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  1. only 19 pt IJN BB commander I got 😛
  2. Incidentally just a bit earlier today.
  3. Pervis117

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    Battleships which fire guns from both ends of the ship create a sort of crossfire effect resulting in more reliable dispersion than bbs which fire all the guns from one end. Especially true of longer ships with two turret placements each end, such as Montana and Nagato. independent of other values such as dispersion and sigma of course.
  4. Pervis117

    Any tips regarding to high tier games?

    ^ ignore him. Grind the RN BB line AND HE SPAM THOSE HE SPAMMING CRUISERS.
  5. This was my interpretation of the video, yesh. But it wasnt poorly worded, you can't earn any more sovreigns after this wednesday. only spend..
  6. 3 premium ships for the total expenditure of 1 USD. That's the most generous event WG has ever thrown. I am grateful.
  7. Pervis117

    IJN BB line is kinda boring right now -_-

    Consider this: If a ship or line is horribly not fun to play, the more intelligent portion of the player base will figure out that its not worth their time and move to other lines. Who does that leave playing this ship or line ?
  8. Its proper silly that Legendary Upgrades can be grinded in Scenario where to my knowledge there's never been a scenario that permits T10 ships, but can't be grinded in Arms race where you can -only- play T9 and T10 ships. That's just poor logic and detrimental to both the game and experience and the aims of whatever WG is testing for. If you want to run arms race as a test, you ideally want more people playing arms race so that you may collect more data. Not permitting Legendaries to be grinded curtail the number of people willing to play that mode. Its a lose-lose for everyone. And for Khorne's sake release a legendary upgrade for Haragumo, she's a tech tree T10, even if you could somehow justify no Legendaries for Premium T10s like Salem and Stalingrad, Haragumo absolutely deserves one. WG knew the Haragumo release was in the works when they declared the Legendaries. Why wouldn't they have one in mind for Haragumo ? I rarely voice frustrations at WG but this is just poor showing.
  9. Pervis117

    Which Premium BB is the best?

    No. Musashi is a superior Yamato with 3 seconds faster rudder shift and literally no difference from the 'nerf' of a (slightly) raised citadel. And that beautiful cruiser catapult/spotter instead of the BB one.
  10. Pervis117

    Most DD players are bad

    I know you're trolling mate but I'll bite. Cause I ended that game bottom of my team. And the dude trashing me for spending my time spotting was near the top. I agree you'll prolly be the best destroyer if you deign this drudgery worth your time.
  11. Pervis117

    Lets go - post your best ranked memes

    As it transpired, he did not know what camos were. *spelling error
  12. Pervis117

    Why Normandie's AA is so bad?

    It didn't occur to you that the screenshot was of a Queen Elizabeth with a 19 pt commander and not a Normandie ? Did it occur to you to read the post by Icy I was responding to in order to understand the context of my screenshot ?
  13. Pervis117

    Bravest team ever

    My roommate had this game last night. He was raging so loud he woke up the neighbors.
  14. Pervis117

    Why Normandie's AA is so bad?

    Oh you'd be surprised. Manual AA, this doubles.
  15. Pervis117

    Topic Redacted

    No you couldn't. This statement is objectively false. DDs have by far the hardest life in the current meta at all tiers. And the economy rewards optimal DD gameplay the least.