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  1. Just learnt something

    Getting a rough indication of a enemy Ifrom a spotting vehicle get.but a presice accurate one I dont
  2. Just learnt something

    Just feel so stupid nor realizing it soon..could figure out how they knew your every move..pretty sure the bots in CO_OP lower themselves to such unethical tricks..very unsportsman like what!
  3. FriendShips...

    I want your help? Is that the same thing as teamwork? Ha ha ha...thats a good one..best laugh I had all day
  4. Just learnt something

    have been mystified since the beginning how high arc firing cruisers hiding behind islands can be so damb accurate. They would be using your icon to line up on.fire then hit X key.follow shell and make compensation adjustments.no answer to that tactic for a BB.once chosen as target the BB has no answer to it unless the spotting ship is taken out..it all comesclear..time to become a camper .no better still.only play CO_OP..realistic sea battles? I don't think so..amazed it took me soooooo long to realize it
  5. input delay

    hi guys anyone else having major problems controlling ship since update? key inputs seem to take bout 10 seconds to effect ship control and aiming too,sometimes ship will travel sideways and power takes same time to effect ship...game unplayable at the moment