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  1. Pervis117

    Sorry WG , you leave me no choice

    I honestly didn't know it was possible to average 37K a game in a smolensk. I'm not naming and shaming, I'm genuinely impressed. Your apology is accepted, mate. Somehow, I feel, the rest of us will be A-Okay.
  2. Pervis117

    Sometimes the answer is easy!

    Y'all are cute.
  3. Pervis117

    Roma is not trash tho.

    Nobody with a triple digit IQ has ever said Roma is trash. Its one of the best ships in the game tier for tier.
  4. I want to clarify first up that this isn't a flex post or a 'git gud' taunt. But what people tend to forget about bad metas (weekend/holiday/event/win bonus/exodus to NA or EU/bot fiesta) is that it fills the enemy team with easy targets just as much as it fills the your team with useless team mates. You can either get upset at the latter OR you can exploit the former. These are my stats since the British CA event started" 90% of the games are solo, and the results are -significantly- better than the ones I get in a less vegetable server meta. There's a mechanism (I wouldn't call it an art or a science or a secret) to exploiting metas full of bad players on both sides. I can write up a detailed guide on it but for starters, stop playing ships who's primary utility is spotting for the team or enabling the team. Stop playing ships that require much support from team mates. Start playing ships that are independent, or can do rapid damage or can disengage easily or are ambush predators. Start playing ships that can punish bad gameplay on a dime or can rekt afk or bot moving opponents. Start playing ships that can kite enemy pushes when your team inevitably fails and trade damage very favourably. Start relying more or gunbote damage for dds and less on torps. Start playing T8 and T9 and face enemies two tiers below you 60% of the time (thats the new MM meta). Stop playing T7, the days of padding at T7 are long gone. More potatos overall means less intelligent enemies to foil your gameplay. Take advantage of that. Would I prefer a more skilled meta to play in ? Yes, that would be more fun. And people in hell want ice water. This is the world we live in now, learn to rule it.
  5. Pervis117

    Tell bye-bye to your Henri

  6. Pervis117

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    the vast majority of T8 premiums would not outearn Atlanta (one of the best premiums for credit farming) while scoring 600 base xp less.
  7. Pervis117

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    the ARP Myokos don't earn much but Takao, Takao is an incredible credit earner rn. Comparison to Atlanta (a very good credit earner imo) for a 2400 base xp game (i.e. good performance): To a 1800 bxp Takao game (i.e good game but nowhere near as hard a carry): The 1800 Bxp Takao earned more base credits than the 2400 Bxp Atlanta. This is beyond my wildest expectations. Well done Weegee, you've made me very happy for a change.
  8. Pervis117

    buff zao?

    Zao is still strong, but its not very comfortable. My suggestion would be to give it 1s main battery reload buff and maybe 5s 180* turret turn buff. After all this is a ship that has pretty much only known nerfs for the past 4 years. First it had its HP pool reduced by 10K, then it had its torpedo detection increased, then it had its invis fire taken away, then it got nerfed in the concealment expert skill change, then it had to contend with the proliferation of CVs post 8.0 as one of the T10 cruisers with the least AA. the Torpedo choice and legendary upgrade are both sidegrades and not a direct improvement in quality of gameplay. They both have downsides. Torpedos are slower to reload and legendary costs it much needed range. Not upgrades at all imo. I know it got a lot of hate from the invis fire days, but there's no point in punishing modern zao players for the sins of people 3 years ago who dont even play anymore.
  9. Pervis117

    the death of CN_70

    P.s. Maybe they were just around for the Puerto Rico Event?
  10. Pervis117

    the death of CN_70

    Let Imperial justice account in all balance. The Emperor protects.
  11. Pervis117

    Smallest Kraken

    Honestly this is quite impressive, i thought i was good at low damage krakens but you are better,
  12. Pervis117

    PSA for missions compensation

    @amnesia98 @Nya_gaming @Chamchi_CM @HuginnKR What is this behavior ?
  13. Pervis117

    PSA for missions compensation

    I was >3K base xp from completing the last stage of the Z52 Legendary mod mission. WTF is garbage.
  14. Pervis117

    cn_70 top player

    They do get trash teams, they carry those trash teams pretty hard. At first I was elated that I beat this legend. Then I realized he lost to me and still got more base xp than me. He's the realest deal I've seen in this game in a very very long time. And I've seen it all.
  15. Pervis117

    CV emblem

    Hot take, Canceror is stronger than before the nerf. The citadel issue isn't a factor unless the player was one of those special cases who park broadside static. The reduced cooldown on the most powerful heal in the game gives canceror even more of a get out of jail free card than it already had. Plus the CV rework meta has made high tier dds basically extinct so the canceror doesn't need to worry about getting torped for unhealable damage. Plus the meta has moved from IFHE spam to fire starting spam (i.e. The haragumos been replaced by smolensks and frieslands. Guess which ship can recover 40k damage lost to fires per heal ? Canceror is the strongest its ever been in the game.