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  1. toortheroot

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    good thing about the patch/ maintenance downtime. it reset the status for ALL the ship. I guess this problem may still surface in the future, unless the WG tech do something with their backend with this patch as well, which I hope so. yes my Kamikaze R is back.
  2. toortheroot

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    i can only speculate that this happens The ship got into battle in one of the battle server, and upon server crash/disconnection, the battle is not reported back to the main port/queue server cluster, no results, no badges etc the ship state is not flagged back to the port/queue cluster to have completed a battle as well. and therefore forever "in battle" state, with no ways to reset it. this is NOT a client problem, and more of server database problem. what the tech guys should do, is to audit the series of "in battle" state ship and look at the last time stamp when the ship is engaged into a battle. the timestamp should not exceed 20mins of battle time, and anything that is way beyond (like a few days) should just be reset back with a "battle completed" flag. so when is my ship back in port? tech guys do something please.
  3. toortheroot

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    got stuck 'in Battle' as well, after one of those games disconnection/wiped. and I can't use my Kamikaze R. no mod installed. just wonder how to recover from this. Issue: Ship stuck "In Battle" Ship: Kamikaze RMap: YokosukaOccurrences: after one of the match that doesn't get recordedTested: restarting client doesn't help. still "In Battle"Severity: can't use the shipDetails: Ship stuck "In Battle" for at least a few hours, battle never get recorded for that particular match, and the rest of the ships are still playable as per normal.