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  1. lordphilippe

    rader ships

    WG, tell me how do you MM rader ships, why we have 1 radar ship on our side while they have 4? dont you think its unfair ??
  2. lordphilippe

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    should I keep the moskva and kirov or should sell them before the update?
  3. lordphilippe


    The difference is not much, 1. Improved repair party, 2. Tier8 upgrade slot
  4. lordphilippe

    can anyone explain this?

    thank you for the detailed explanation and pictures, I didn't realize the damage saturation works for torpedo damage as well, WG does need more tutorials. I still remember it first took me to reach my first tier 5 ship to know how citadel damage works.
  5. lordphilippe

    can anyone explain this?

    for the picture I wonders only about that torpedo damage, look for that torpedo section, it says 3 torpedo hits caused 16286 damage which is obsured. Yugumo`s torpedo damage is over 20000, 3 hits should be over 60000 damage, even if the target is Yamato which have a torpedo protection over 50 percent, it still cant be only 16000 damage for 3 hits. and for second picture, just look for that black window on Atlanta, it says my Kaga only landed one AP shell on Atlanta, and it caused 5243 damage.
  6. lordphilippe

    can anyone explain this?

    first picture was back to a few month ago when I played Yugumo, 3 torpedo hit and only caused 16286 damage, and second picture is playing Kaga in Narai, an AP shell to a bot Atlanta caused 5245 damage while the maximum damage from Kaga`s 200mm gun should be 4500
  7. lordphilippe

    translation wrong!

    the battle of north cape mission has a translation error in campaign task description under Chinese language setting which says to deal 90000 damage to enemy battleships, took me quite a while to complete the task and realized i didn't earn the star, and when i change the language setting to English, I realized that the mission is to deal 90000 torpedo damage. I am certainly not happy about this error as I have wasted quite a amount of time to complete the wrong task due to translation error. Phillip
  8. hi, before I purchased my Izumo, I also had same question, when lots of people say its bad, you start to think the same. But after I got it, I quite like it, its heavily armored, very different to nagato or fuso, complete differnet world as Amagi or kongo. as long as you angle properly, you wont get penetrated by others AP apart from yamato. Rather than using free xp to skip this ship, I would say free xp to its c hull to make it less sluggish.
  9. lordphilippe

    Your favorite camouflage in the game?

    I agree, leander`s camou is quite nice, so are all other RN curiser`s camou, much better than French cruisers camou
  10. lordphilippe

    Finally kaga is on the horizon

    ​that's what you get from a Battleship conversion
  11. lordphilippe

    Finally kaga is on the horizon

    ​it is not lie, check yourself from world of warships facebook
  12. 200mm heavy cruiser gun, 10 of them and 5 on each side, wondering if player can control that as artillery or as secondary.
  13. lordphilippe

    Tier 3 premium Katori

    you are right I just want to have it, as it is not a sister ship to any tech tree ships, it is unique.
  14. lordphilippe

    Tier 3 premium Katori

    US has special event during the weekend to give away IJN tier 3 premium cruiser Katori, I wish we will have the same here. From what i see from youtube videos, Katori has beautiful camo, being the only tier 3 has catapult fighter, 13km range.
  15. lordphilippe


    Hi, I understand your feeling, but do not agree with you that t5 t6 and t7 cruisers are not well balanced. T5 has very first CA Furutaka that packs quite a punch against all kind of ships, also kirov, big calibre guns, but slow reload, but if you make sure every salvo count, they are quite powerful. US t5 Omaha is ok, but is the last US non premium Cruiser that has torpedo launcher. T6 has some decent cruisers too, Aoba is well rounded for everything, Budyonny is quite well armoured for a light cruiser and can spam HE to BBs and be a nightmare to DD, German konigberg and Nurnberg are not my favourite, but at least they have decent range and fast reload. t7 cruisers are gold, if in a same tier battles, they absolutely shines, tier 6 BBs have more barrels, tier 7 BBs have bigger caliber guns, but sometimes overpen paper armoured ships like schores,so I actually think t6 BBs are more a threat to cruisers than tier 7BBs (Fuso, Newmexico, arizona all have 12 barrels, while nagato, colorado and ganaisenao have 8 or 6 barrels.) And for British cruisers, they are only just start to be fun from tier 5