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  1. Pervis117

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    The PEF does get citadelled close range very easily by other bbs. It seems to be unique among german BBs in not having turtleback protection for the citadel. Every ranked game I run into PEFs who expose broadside and with the expectation of not getting citadelled. Land cits with Fuso and Warspite both (the two ships I've played ranked this Sprint in). Hate to pile on the hate but the PEF is the on german BB that does get cit blapped.
  2. Pervis117

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    Or, ya know. You could just 😛
  3. Pervis117

    CV divs

    if it makes you feel better I just had a game where our 22% ranger beat just such a Saipan div yesterday xD
  4. Pervis117

    i will regret this

    Apologies for necromancy but I need to rub salt on drakon's open gaping wounds. They gave 1 small Santa's gift for free for todays daily mission chain: Got a Dunqurke from it:
  5. Pervis117

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    Incorrect. ARP Takao gives 200 steel. And its not just ships you had when the update occured, any ships you buy during the upgrade period also get snowflakes.
  6. Pervis117

    My body is ready!

    Current steel count: Days till Ship coupon renewed: T10 and T9 ships: All the Tech Tree, Coal and Free XP ones released so far. Predicting the 21,000 steel mark to be achieved by 25th Dec (without recourse to the premium shop campaign). Will update as to total steel gained in 7.12 Thank you WeeGee, total bro move on your part. Christmas shall be merry.
  7. Pervis117

    how to deal with toxicity

    Im unaware of anyone in FISH who harbours these views. PM me details please ?
  8. Pervis117

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Free XP is one of the resources given out in that option so it still fits my theory. Havent gotten it yet tho. Got at least 5 coal sc.
  9. Pervis117

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    not mythical. Ive gotten it twice. The trick that I can determine is I never even go for the "Try Your Luck" option. I'm always hitting "more resources" I get a super container every 80ish crates and theyre ALWAYS coal or steel. Its possible to get a supercontainer from the other options. The chance is lesser. My theory is that the contents is related to the option you take.
  10. Pervis117


    You go that route for german dds anyways. And ffs dont take vigilance on a DD.
  11. Pervis117

    Gift not Received

    Turn on the New Years Port (Zapengi or w/e). Go to containers screen and click on the New Years batter. Then you'll get the free crates.
  12. Lets accept the argument that Belfast is a T8 ship (which it is, I agree). T7 ships face T8 ships every other game, there's no harm in discussing ways to handle those situations. The argument here isnt that Belfast isn't OP, its that 1)there's tech tree ships more OP than her and 2) she isn't all that hard to counter. Server stats show Fuso to be the among the weakest ships in the game tier for tier, but in reality she's one of the most effective BBs for her tier for the top x % of server players.
  13. Have you tried spamming a belfast with a Blyska or Leningrad from AFT range ? They cant hit you effective, you can go ham on them 🙂
  14. Pervis117

    i will regret this

    got 1 mega container, got a T-61. Wont get anymore, Pervis cashing outta the Christmas Casino.
  15. T7 Tech Tree ships that are superior to Belfast in game influence, damage and killing capacity and performance potential over their counterparts (i.e OP-ness): King George V Lyon Gadjah Madah Helena Belfast is a good ship with a really unfair range of consumable options and the extra upgrade slot but those 4 are just brokenly powerful by their own ship properties. Belfast is a 1 trick pony and that trick is easy to neutralize. The only thing its the very best at is efficiency at wrecking lower tier ships. Im not even going into the other T7 premiums and the T8 ships Belfast can face. The most OP premium for its tier in this game is Musashi. The most OP ship tier for tier is Orion or Bogue.