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  1. pwnies5600


    You can have 4 launchers, one for NA, one for EU, one for RU and one for Asia. Probably only about 100GB total? and one more for CN, if you're into that.
  2. pwnies5600

    Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    To be fair the Belfast isn't that OP if your teammates (particularly the BBs) know what they are doing...
  3. pwnies5600

    How varied is your camo collection?

    31 camo in 3.1 seconds
  4. pwnies5600

    How to citadel a Hindenburg?

    Use your positioning to catch them broadside, then use AP. Simple ye? If you have trouble penning the main belt armour, aim for the space under turrets 1 and 2. Usually it's easier to get a citadel there if you are firing at range.
  5. This is not how Moore's Law was supposed to work. So far noticed no changes to performance. Running a 2600 with a gtx 950. Premiere Pro edits (heavily reliant on CPU and GPU) just as smooth as before. Maybe it's a good time to get a xeon pc?
  6. pwnies5600

    Bismarck is the most useless ship for ranked!

    Manual Secondaries Have no idea what you're saying above, are you complaining about the Charles' accuracy or the Bismarck's?
  7. pwnies5600

    Is it recommended to install IFHE on Moskva?

    There is also this section on WG's wiki page...
  8. pwnies5600

    Is it recommended to install IFHE on Moskva?

    Why would you IFHE 220mm guns? IFHE is meant for smaller caliber guns with less penetrative ability no?
  9. pwnies5600

    Mutsuki or Minekaze?

    I'd say go with the mutsuki and maybe work your way up to the Kagero before ya work on the gun boat line. The gunboat line is a little easier to play (I like the hatsuharu and TRB shiratsuyu alot because you can gun down bad gunboat players), but keep in mind that the IJN line requires you to know how to torpedo to deal significant damage except maybe akizuki.
  10. pwnies5600

    US CV Changes Suck

    I like it, no more AS Bogue / [content removed] Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  11. 1. Description Ships get stuck at these two spots on the maps (see images). 2. Reproduction steps 1. Go to map 2. Beach yourself there. 3. Result No amount of maneuvering will save you from the grasp of the rocks (and a smol bote). 4. Expected result You can do multiple point turns and eventually free yourself from shore leave. 5. Technical details See replay files and images for Two Brothers game. Replay not available for Fault Line game due to ships under NDA. Please refer to image. All files here.
  12. pwnies5600

    How to play Cleveland?

    Cleveland is a fantastic ship if you play her right, plus it's good for when the enemy aviation is giving you a bad day. I'm running a full AA spec Cleveland but you can try other loadouts if you want. Upgrades: Main Armament Mod 1, AA Mod 2, Damage Control Mod 1, Steering Gears Mod 2 for AA spec, replace AA Mod 2 with Aiming Sys Mod 1 for surface spec. Commander: PT, AR, BFT, AFT, CE for AA spec, PT, AR, DE, IFHE, CE for surface spec. Research hull and gfcs first, gun research can come later. With regard to playstyle, don't go lone wolf. Stick with the pack, preferably ships with large calibers (such as battleships). Lay down suppressing fire on other BBs and CAs, and use DFAA to make enemy aviation disappear if they get too close. You can also be a discount atlanta and camp islands, shooting over islands with impunity from being shot back. Basically, spam HE where you can.
  13. pwnies5600

    Tier IV Destroyer Face-off

    Hands down Clemson for me. The Clemson at tier IV and V is the DD deterrent. Great for hit and runs on higher tier DDs and punishing same or lower tier DDs. AP is good enough to citadel RNCLs under 6km, and what you can't damage with AP just spam HE. Only downside are its torps, but you get used to them after a while. Isokaze is good for stealth, and I do know friends who regard it as one of the best low tier clubbing ships. Play it like any other JPDD, or you can play like a madman with CE. Great for carrying in games with few enemy DDs (and no CV). Not my cup of tea but... some people like it. Izyaslav is the best for pure gunnery in my opinion. Small, nimble and great for peppering enemies with HE from range. Just don't get too close because your guns can't keep up as well as the other nation's guns can. Personally prefer the Clemson over the Izyaslav because, well, more guns. The V-170 is also not a bad choice, kinda like an intermediate between Isokaze and Clemson. You get a little of the best of both worlds so you can be quite flexible in your role in the game, but then again as the saying goes, jack of all trades master of none. You can't have it all. Still, a solid pick. I'd say at tier IV there's really no "bad" DD. They are all fairly decent so give them all a try and see which one you fancy!
  14. Flint Flint Sims, and the Sims had maxed out concealment And I was in a hatsuharu. On hotspot domination. Didn't do anything for the entire game other than spot.