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  1. BravaZulu296

    [Colonization Intensifies] RN CVs teased!

    Don't get drunk on gunfire.
  2. BravaZulu296

    [Colonization Intensifies] RN CVs teased!

    English Breakfast please, One must take advantage of tea produced in the colonies
  3. BravaZulu296

    CV rework phase 3...

    Yeah... RIP Essex ;-; Press F to pay respects Disposed of but not forgotten! o7
  4. "the most powerful vessel i ever feel." Ok, I know some CVs have that really nice looking hurricane bow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and that really nice looking aft section ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but isn't this taking things abit too far? I'm pretty sure this is an criminal offense...
  5. BravaZulu296

    Ranger is getting demoted

    On the other hand, jets look cool and maybe some people will be attracted to play CV just from the virtue of being able to fly jets
  6. BravaZulu296

    Ranger is getting demoted

    According to this : https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/carriers_rework_starting_pack/ Ranger is now a tier 6 ship, Does anyone want to speculate what the new T7 is?
  7. BravaZulu296

    Midway =Balanced or Weak or OP

    If I remember correctly they said Midway was perfectly balanced to hakuyruu and that they were happy with midway (compared with other CVs in general Midway isn't too bad or too good but as a whole CVs are a problematic class) So this thread won't actually change anything.
  8. BravaZulu296

    Oh no. They are forcing Wargaming Game Center on us.

    So um... what about players using macs?
  9. BravaZulu296

    Remove CV fighters

    The CV rework is in 2 months anyway, so there's no point changing anything now, If your frustrated just find another ship to play for the time being
  10. BravaZulu296

    USS Saipan Overpowered

    Saipan is OP and has been so for quite some time now, maybe They will address the problem in 7.9 where the CV rework supposedly will come maybe they won't
  11. BravaZulu296

    I have a CV idea

    OK, I'm just speculating here (so pls don't kill me!) but I think the CVs reworked would be something akin to Red Alert (Kirov reporting) where each unit is individually controllable and there is a limit to how many units that you can control hence the problem with over scouting (obviously no upgrades during the battle, eliminates droping skills but still requires skill just different ones). If so then I guess, but only the early carrier engagements are plausible (the ones after Midway but before the US had large numbers of carriers at sea, i.e Marianas turkey shoot is not plausible but Santa cruz maybe. Also Coral sea might be plausible). But as you've said, It depends on the CV rework
  12. BravaZulu296

    Free Freedom Container

    Thx, got a Kidd quest and I don't even play DD (at high tiers - play some low tiers though) Thanks
  13. BravaZulu296

    Scapa Flow Port

    Yeah I should probably remove that comment
  14. BravaZulu296

    Scapa Flow Port

  15. BravaZulu296

    Scapa Flow Port

    but their friends will be right under them...