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  1. N3cr0st3alth

    CVs waypoint control broken.

    CVs ai control for when your out flying needs to change. Several times i have tried to reverse 10 or 15 mtrs and the AI thinks it needs to do a 1km wide 180 while broadsiding the enemy fleet before diving back to where you wanted it but facing the wrong way. OR other times where iv tried to have the CV circle around 1 or 2 islands to escape a DD and it crashes 3 or 4 times, reverses twice and takes the longest possible route. Is this as big a problem for y'all as it is for me? only fix is recalling flight just so i can manually control CV to desired location before going back to sorties. Its very in-efficient and even more frustrating.
  2. N3cr0st3alth


    9 out of 10 times when i die in battle i am unable to exit out unless i close the game, then re-open it, log back into the battle, then it lets me exit. Extremely frustrating, especially while in a division.