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  1. Pervis117


    I've got the ship, its not just the reload, its the lack of handicap IJN torpbotes are saddled with in regards to slow turret turn ( which, why ?). I think she's quite strong. I'd recommend using the smoke over the torpedo reload booster. You should never ever ever ever play her like a yugumo. Yugumo is small, has the best detection and lives off its torpedo alpha. Hayate is a general purpose dd without any one gimmick (which in and of itself is breath of fresh air in this game). its gunpower. detection, hp pool and maneuverability allows it to do a lot of different things but none better than the specialized dds.
  2. Pervis117

    Vampire II may be RP... ...

    Can anyone explain the moral difference between locking a ship behind a lot of money (pretty much all premium ships) and locking it behind the RB regrind ? I can understand not being willing to engage with the RB mechanic. I don't understand the complaining about the very few number of ships that are available for research points. Yeah that's how all of us non whales feel about all the premiums they sell for money.
  3. Pervis117

    Flandre free look camera bug?

    Literally one person testing the ship before release could have pointed this out. Also the bugs effecting CVs were fixed overnight, but the paying customers need to wait.
  4. Lemme get this straight: Allies have exclusive access to: 1) radar 2) 406 mm BB shells for overmatching 27 mm armour 3) Anti air (such that it is in 2021) 4) long duration smokes 5) High speed dds 6) dds with heal axis gets what ?
  5. Pervis117


    Just don't. its a German dd that doesn't have the one tool that makes German dds relevant in the game. Its like a crow glueing on peacock feathers. Its no peacock.
  6. Pervis117

    Rushian, in 3 days

    Nah Izumo is a monster in the current form and Meta, she's received so many buffs.
  7. Pervis117

    Confused and conflicted

    First and foremost, my sympathies, I recognize the difficulty you're facing through no fault of your own. The only thing I have to add here is, do we - at this junction - have so much faith in WeeGee's better nature and good faith that we can rule out the company - intentionally - dragging its feet with the response to your ticket in order to minimize your incentive to get the refund and create more and more opportunity cost for you to do so ? We still that optimistic ?
  8. No one thinks there's actually no players since 2018, there obviously is. I'm using wargaming's own logic against them here. If they suggest providing this information post 2018 was excessive, they're also tacitly claiming that there aren't any new players since then because how can someone who joined after 2018 be expected to know information they stopped providing since 2018. its a humorous statement, not meant to be taken seriously.
  9. The implication of their own language: is that there haven't been new players since 2018.
  10. To repeat what I said on Discord, the whales are the least effected by this. And its the non whales that are the most screwed over. We all hate whales.
  11. Pervis117

    Refunds for Santa crates

    And given that Wargaming has admitted to the former in this event, you feel they aren't to blame here ? The supposed naivety of the mark makes the scam morally okay ? And its not even naivety, no one did anything except read WeeGee's marketing as they communicated it. That's not being uninformed, that's being lied to.
  12. Wargamings behavior doesn't disturb me because of my low expectations of the company. What does is the level of victim blaming coming from obtuse members of the player base that this is somehow the moral responsibility of whoever bought the containers and not nefarious marketing by WG. I don't even understand the motivation anyone would have to side with the people ripping them off.
  13. Pervis117

    Refunds for Santa crates

    Just to make you repeat this, Wargaming should take zero responsibility for dishonest marketing they admitted to ?
  14. Pervis117

    Refunds for Santa crates

    Imbalance of responsibility that you're assigning here. WeeGee not responsible for trying to scam customers with dishonest messaging they broadcast on every channel they have available. Scammed customers responsible for hunting down the admission WeeGee made in order to see what recourse they have. What you're saying is players are responsible for their naivety but WG not responsible for its disingenuity. Poor form.