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  1. ari_aji

    Super Container Amazing

    not bad *sorry, printscreen button broken
  2. ari_aji

    Thank WG for deleting my tokens

    you need new job
  3. ari_aji

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    if russia ship not strong, developer send to gulag
  4. ari_aji

    Radar needs the following reforms

  5. ari_aji

    Improve Blacklist Function

    and then good players and players with op ships will play with bot
  6. ari_aji

    Change Ship collision mechanic pls :(

    this is just game, we play because we tired with our real life. wait . . . . this game make our life worst
  7. not random battle 2.0
  8. ari_aji

    Stolen kills

    5 kill steal = easy kraken
  9. ari_aji

    Should I buy the new year special Kaga?

    you have money = buy it you have money, but you need that money to survive until next month = don't buy it
  10. at least they got achievement
  11. ari_aji

    normal tab key display

    why dev don't add ping status and player connect/disconnect status when we press tab key like other normal games? is it hard to add that normal feature?
  12. ari_aji

    Maillé-Brézé contest code

    bonus code is always good for me
  13. just reset all my captain skill, what's the event????
  14. ari_aji

    game file size

    if i'm not wrong, when first time i play this game. the size is only about 18 GB now in current version it's already 31 GB. just how big the file size will grow next year.