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  1. This is probably because WarGaming changed the game directory structure. Before, we have the /res folder right in the installation directory of the game. After updating to 0.9.6, the /res folder is now placed inside ".../bin/2666186/". I believe that this is the root cause of the error we got here. A simple update to the gameDIR variable would fix the issue... but only for this patch. As far as I know, now each patch has a different number associated to it. For the production version of 0.9.6, its 2666186. If you have PT client installed, you can find out that there is a different number. I would assume that this number is going to change everytime a new patch gets dropped. Thus, this program needs to be updated along with the game. So basically what we can do right now is to wait for Ituka to fix the directory. Hopefully the source code of the program can be posted onto places such as github so that Ituka doesn't have to do the directory update himself everytime the game updates. (Given the record of the previous updates, I guess it might not be feasable for Ituka to perform regular updates to WoWs Spy.) OR if you are tech-savvy enough (proceed at your own risk tho) You can create a hard link at the previous location of the engine_config.xml file. How to do this: Open up a command line window as Administrator (important!) Paste the following line into a text editor such as notepad. mklink /H "(YOUR WOWS INSTALLATION DIRECTORY)\res\engine_config.xml" "(YOUR WOWS INSTALLATION DIRECTORY)\bin\2666186\res\engine_config.xml" Replace (YOUR WOWS INSTALLATION DIRECTORY) with your actual installation directory, for example "D:\Program Files (x86)\World_of_Warships_Asia" . You may need to create a folder called "res" in this directory if there isn't one. Now go to the bin folder in the game folder, and check to make sure that there is a folder called 2666186 inside. If your folder is named after a different number, you should replace the number in the line of code above with your number. After making sure that the directories are all correct, you can copy the whole line into the command line window and hit enter. It should be telling you that "Hardlink is created ..." Now if you launch WoWs Spy it should not report an error anymore.