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  1. _Yahagi

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    - I'm from Vietnam, and can understand a little of english, but not very good, and I think I can do better the articles report in English sir
  2. _Yahagi

    The Zuiho seems terrible?

    - Flying above the warships have good AA and waiting for the opportunity, if necessary, use a dive bomber or fighter aircraft to lure the enemy, trying to drop torpedoes damaging the enemy as much as possible, we have more fleet and we can control better map, remember that
  3. _Yahagi

    British tier I ship...

    - It looks attractive
  4. _Yahagi


    Soon, at least next year
  5. _Yahagi

    Add anti air destroyer in game?

    - Choosing good buddy!
  6. _Yahagi

    Add anti air destroyer in game?

    - In the game, the destroyer USS capable anti-air very well, I think you mean more to escort ships?
  7. - But in some cases, for example when you are forced on a map or similar angle so I think it can be ignored
  8. - If you want to restrict that situation, I think we need a bigger map with more space for the battleship - it has a range of large capital ~
  9. _Yahagi

    Amagi is too weak in tier 8 BB?

    - I feel good Amagi is a warship, it is capable of great Citadel, if you make it less, I think due to your play style matter?
  10. _Yahagi

    reporting team killer racist killer

    - The problem of the language barrier and some players ignorance or bad action, it remains true that headache ~
  11. _Yahagi

    American Premium ships

    - Hope Big Update in December ahead it will be released as planned
  12. _Yahagi

    American Premium ships

    - USS Arizona looks like the USS New Mexico, maybe it will have a higher tier?
  13. _Yahagi

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    [Reup] - Adding some information, I still hope to be recruited Must be a WoWS Player with at least 300 battles across different ship classes and nations. (My Account joined battle 249 as of today and it will continue to grow, I still have an account with more than 700 battles. Both accounts have tested all the lines of the two countries and their American and Japanese than tier 6) Must have good standing and clean records in forums and in game. (I have yet to have a problem with the forum rules violations, in the game a few times I AFK for networking reasons and I think the team in the game will understand that and sympathize with me) Must have Skype and TeamSpeak for communications. (I have Skype and I'm not very good at using TS) Must agree to this NDA / Set of Rules (or see below). (I have read and accepted the provisions given) Must be active and dedicated in testing sessions. (I had plenty of free time, I think I can) Must be able to follow directions and provide structured feedback. (I can not speak much English but I understand most of what you say) - Thanks for watching
  14. _Yahagi

    [MOD] Ministry of WSVN new mod

    - Bookmark ~