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  1. Canada_Dry_1904

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Just to add to my theories here. What if the change of login location happens over a period of time long enough that it might be reasonable to travel between the two locations physically during that time period? This definitely weakens the evidence, but there are still ways to find out. As I mentioned in the last bullet point, if many accounts in the same clan are experiencing a change of login location, at roughly the same time, say, around in-game events such as clan battle sessions, then the possibility of account access transferring is high. The key point here is the time frame and whether it is related to particular in-game events. Again, what I am trying to say is, it is not that the above theory would hold on all the time. There is still slight chance that very extremely edge case might happen and everyone envolved is actually innocent. But since such possibility is extremely low, I dont think it can be used to justify anything.
  2. Canada_Dry_1904

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    I find it amusing, that someone who had their clan disbanded in this thread clearly have some misunderstanding about repeatedly transferred access to their accounts. If I am not being completely ignorant, this term means, giving out your account credentials to someone else. The disband is announced on the basis that members from these clans were essentially paying money to someone else, who would login onto their account and play CBs for them, allowing them to get steel. And yes, if you think that WG is banning you just because you dont have a fixed IP / travel around / play in an internet cafe, you'd be mostly wrong. It is not likely that the majority of people who play this game have a fixed IP. Unless you are playing in some kind of institution that has a dedicated line, or you are incredibly rich, your IP is gonna change. WG obviously does not use this as an indication of "account access transferring". If you do travel around, clearly both your IP and the region indicated by your IP would change. But the fact is, if you are really travelling physically, there are always physical distance between the locations you are moving from and to. It is clearly suspecious if you logged in, say, in Tokyo, logged off, and after 5 minutes your account is logged in somewhere in Hokkaido. Unless you are superhuman or have teleport technology, it is literally impossible to travel from two locations far apart in a unreasonably short period of time. What about internet cafes? You may ask. Well, if you are an "international student" and you have to play in somewhere public, it is not likely that the location indicated by your IP address would be changing significantly, even though the idetification about your computer might change, assuming you are using a public machine. Usually, your IP should not be jumping between cities. It is possible that you do travel between cities / towns because, say, you live in one town and your school is in the neighboring town, or, maybe your school has its facilities in different towns. However, if your IP jumps from one place to another during a period of time that is obviously impossible to cover the distance in between the two locations, then it is highly suspicous that it is not you who moved, but your account has been logged in by someone else. The "office worker" argument has similar flaws that I would not like to elaborate here. Finally, there is one more possibility. What if you are using a VPN, a proxy server, or something similar because your own connection to the game server is unstable? Well, in this case, things are a bit complicated but evidence can still be found. If you are using this type of service, chances are high that your IP log on WG's side would indicate that this is an IP from a VPN provider, an IDC, or something similar, but not a consumer internet line. Also, unless you are switching between different server locations with your VPN / Proxy, your location indicated by the IP visible to WG is not going to change significantly. If you do switch between different VPN server locations, say, today in singapore and tomorrow in Hong Kong, then IP would not tell anything, but your machine idetifications will, as it is most likely that you are using the same computer. The extreme situation in which you both switch computers (because you are in an internet cafe or something) and VPN locations (because you need to find out the best connection) is, let us be honest, quite rare, but is still reasonable. Such argument breaks down, when this type of situation happens to multiple accounts in the same clan, and possibly happening around the same time (for instance, before CB sessions start), then it is pretty much safe to say that account access trasferring is happening. These are just my theories of how WG conducted their research and then slamed down their hammer. Are they 100% true? I have no idea, only WG employees knows. Are my theories flawless? Defenitely not. Feel free to point out my mistakes. But to draw a clear line here: I really would recommend that evidence to be presented to public by WG so that everyone is convinced about their actions on the clans' violation of rules. After all, if they only announce the decision but without any real evidence, it really looks more like a lynch to me. I do understand that there might be privacy issues related to publishing some of the evidences. But there should be a way around so that evidence is presented without revealing too much personal info. At the end, do I personally think these clans deserve the punishment? Of course yes. Do I think the punishment is reasonable? Well, it could be harsher, in my opinion, as long as real evidences exist and at best are presented to us.
  3. This is probably because WarGaming changed the game directory structure. Before, we have the /res folder right in the installation directory of the game. After updating to 0.9.6, the /res folder is now placed inside ".../bin/2666186/". I believe that this is the root cause of the error we got here. A simple update to the gameDIR variable would fix the issue... but only for this patch. As far as I know, now each patch has a different number associated to it. For the production version of 0.9.6, its 2666186. If you have PT client installed, you can find out that there is a different number. I would assume that this number is going to change everytime a new patch gets dropped. Thus, this program needs to be updated along with the game. So basically what we can do right now is to wait for Ituka to fix the directory. Hopefully the source code of the program can be posted onto places such as github so that Ituka doesn't have to do the directory update himself everytime the game updates. (Given the record of the previous updates, I guess it might not be feasable for Ituka to perform regular updates to WoWs Spy.) OR if you are tech-savvy enough (proceed at your own risk tho) You can create a hard link at the previous location of the engine_config.xml file. How to do this: Open up a command line window as Administrator (important!) Paste the following line into a text editor such as notepad. mklink /H "(YOUR WOWS INSTALLATION DIRECTORY)\res\engine_config.xml" "(YOUR WOWS INSTALLATION DIRECTORY)\bin\2666186\res\engine_config.xml" Replace (YOUR WOWS INSTALLATION DIRECTORY) with your actual installation directory, for example "D:\Program Files (x86)\World_of_Warships_Asia" . You may need to create a folder called "res" in this directory if there isn't one. Now go to the bin folder in the game folder, and check to make sure that there is a folder called 2666186 inside. If your folder is named after a different number, you should replace the number in the line of code above with your number. After making sure that the directories are all correct, you can copy the whole line into the command line window and hit enter. It should be telling you that "Hardlink is created ..." Now if you launch WoWs Spy it should not report an error anymore.