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  1. Lower the Clear Sky condition already

    no. Didn't stop after 201 removal either. It only stopped after the most recent change to the Clear Skies conditions. I find it annoying because at T4 - T6 CVs the ability to get clear skies until the last change gave CV players incentive to proactively defend their allies from enemy CV torps and bombs, especially since most bbs at this tier are helpless against equivalent tier torpedo squads. It was a good safeguard against those CV players who only use their ft to escort their own torp runs and let the enemy CV run train on their team mates. The lower tier meta has gotten even more awful since this change was made. Im not a fan at all.
  2. out of those ships only Flint really compares to the ones I listed in its impact on the meta in my opinion. Also the ones l listed are many many times more common than Arsenal ships are going to be even a year after Arsenal is available.
  3. What ship in the Arsenal breaks the balance more than the Shenyang or Orion does it Tier 4 ? Or Cesare or Kamikaze or does at T5 ? Or KGV Belfast and Gadjah Madah does at T7 ? Or Lo yang Kidd or Enterprise or Graf Zeppelin at T8? Or Musashi or Kronstahd at T9 ? Especially in the hands of top players.
  4. Im uncertain if you've worked in the corporate world (since the player base has a diverse cross section) but expecting the same rewards as someone who does a far more demanding task with the "same amount of effort" as you put into a far simpler one is going to be laughed at. Its a lesson we can apply here. Yes I know most people play the game to relax, that's not an argument however. You relax, we earn coal and steel. Comfort yourself with the thought that our lives must be really sad if we don't play the game as casually as you do. Doesn't bother me.
  5. Yes its quite possible that it takes you the same amount of effort to ensure victory against bots in co-op as it does for me to try and win against enemy teams that have Hurricane league divisions. However, that does not mean our equivalent efforts should be rewarded equally. They translate into drastically different impacts on the game meta and the community. I personally don't think wargaming owe's co-op main players anything more than what it already gives them. Some things should be exclusive to people who choose to walk the harder path. As for solo players, make some friends, form a small clan. Grow the clan. and it will be easy for you to opt into the economic extension.
  6. I don't want to emphasize this too hard because elitism is a slippery slope. But without putting too fine a point on it, there is a gulf between players who primarily play co-op and campaign and those who play Random, ranked and Clan wars 99% of the time. Well below average players from Random (consider how awful the average player is) can hack in co-op and campaigns just fine. I don't suppose the same is true when co-op mains play against human players. If you can't accept we put in more effort at this game than you do, then at least know that the game we play is much much much more difficult than the game you play. And we should be rewarded accordingly.
  7. Arson award unreachable now??

    clear skies is unreachable now with T4, T5 or T6 CVs.
  8. Time and effort are irrelevant to you, they're relevant to the game's well being. Assuming but not conceding that your co-op, solo and campaign brethren spend as much time and effort on the game as people who form communities and play clan wars (unlikely), the utility we create for the community in the time we put in is greater than that created by coop, campaign and solo players. If you do not recognize this, we must agree to disagree, but you'd be objectively incorrect.
  9. It takes more time and effort to play the game as part of a community and play clan wars. Players who form and engage communities have a greater contribution to the prosperity of the server population. Community based gameplay fosters development of new players and brings in new players. We deserve to be valued higher than players who only play co-op or only play solo. I'm glad wargaming has gone in this direction. Its not hard to make friends and for once in your life risk something other than a easy run through against bots.
  10. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Thanks for the heads up. Snatched it. Been wanting this awhile
  11. I used to believe the Rock Paper Scissors system applied in this game.
  12. Rank Salt with RNG BS

    I got 28 reports in 1 night of ranked last week, cause I spent the entire night making sure one particular player who had intentionally team killed me lose ranks. I got him every game. If he was enemy team = zen mode hyper carry, if he's in my team = very questionable gameplay, lose the game (hes not good enough to save a star). I was rank 10 anyways, I dragged him from R6 to R10 that night. God only knows how many innocent bystanders got caught in the brushfire :)
  13. yep. just take a throwaway 10 point commander and spec manual secondaries for the last 4. Respec in the next CBT season.
  14. Izumo: difficult to handle her guns

    My advice is to use HE on the Izumo. Izumo HE is the fastest IJN BB HE, its alpha and fire chance is way higher than anything in that tier except maybe Lion and Musashi and you don't have to worry about armour angling. The HE will pen everything except broadside BB armour handily and the dot damage from fires is always nice. Mind you, Id not recommend HE on any other IJN BB (except Ishizuchi) because the HE is horribly slow compared to AP shells on IJN bbs, except Izumo. Switch to AP when BBs and CAs get closer to you. An Izumo does not have an easy life, you're not the guy carrying the team. Farm damage from enemy bbs like a stereotypical RN BB would do. Thats the best chance of the average player on SEA having a somewhat comfortable experience grinding Izumo.
  15. I get it that manual drops on T4 and T5 CV's had to be taken away because everyone in the server who didn't play a Bogue or Zuiho complained about it constantly. I get it that Wargaming prioritizes that group of whiners over the entire population of new CV players who now enter T6 with zero clue about what manual commands are. But why in mother loving purgatory do T5 CVs who can't execute manual strafes have to face T6 and T7 CVs who can do so? Can WG even conceive of the implications of that for fighter engagements ?