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  1. Excellent suggestion - dont see a need for people to 'defend' their reason to stay. As @Bex_o7 said, its a personal choice, so there isnt any 'right' or wrong answer. Through all the shitposts - OP's actual intention was to seek other people who wished to leave so the movement had enough steam for the game devs to take some notice. A few of us have individually posted support tickets only to recieve the exact same scripted non-commital response of 'keep an eye out for future opportunities' If you wish to stay, so be it, continue with your day, no need to waste your time replying to this post.
  2. Despite all the factors that come into the argument, as @CountOfTheStable said, the bottom line is how you personally value the game. I would only want to invest time and money into something I enjoy. And if the lack of communication and playstyle is not something I enjoy, then I dont see why I should keep investing in it. I personally am sick of the Asia server's playstyle over some 1.5k random battles. And it's even more frustrating that I can't communicate with 95% of the player base. There is just too many bots, and too many people who struggle to grasp the concept of trading damage and playing objectives. I'm not Asian but suspect there may be a cultural thing pushing 'stats' comparison, not unlike a virtual dick waving contest. At the end of the day - I personally don't enojoy the single player experience on SEA and would welcome a change. On that note, it's an absoute joke that Wargaming can club such a diverse region into a single server. I mean.... did they learn nothing from WoT????
  3. DrAwesome95

    Do your employees even play this game?

    Im wrong in this case But no, i dont think this is true i will retract my statement when WG fix CVs
  4. DrAwesome95

    Do your employees even play this game?

    Well [content removed]... Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  5. I was in a myoko, a cruiser got torped by a gadjah madah deep water torps still took damage and flooding Submitted a support ticket... this is the response i get from your employees Thread locked on OP's request. ~amade
  6. DrAwesome95

    The dismal drawn-out decline of CVs

    As a T6 CV captain (Both Independance and Ryujo) There are issues on every level for CVs, but I think mid tier is actually suicidal right now. In a T6 Carrier you will almost always get bottom tier in random battles and pretty much every single T7 ship will absolutely shred planes. Even destroyers with decent AA will delete your planes if you follow them too long. I think CVs need more MM tweaks, or scaling upgrades, where your planes get HP or something adjusted depending on the tiers of ships in the game... Its actually painful haha
  7. DrAwesome95

    hopefully my final rant and its about the zaos fire chance

    Think Zao might be one of the most well balanced ships in the game. It has a very defined, specific play style. It may be annoying, but then fires are a core game mechanic. Like detonations kappa
  8. DrAwesome95

    Goodbye IJN Torpedo DDs

    Its very simple, everytime a dumb BB player gets blown up with torps while zoomed in for the past 30 mins, driving in straight lines, he has a cry. He emails WG, he goes to the forums, he whinges till someone hears. And all these BB players around the world delete their accounts, and blame torpedos in their feeback forms. To be fair, that is the official way in which WG receive live sever feedback, and so they think removing torps is a way to fix the passive BB plague
  9. DrAwesome95

    what!? new IJNDD line?

    Do you think they will do split lines for other tech trees? I heard US cruisers may be getting split But with the Royal Navy cruisers, maybe thats why no heavy cruisers in the starting line
  10. DrAwesome95

    Chaos is gonna happen on CVs next patch! (0.5.12)

    I started off on the wrong foot elsewhere in the forums, but have watched alot of streamers recently, NA (Notser), EU (Flamu and Aeroon) and I even heard Eurobeat talking about it. They say they dunno what the hell WG are doing with CVs.... they state their intention and then do the opposite. WG insist WoWs is about naval strategy and teamplay but the current reward system offers absolutely nothing for teamplay... only kills and caps. IMO, adding scouting XP is going to cause more problems than it solves. Look how many passive players there are already, what is stopping them from hopping into a CV, loading superiority and just following DDs around till all their planes die. Encourages souting yes, but is that actually going to be helpful to the team when the fighters are AFK over a DD smoke when torp bombers causing havoc everywhere else? This also opens up a new path for credit farming but that is another issue... I guess it depends on how they implement it (some planes get different rates of XP/ US get more than IJN since their thing seems to be fighter focused/etc)
  11. DrAwesome95

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    why do i even bother posting on forums.... You all can enjoy picking on the next guy making a post thinking hes raising awareness about an issue This game can go [Redacted] itself Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda
  12. DrAwesome95

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    thats why its an order for ME not everyone else..... now please just stop commenting, go make another thread or something
  13. DrAwesome95

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    Hey mods, can I get a restraining order on this troll please.He takes everything literally and needs to be sent back to reddit or 4chan where people like him are accepted.
  14. DrAwesome95

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    R Not at all Just trying to put forward that this is an actual core game problem, beyond SEA even. For some reason it is worse on SEA, but even WoT on SEA is shameful, Jingles made a video yesterday of the s*fest that happens on there. That is just a recent video where he actually mentioned the word 'coward' specifically before yet another person calls me out 'T6 noob knows nothing about what he saying' Don't think there are many excuses for 3 Tier 8s running from 1 tier 10... Especially when Tirpitz has torpedos itself When they turn, all three are showing broadside to honorable imperial shells, very big mistake If you listen Flamu, he even mention that cap is not contested, meaning Benson has run away, so no enemy ships besides Yamato Also friendly Shima, Udaloi and Hipper in front of them to spot Benson torps.... this is exactly the issue.... they just scared and no guts to push in even when they have support
  15. DrAwesome95

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    Ok im mid tier and don't have any credibility, or so most of you say But Flamuu isnt exactly new to this game is he? EDIT: Go to the 3:50 mark for the relevant stuff, the embed player dosent allow timestamps