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  1. Added preview mouseover to the recommended builds for easier viewing. You can then click the spec to load it into the calculator and either vote for it, or use the spec as a starting template.
  2. Yea, just the 1st revision. Plan to have a separate page to search top builds easier. You can currently submit with a different captain lvl, but not sort by captain level. Also plan to add the top builds to our Ship pages so when someone checks out a specific ships stats & modules, they can also search builds for that ship. I know the forums have been going crazy with players asking for advice. Figured this would be a good start to helping alleviate that.
  3. Updated the Captain Skill Calculator over the weekend. Not only does it allow you to generate a Build URL for sharing via social media/forums, but now it also has a Recommend Builds by Ship based on community submitted specs to the site. If someone submits the same build for that exact ship, it will upvote the spec. If you load a recommended build, you can then also upvote it or modify that build as a starter. Right now the system is brand new so the top builds are limited. I am asking the community to help populate it by submitting their favorite builds by ship and also upvoting the good ones. This is just the start, wanted to get it out soon as possible as many in the community are looking for guidance on what builds they should use. http://ShipComrade.com/CaptCalc P.S. plan to add a mouse over on the builds & optimize some code (to speed it up) in the near future. Also plan to add these top builds on the individual ship pages in our ship trees.
  4. ShipComrade

    New Updated Captain Skill Calc for

    Updated with great videos about the captain skill calculator from both NoZoupForYou & Mejash
  5. ShipComrade

    New Updated Captain Skill Calc for

    Captain Skill Calculator updated for PTS Round #2
  6. ShipComrade

    New Updated Captain Skill Calc for

    This is the build I am considering for my Bismarck. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/00001000001000000000010010001100
  7. Get ready for your upcoming skill reset. Plan & Share your builds. Don't make a costly mistake on your upcoming skill point reset. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc Original Captain Calc is still available here What builds is everyone gonna use on what ship? Always open to good builds.
  8. ShipComrade

    Captain Skill Calculator - New Tool

    changed max points to captain level and added in XP needed for next level & total XP needed for current level.
  9. For some reason my domain name is not allowed in the forums. I was trying to post information about a new tool we launched for figuring out & sharing captain skill builds. for now, here is the NA forum thread: http://forum.worldof...lator-new-tool/ Currently an official NA & EU Wargaming contributor. So I wouldn't think Wargaming would consider my site spam. If staff can fix this, will edit this post.
  10. ShipComrade

    Reddit Contest for Marbleheads

    I think we might have opened the communication channels between divisions a little wider. Much credit for the Division CM's reaching out to each other. being divided sux! Btw, might be announcing a new giveaway here soon that hopefully will include you all, will know for sure in about 36-48hrs. Live stream giveaway by a gent from the UK. stay tuned World of Warships Fan Site http://ShipComrade.com
  11. ShipComrade

    Reddit Contest for Marbleheads

    Hello all, I spotted this thread on my Red Tracker and thought I would drop in and say a few words. I run ShipComrade.com (Warships Fansite). Currently I am pinned in both NA & EU general forums and was named a Key Contributor by the NA office. I am currently in direct contact with both AlsoRobots (NA) & Ectar (EU). I will drop a line this morning to AlsoRobots (Sean Allen) to let him know about this thread and Conan reaching out to him. I can understand the delay in communication due to the regions each one supports (one is usually sleeping while other is in-office). So please bear with Conan on opening that communication channel up with AlsoRobots. Conan, I made a new account here so I am unable to PM you yet. If I can assist you in any way, please PM me. My site is not divided by region, I try and support all English speaking divisions. Also, In the future. If you have region events or contests, please let me know so that i can post the information on my site. Would love to start working with you. So for those not familiar with ShipComrade.com. My site has a thing called a Red Tracker that's is a searchable log of all Developer/Staff forum posts from NA, EU, RU & Asia integrated with Google translate (A great way to see what all the developers are discussing, especially at HQ "Russia"). This is how i spotted this thread. I also have a Ship Tree video directory with ship stats, screenshots & contributor guides/gameplay videos by Ship. So please stop in and say hello on our forums. Also, whats the chances of getting a Pin over here too on a Website announcement? Haven't posted an announcement yet, but would like too.