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  1. Great skill for DD, not for BB. For CA, it's just up to you.
  2. Hahaha,,, great man! My ping usually jump from 30 to 3k, but 3M? Where r u from? maybe ur connection need an upgrade.. Do u ever get a -35 ping?
  3. Sometime, i have a problem with my connection when begin a match. This is a big problem! I need 2-3 minutes to back in the game You know, not all the player want this situation, you know? But, yes this is a big problem, because an AFK player is a fresh meat for the enemy.. Maybe, WoW need a "pause" button to help this situation, just like Dota.
  4. egipe

    Epic ... lag ... and death

    Wait until you get -35 ms ping.. Goddammit... And you will be kicked to the login screen LoL It's happen to me many times Maybe it's because my signal is not good enough.. If the signal is good, i'll get 30-50 ms ping.. So, i think the problems are on your router wifi.. or, you device is downloading something? *perhaps Good luck with your connection.. And sorry for my bad english
  5. egipe

    indonesian WoWs community

    Greeting from Jakarta Still using Myogi and Omaha here.. Please look at my profile on web, so you can see how noob i am Is there any indonesian community for WoW? Exclude this thread of course....