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  1. KenCYF

    back pains due to carrying too hard

    Do low tier clubbing scrub carry counts as well?
  2. KenCYF

    Getting free ports

    Check the Contests sub-forum.
  3. Watch this and problem solved, or kinda.
  4. KenCYF

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    Nearly 3k games in and I still haven't got Witherer. HE and torp spam engaged. Solo Warrior and Clear Sky? In my dreams maybe.
  5. KenCYF

    What's the best torpedo boat for t7 ?

    45% torpedo belt reduction OP. Nerf please.
  6. The US tech tree is especially good at spreading FREEDOM. On a serious note, USN DD smokes lasts the longest among all nations so you can vape-nation all day. Other than that, I mostly treat them as a jack-of-all-trade tech line, like many others have said before me. Not that it's a bad thing what-so-ever.
  7. KenCYF

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    Targets for the next 3 months or so (I like to take my time): Get both AFT & SE for Kiev captain - Working towards 3x4 build. Get Bismarck - On Gneisenau now but not playing her much. Get Chapaev - Pretty much stopped grinding USN/IJN CAs to go for VMF first. Hope the Moskva is worth it. Buy AND max out Udaloi - No $ atm. And hopefully my first T10 Soon™ after one year of non-premium play. Just for fun targets: Maintain 100% WR on my tsundere CA - Going for 50 games maybe? Get back into top 40 in Asia for my Clemon's WTR - More sealclubbing ayyyyyy! Statpad to 1k average exp - Non-premium noob, this gonna be hard. Statpad to 40k average exp - More selfish vape-nation and HE spamming.
  8. KenCYF

    Not liking the new sound effects

    My tsun CA went from her badass "boom boom pow" pre-patch to the current fart sounds of "poop poop poof". How underwhelming. And the water splash sounds feels like they are screaming to be heard. It's like "Oh look! A shell landed right next to you! Hear it! HEAR IT!"
  9. KenCYF

    Blyskawica HE Damage

    Kiev - The poor/cheap captain's Leningrad without the P2W torps.
  10. KenCYF

    Is there a better Tier 5 ship than the Furutaka?

    That's with the stock guns. 22.22s reload time. RIP to anyone that tried to play her like a CL.
  11. KenCYF

    Is there a better Tier 5 ship than the Furutaka?

    IIRC, FuryTaco hull C gives her the same turret setup as the Aoba (3x2). Not sure why the wiki said 3x1. This means you can go bow in instead of showing your fat juicy broadside. I played her before her buff(and I was horrible in it), so I never got to experience the glory she's getting now. With regards to Omaha, wouldn't the Murmansk basically be an Omaha on crack? At least that's what I heard. And before this T7 MM meta, there was a whole wealth of good T5 clubbing ships to choose from. But now, my Kongos are just rusting in port because having to face higher tier BBs in it is such a pain.
  12. KenCYF

    Blyskawica HE Damage

    B-b-but Kiev has secondaries, and with AFT it goes up to 6km range. Clearly, it is obvious which is the better CQC ship here.
  13. KenCYF

    Why do so few Cruiser players use AP ?

    Using cruiser AP in a nutshell: > Enemy ship shows up with broadside. Had HE loaded so fired them anyway. > Switches to AP > 2 seconds left on reload and enemy ship angles. > Waits for enemy ship to show side again. . . . . . > Well screw you. Fires AP and switches back to HE. > 2 seconds left on reload and enemy ship shows side again. > Start tilting in chat. Legit. You are much better off sticking with the easy mode HE spam, unless you are in the Moskva.
  14. KenCYF

    Hey! look i meet today during last battle!

    I was so sleepy that I didn't realised it during the match. Was scrolling through the detailed report, saw the name and was like "Wait, that Edinburgh name looked familiar." Missed the chance to say hello but whatever then.
  15. I unlocked the Yoda-Loli but I don't have the credits to buy her. Maybe I should sell the Tashkent for the money.