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  1. Which Premium BB is the best?

    No. Musashi is a superior Yamato with 3 seconds faster rudder shift and literally no difference from the 'nerf' of a (slightly) raised citadel. And that beautiful cruiser catapult/spotter instead of the BB one.
  2. Most DD players are bad

    I know you're trolling mate but I'll bite. Cause I ended that game bottom of my team. And the dude trashing me for spending my time spotting was near the top. I agree you'll prolly be the best destroyer if you deign this drudgery worth your time.
  3. Lets go - post your best ranked memes

    As it transpired, he did not know what camos were. *spelling error
  4. Why Normandie's AA is so bad?

    It didn't occur to you that the screenshot was of a Queen Elizabeth with a 19 pt commander and not a Normandie ? Did it occur to you to read the post by Icy I was responding to in order to understand the context of my screenshot ?
  5. Bravest team ever

    My roommate had this game last night. He was raging so loud he woke up the neighbors.
  6. Why Normandie's AA is so bad?

    Oh you'd be surprised. Manual AA, this doubles.
  7. Topic Redacted

    No you couldn't. This statement is objectively false. DDs have by far the hardest life in the current meta at all tiers. And the economy rewards optimal DD gameplay the least.
  8. Topic Redacted

    I dare anyone to find one thing diesel said wrong in his OP ? All disagreements are a variation of either: 1) come on its not that bad (yes it is) 2) you used bad words and it hurts me! (okay, hope you get over it) DD life is hell.
  9. Recommended background music :
  10. So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    Because Alena has a regularly updated Instagram page. And to my knowledge, Dasha doesn't.
  11. You speak the truth good sir. Have my upvote.
  12. Lowest damage record as well plz

    Tangent, I once made a loss with the Missouri. Non premium account, killed two team mates, suicide counted as a third TK. Totally unintentional of course, truly truly sorry for it. Pinkie promise.
  13. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Does literally no one else notice that the Musashi has a 3 second faster rudder shift than Yamato ? Its way tankier at angling against BB shells and can dodge torps way better better (especially when you have vigilance + dual catapult plane - did I mention the catapult plane has half the cooldown compared to other bbs, allowing it to be up 60-70% of the game) ? Musashi is a more survivable ship than Yamato, raised citadel or not. In my opinion, its stronger than Yamato.
  14. Newer BBs are mostly OP

    That - I suspect- might be the reason why you think Republique and Conq are OP. Those two ships have 32 mm deck, even Mogami 155 mm IFHE does 10K damage salvos to them. If a pair of hindenbergs starts focusing them, they die in a couple of minutes. Meanwhile the Curry Machine plods through it all and gives no procreational activities.
  15. Buffalo is a really strong ship, it doesn't need a buff. Your problem, I suspect, is that your idea of how to play and position high tier USN CA's have been shaped by the three triple turret layout of the New Orleans, Baltimore and Des Moines and you're struggling to bring all 4 to bear effectively without exposing too much and getting rekt. Play it more like you would have a T6 cleveland, your results will be better. Don't extend range, go for DPS. And get the words "Expert Loader is a necessary skill for Buffalo" tattooed on the back of your hand.