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  1. Pervis117

    CV's in or out

    Do not go silently into that good night. Rage rage against the dying of the light!
  2. Pervis117

    i hate CVs and so should you

    I knew the game could be played on Steam but didn't know it could be played on Internet Explorer too.
  3. Mogami needs 1 km more main battery range as a mimimum. Even T6 cruisers like Budy and Nern with 152-155 mm guns have 1-1.5 km more range than mogami. That's ridiculous. Mogami also needs its main gun reload for 155mm guns buffed by 1.5s (currently 10s). There's no reason for Chapayev to have have 8.5s for same caliber (1 extra turret easily compensated for by 12 km radar and way more range) and Hipper with 203 mm guns and 2 km+ more range AND 1/4 HE pen having only 1.3 s more reload than mogami (11.3s) Edit: no clue what the 203s need, I don't use them.
  4. Pervis117

    What am I doing wrong?

    You named yourself after the wrong Primarch. Lion el'Jonson ftw
  5. Pervis117

    DD things : how to win at high tiers

    Half right- Poor turret performance but amazing shell performance. All the torpboat shells can have anywhere from 8-11 % fire chance depending on your spec and signals. In the current meta Im doing more fire damage with the torpboats than with torpedo alpha. And flooding, already rare, just had its effects severely reduced. Main gun reload in my Yugumo is 4.5 s.
  6. Pervis117

    DD things : how to win at high tiers

    Its unfair. However, one can either wallow in the sense of injustice or one can spec their Kitakaze and Haragumo for 17.4 km range and yeet on these static bb cowards from distances they cant possibly reply at xD Torp damage is a thing of the past. All my dds now maximise range and reload, even Yugumo and Akatsuki.
  7. Pervis117

    while everyone is drooling over alaska

    Because unlike the Kronstahd it existed.
  8. Pervis117

    DD things : how to win at high tiers

    There's the glitch in the plan xD Not the team mates you get in this server in my experience.
  9. Pervis117

    Trials of Exeter

    Y'all don't got Atlanta/Helena/Cleveland ? Try playing T7, You'll either face a lower tier cv or just 1 tier higher. At 6 and 8 you have the risk of facing +2 tier CV.
  10. Pervis117

    The service is currently unavailable

    resolved. thanks for replies!
  11. Im not being allowed to launch the client. Is this just me or others as well ?
  12. Pervis117

    30% sale Atlanta

    Atlanta at 30% off is still very worth it, for Random and Scenario. I would snap it up if I didn't have it already. Even post 8.0 my experience with the ship is nothing but positive.
  13. I don't have a response to this. I'm just stunned to read it.
  14. Pervis117

    musashis ruining game experience

    Must not know how to utilize the faster rudder shift while shot at. Can't play musashi the identical way as yamato
  15. Companies are generally praised for providing more value for money in a product and criticized for providing less value. Thats why buffs to premium ships are praised and nerfs are criticized.