to have a very good idea of AP/HE usage, kiting, armor usage etc. There were no cruisers driving broadside, no BBs driving into islands (ok I did actually see one do it, but it was to avoid a torp drop), no CVs accidentally auto piloting straight into the enemy team. Is this because of some of the current events going on? Experienced players are dropping to seal club tiers to make it easy? Or is it just the game (on this server) is struggling to gain and retain new players? My next issue is I played some games in my ranger, the tier seven USN CV. I am certainly not one of the unicum cv players, but I could do ok in them before I left. I probably would have got my arse handed to me at the top tiers, but middle and lower I could usually do ok. Well, every match in the independence is either verse a saipan, a kaga, or a hiryu. No one wants to play american tech tree cv apparently. It is quite possible to get into a match where you will either have to drop your torps at max range, or just watch the other ships do stuff because 13/15 enemy ships can melt your planes even if they are isolated. I think about 1/3 of my very limited cv matches this week have been against teams where there is between 0-3 legitimate targets on the enemy team, with the rest being suicide to try attack. That might just be unlucky. It might even be because of the relatively recent brit BB line, which seem to mostly carry AA matching or exceeding even america. Like I said, I do have a very small data set. One of the matches I got was against a saipan, and we were the only tier seven ships. Most were tier nine, with a handful of eights. The saipan I guess felt a little sorry for me, and mentioned that the lexington was going to be even worse. So; are the middle tier american cvs supposed to be grinded in co op? Where you will most likely only have time for two drops, three if you are really lucky? If this wasn't wargaming, I would ask how it is possible that premium cvs could so completely outclass the tech tree counterparts. But it is, so instead I will ask why there is STILL such an imbalance between japan and us cvs? I have read the top tiers it is shifted into the americans favour now, but.. that doesn't help me now does it lol. Why have they now sold three (?) premium CVs without fixing the stuttering lagging mess of a UI which likes to ignore your clicks? I should say if you want to look at my stats and then tell me the problem is me, don't bother. I know I am not doing fantastic in this game, and I know very good cv players would have an easier time dealing with these issues. However, that does not mean they are not issues. I would like to play this game. I mostly stopped playing after the captain skill rework just because I wanted some time before all the ideal and niche skill selections were figured out, and I simply never quite managed to find the time to sort it all out. But, I would like to at least be an average player without having to play hard in the low tiers except maybe for a clutch carry, which currently doesn't seem possible. I also would like to play CVs, which I know is a very controversial thing to say here, but I actually enjoy the challenge of the cv micro management. I don't like the additional challenges of a UI that occasionally ignores your input, and (in the rangers case) of being a flat out inferior ship. Cheers for reading my ranty essay
  2. TechnoGore


    Murmansk 1m match could have had some rewards, but I was only just starting science of victory missions at that time, which have very low credit rewards. Even if I had three credit missions and completed them all, that would have amounted to an insignificant amount. In fact, I don't think I have done any of those credit missions because I have never needed credits badly enough to bother with them so far. I only had exp grind missions for my 650k co op match today, and had already completed all events for this month except Graf spee.
  3. TechnoGore

    CV doesn't need an interference rework

    this so much. I also click too quickly in ships making torp spreads sometimes. Because I usually push my cv as close to the front as I can get it without being spotted, I especially love it when the game decides I don't want to move a squad but my cv after all.
  4. TechnoGore


    Can someone please explain to me a little about credits and exp, but specifically how credits relate to exp? And perhaps how making credits is related to different classes? I ask because sometimes the amount of credits I get seems really odd, and I can't really figure it out. For example today in a co op match I made 650k, with a base exp of <400. Even a really good game (for me) in randoms won't get that much, regardless of base xp earned. I also recall a match in murmansk where I made 1.1m creds (not including mission rewards) but I don't recall the exp amount as that was a while ago. Needless to say I have never made that much in a single battle since. I ask today because I just had a t8 match in my bayern, and I did almost 100k damage. Split between three BBs, including 1 destroyed, two t6 bbs and a t8 bb. I thought that was pretty good (again, for me), and for exp it was. It was 1450 base exp, but credits? 190k. I can make that much and more with less than 1k base exp. None of these matches have credit flags or camos, and they all have prem time. Thanks in advance
  5. TechnoGore

    Public test server

    Where is it? I tried PTS in tanks once, and my ping made it simply unplayable. I am wondering if I will actually be able to play it, or if it would just be a waste of ~30gb
  6. TechnoGore

    cv rant

    Decided to grind next skill point for my hosho captain so he doesn't get shafted by the increase in low level exp required at the next patch, keep running into langleys with AS skill captain. Makes me want to practice my torp drops on myself. really dam annoying. I have managed to beat one of them, but he was a real noob who let me strafe most of his first stack before I got lucky with locking his fighters over a friendly blob. but when you find one with even 1/2 a brain? might as well exit game. 6 TB and 6 DB means a snipe is all but guaranteed to succeed
  7. TechnoGore

    New years achievements gold reward bug

    got $20 worth of santa crates other week, bunch of camos and an emden. Thought about getting another $20 to try my luck, but my new years crate only gave me 6 ocean soul camo so I think I will pass. rng not like me it seems
  8. TechnoGore

    Match Making...Warspite.....Yobbo

    I know how tanks can be. In some ways I think WG is doing much better things with ships than they have with tanks, but in others (like the changes which (Edited) up t5/t6 mm) are worse than what they do in tanks. at least since they decided not to introduce new overmatch lol. and of course if they insist to introduce RPF skill that could be another retrd thing to do The only time I have to wait for a battle is after 3am during the week and 4-5am on weekends, basically once player count drops below 3k. And it is still nearly always less than a minute unless I am in cv. I really can't understand how other servers with much larger player bases would struggle to find a match in a decent amount of time. Profanity, Post Edited, User Warned Replacing letters to by pass censorship is still counted as profanity! ~lengxv6
  9. TechnoGore

    Need help on TK

    If he started pink the damage would just be reflected back to him, he might as well torp himself. only problem would be if your team didn't realise he was pink and tried avoiding his torps and showing broadsides to enemy and such. Also, that is what replays are for. Send a replay to support. Too bad you need a mod or manually edit a file to record replays though......
  10. TechnoGore

    Discount on Experience Conversion

    That... is exactly what I was getting at..
  11. TechnoGore

    Match Making...Warspite.....Yobbo

    I bought murmansk a little while ago. I did this partly because the (oldish) reviews said how good it was, and at the time I didn't want to burden a high tier team with my pay2win. Also I had been planning to go up russian lines a bit more heavily than I so far have. It is a decent ship no doubt, but it is also a t5 ship. Being top tier is like 72 virgins is to a muslim, it is a mythical imagination of heaven. Currently (especially since my finances have turned into a black hole) I wish I had been selfish and bought a t7/8 prem.
  12. TechnoGore

    Almost won, but lost because a teammate was afk

    if you do 200k damage in t5, I would expect to get more exp than enemy
  13. TechnoGore

    New years achievements gold reward bug

    I don't believe I have gotten any. It is possible I got the first two you mentioned, without noticing since I was storing a couple crates last couple days.
  14. TechnoGore

    Need help on TK

    I think that is why above there is suggestion to play cv in co op lol. Even bots on your team can ram you, which is no surprise since they also torp you haha