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  1. just want to play today after a day break, and your account has been locked permanently "with no reasons" oh wait, the day before they gave me 50X ocean soul, 1 port slot, 3000 doubloons from 2 super container and 1 random container Raise any issues with your account with support not on the forums. Thread locked. ~dead_man_walking
  2. azu_sa


    should i build AA or main gun range?
  3. azu_sa


    just unlock ibuki now i don't know what upgrade and capt. skill for this ship
  4. azu_sa

    there are no op ship in this game

    erie hasidate orlan hermelin black swan need nerf, too OP
  5. azu_sa

    Most survivable cruiser in game ?

    just camp far away from enemy and you will survive, and got a lot report
  6. azu_sa

    RDF Solution

    ship simulator with gun
  7. azu_sa

    How to play the Iowa ?

    try stealth iowa. 12 km concealment is fun to play
  8. in every ship, when i get disconnect and try to reconnet, this thing always happen i need to close the game, if i just log out i check file integrity all, then it download 350MB, but still same.
  9. i got disconnet from game, when i try reconnect this thing happen what is that ????? then i try to reconnect again and btw the new login video is cool edit : i check game integrity then it download 350MB, [solved]
  10. azu_sa


    RNG god hate you, just sacrifice more childrens
  11. azu_sa

    Help with Mahan

    stop play mahan, use free exp to get fletcher, have fun
  12. azu_sa

    IJN Cruiser

    why aoba, myoko, mogami, ibuki, and zao have "strange" torpedo layout? i think tenryu,kuma, and furutaka are the normal IJN cruiser, yeah atago too maybe it's japanes enginer fault
  13. azu_sa

    Asia server best server

    why i play in this server : 1. my internet connection 2. my internet connection 3. my internet connection 4. ?????? 5. profit
  14. i think dota 2 reported system is better than this game