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  1. Rhiyuki

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    ive been playing wows on and off mainly focusing on torp dd. heres my 2 cents... i imagine this game as paper rock scissors... dd mainly counters bb... ca mainly counters dd... bb mainly counters ca... though theres a mix of a few odd ships in between... this setup is generally balanced... question... what counters a cv?! what does it counter?! see the issue?! my thoughts and ideas on how to fix this are as follows... cv spotting fix. cv should not be able to spot for team mates. should only be for self. for instance, he spots a ship not spotted by team mates, only he should be able to see that ship and attack it. he can always ping his team for a ships general location. his team has to spot that ship for them to shoot. planes should not be able to spot ships doing aa fire in smoke. this should give ships a way to hide and evade planes and also to punish cv for focusing them. planes should have max operating range from cv. lets say 20km. if planes fly beyond that they lose planes. this will force cv to move to a certain area to be effective in that area instead of sailing and camping at the edge of maps. he wants to help right side of map? go to right side. wants to be effective for the whole map? go in the middle of map. this will give the map a certain plane free zone and a way to counter cv since he has to be somewhere in range of gunfire if he wants to be effective in that area. ill be happy and content if these 3 are implemented
  2. instead of having a fixed long cooldown, why not have its cool down start off quick then scales up the more you use it? ex: 1st use = 10 sec 2nd use = 20 sec 3rd use = 30 sec 4th use = 40 sec and so on... the more they use it the higher the next cooldown becomes... this will allow certain ships like bb's to endure rain of fires, close the gap and go full quarters. of course, the longer the battle and the more they use it the less effective it becomes.
  3. Rhiyuki

    Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game

    its probably just me but sometimes i feel as if filtering chat and trying to make the "game community" as "nice" as possible can be weird or detrimental to the game... my reasoning is simple... this is a maritime game of WAR-ships... maritime is war... war is fueled by hate... the best source of hate is people using those "bad words"... ive been playing lots of "wargames" even before wows and from what i can recall, its pawning that "hated one" that is bliss and gives me the widest smile that last for weeks. i remember one time in a different game i killed someone i hated so much i took a screenshot of the kill, printed it, laminated it, and hanged it in my bedroom. LOL! in war (whether real or game/simulation), camaraderie usually develops when you have common enemies and helped each other out (ex: same guy that bad mouthed you or trolled you). gaining friends goes hand in hand with gaining enemies. seriously, revenge has always been sweet specially when served ice cold... some have argued, "we cater for kids and women too you know"... well, they are knowingly playing a "game of simulated war" where testosterone and adrenaline levels can easily run high! not to mention this is based on one of the fiercest war in history that took so many lives. maybe we should have their ships skinned/modified/themed to look like floating baby strollers, torps looks like baby bottles, ammo is gummy bears and candy. i mean if the violence is too much for you then go play a game based on powerpuff girls or something and not a game of war... im not saying cursing, swearing, or name calling is a good thing. i hardly swear, curse or name call in real life. all im saying is that in a game like this, its "probably a necessary evil" to keep the adrenaline and testosterone levels pumping. this is a game of simulated war after all. weirdly enough, even if you do filter those bad words and change them to ****, the message is still sent across the other guy... here's an example: "**** you! imma kill you *** hole!" = its filtered alright... although it doesn't take a genius to figure out the changed words. even with the **** replacing the bad words, the "message" is still sent across. anyways, as i said, its probably just me thinking this way... i apologized to those of you who might get offended... have a good day!