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  1. Hieee_Rin

    Scenario: Raptor rescue bugged

    In scenario mode, if Raptor the CV is rammed out of position, the game will be bugged, Raptor won't get repaired and the whole game stuck. Sometimes it the Raptor will still get fixed, but the mission will fail, due to ran out of time. Already submit a ticket, and this is seriously a troll to other players lol. 20170911_003145_PJSB006-Fuso-1943_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay
  2. Sadly this mod doesn't work anymore after 0.6.3, it just crashes the game.
  3. Hieee_Rin

    Is DCCA still worth it for Battleships?

    Lol do you even read what I have posted.. Well it's 30% chance won't get knocked out though, still a big chance it will get knocked out.
  4. Hieee_Rin

    Is DCCA still worth it for Battleships?

    I will still pick DCCA for my Tirpitz as T1 skill. Well Preventive Maintenance still useful like a torpedo hit ur belly your engine wont get knocked out or rudder knocked out or main guns and torp tubes get disabled.
  5. Hieee_Rin

    Asia server best server

    This is because English client can't display them, well there's a chinese and japanese font mod for the fix, but it still can't display some languages... Still shown up as boxes, probably Korean? I can read Chinese and I preferably play with English client, so I have to use the mod.
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  7. Hieee_Rin

    Searching Malaysian Player who active in this forum

    Old player here :3 Malaysian but currently study in Taiwan ya...
  8. Hieee_Rin

    Transylvania bug

    No replay, no screenshots... nothing to prove?
  9. "Only a bad captain says the ship is bad" nuff said.
  10. 我不知道啦,可能這個只是我的ISP問題,中華電信 <- 爛東西,我也是每次都會卡在登入畫面,昨天開始完全就登不進去了。之前有聯繫過客服,但是都是給你一些沒用的方案。但是切換手機機台(台哥大)或使用VPN馬上就連進去了。
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  12. Hieee_Rin

    Tirpitz floatplane bugged in port

    Though was gonna open a thread, Oh well, kinda annoys me as well
  13. Hieee_Rin

    Searching Malaysian Player who active in this forum

    Hi guys I m new (here, this post) too. I m actually from Serdang but currently staying at Taiwan study. So greetings yea~
  14. Hieee_Rin

    Couldn't login into game

    I have cleanup everything inside the mod folder. Unfortunately the problem still persist, fyi after the first unsuccessful login, I can't change the E-mail or Password anymore. Need to either restart the game or wait until successful login then logout again then I will able to change it..
  15. Hieee_Rin

    Couldn't login into game

    Issue: Couldn't login into game Screenshots: As per attachmentShip: NAMap: NAOccurrences: ~90%Tested: Nearly every timeSeverity: Very highDetails: As per title, after updating to few days ago, I had a hard time logging into the game, when I try to do so after the loading circle spin for a few times then it just returned to the login screen and nothing happened (No connection error or UID/PW incorrect error messages). Sometimes it tooks 2-3 times then I were able to enter the game, sometimes it just won't login at all. Tried disabling modules, launch in safe mode but no dice. Try other connection same thing occurs, this is very frustrating! Apart from reinstall, is there other way to solve this problem? Didn't modified original files at all, just use modules and put under res_mods.