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  1. Apex1o1

    Calling People From How They Play

    Facepalm Newb - new player Noob - a skill less player Nub - someone completely devoid of any brain activity Urban Dictionary Definition. Noob 1. A noob is a person who really sucks at a game but refuses to learn/listen to people who are skilled. Many of them may have been playing the game for a while, but still suck at it. They usually have no hope.
  2. Apex1o1

    So fishy , WG is that you ?

    Got the exact same email, obvious account theft attempt is obvious, was going to post a warning but someone is already at it
  3. Apex1o1

    Have IQ's dropped sharply?

    Feels like WoWs has generally negative or salty player base, or just bad players quick to blame others for their own failings. Its funny, usually when I play a ship line that i'm leveling receive +1/2 for not doing much (maybe they're less salty in the lower tiers)
  4. Never converted, never expected to get Missouri until ran all the reward special flags + premium account + bonus camos before i knew it i was sitting at 500-600k free xp. Running those combo's can net you 30k+ xp and 10k+ free xp on a decent game. It's probably the most cost efficient way to do it rather than spending money on dubloons to convert.
  5. Apex1o1

    How to earn more credits

    Should've ran those plus Free XP flags with your premium account, even a 100k dmg game in the Missouri is basicly 1 million credits earned. It's the only way to make real bank to buy those juicy T10 ships.
  6. Hindenberg is awesome. Seems like the most versatile T10 cruisers, other than not having radar you name it, it can do it.
  7. Apex1o1

    Pls nerf conqueror already

    Kek "statistics" Because thats good indication of a ships strengths and/or lack of weaknesses, Good job collecting that "Data" WG
  8. Apex1o1


    This info was leaked and nothing is final only tested amongst competitive teams is what I've heard, they've all expressed their disgust towards these particular changes and may have already been rejected as change of mechanics. Other (better) idea's have been put forward to WG, opinions have been voiced that of BB's currently being too strong as a more pressing issue to smoke camping. But recent trends suggest that there will be a change to smoke mechanics. If i can remember an old interview with Sub_Octavian. He said that WG wanted to address aspects of the game that were considered not fun, such as being fired out without a way to retaliate. Eg, inviso firing, firing from smoke and firing from behind islands. But yeah, nothing is final and all is subjected to change. Remember all ships were affected by stealth fire changes, including premiums.
  9. Apex1o1

    Rank battles observations

    My observation, Warspite, so damn glorious, so much impact, so much fun... just wow. I was having issues with getting a lot of derpy cruisers tonight, switched to the Budyonny and started to make some progression, i guess limiting the chances to get stuck with said derpy cruisers. R10+ is awful i swear half of your teammates are only there to troll you lol and a lot of use of the sail to a single cap in 1 giant blob tactic being used. R10-5 now, so hopefully less derpyness.
  10. Apex1o1

    Saipan really needs to be debuffed

    Yeap, Saipan shouldn't have not gotten the immunity to 1 fighter loss on exit strafe. Its ridiculous, it already has the advantage of speed so why does it need to be basically immune to enemy fighters? Lock down, strafe in, strafe out, enemy fighters wiped with 0 losses... balanced.
  11. Apex1o1

    USN DD build

    PM LS, AR SI, SE CE, RPF That 19 point captian build seems like a pretty well rounded cookie cutter build to me. There are other builds also, like focusing on torpedo reload to complement Fletcher torpedo's. It just depends on your playstyle or current ship in the line. Skills like BFT and DE seem questionable to me, 3 captain skill points for such small gains.
  12. Apex1o1

    Whats up with Russian DD's overly nerfed?

    "Concealment? Where we're going we don't need concealment." *points at the all mighty Khabarovsk. - Doc Brown.
  13. I feel ya, Skill based MM would do this game wonders,
  14. Shokaku's are functional, they're for the deck crew to wait during takeoff landing etc, (assumption) French ships are pure leisure cruisers, benches for the crew to soak up some rays and watch the scenery.
  15. Apex1o1

    who is on water team? THIS IS UNFAIR!

    Can't see that being true, when i went to register, (a little late) i was forced into team water. being too many had already registered for fire. Figured i then would be on the losing team but here we are. When you talk about clan input, there needs to be numbers in the region of a thousand players to make a real impact on the scores, it's just a numbers game and which ever side grinds more will win.