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  1. Darkworld_2015

    Which ship is the origin of german cruiser Roon?

    Didn't realise this is an old post until I saw R3negade's post.
  2. Darkworld_2015

    Feedback thread for Update 0.8.4

    The possibility of the post battle result page to crash has increased significantly after current patch. Love the new weather changes in port. Port UI since last patch appear less lag, but there is still room to improve.. Maybe ranked Battle should go back to tier 8 instead? Tier 10 quite costly to maintain for players who aren't spending much in game, and putting a tier 10 ranked battle actually blocked some good, young players away from earning something decent in game. Rental ships? I guess it makes both group of players (rental and non rental) stressful. Dont think tier 10 ranked is a good idea to reduce tier 10 matches in random battle. PS: ranked battle is just not for me.
  3. Darkworld_2015

    Single player senario idea

    Great ideas!
  4. Darkworld_2015

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.5

    I was actually hoping for an AA refinement in this patch.. Guess it isn't ready yet.
  5. Darkworld_2015

    Just got the Kremlin, do you any tips for this Soviet T10 beast?

    Thanks for starting this thread as I'm also looking for tips and guidance on how to play Kremlin. Situational awareness in my opinion, which I kinda lack of, is more important compared to other BBs of same tiers. Even GK can just show broadside and run away if situations aren't favourable (while others can just stay at a distance away from harm), yeah will lose quite a chunk of health, but if it is timed properly, success rate of retreating still good. But for Kremlin, for one need to bow in for self protection, and that high citadel kills the feasibility of turning away. Once push in at the wrong time and place, good luck.. 😛 Usage of damage control party, I think the charges are quite adequate, as long as not to waste it on single fire/flood. Getting close, well this one much related to situational awareness. Limited gun range means can't help the team if stay back, not to mention no spotter plane consumables. But getting close means that Kremlin will become the big, unable to drop out of detection, juicy target to be shot at. Yeah good armour profile helps a lot, but still she won't last long under concentrated fire. And again hard to retreat when caught in such situations. Hmm, maybe I really should try putting propulsion mod on Kremlin.
  6. Darkworld_2015


    well, I hitch a ride here. Yeah I mainly play BB and CAs and love those with brawling capabilities. But Kremlin is really something different, I mean, her playstyle not easy. Yamato : choose a side, sit at medium range, bow on, and choose target wisely. GK: cruise around at near max to medium range, push in hard when opportunities occur, with secondaries blazing away! RNBB, French BB: err, I still have no idea how they work well. But they are (especially Conqueror) are a hell to fight against with. Kremlin: the design appear to me like, find a sweet spot and move to medium range, fire at whatever target available with tanking damage (though I read previous post mentioned Kremlin catches fire easily, somehow I feel she is still better than GK, Kremlin doesn't seem to catch fire that often). Maybe it's my map awareness still not up to par, I find that I can't make Kremlin work, not yet. Either I sank too early, or, dealing not much damage for the match. Any tips how to play Kremlin is very much appreciated :)
  7. Darkworld_2015

    [ichase] even he.........

    Literally the match still on going when i type this: atago, Ibuki, Charles Martel, Conqueror and GK sticks together cant stop a midway continuously sending planes in to harass.
  8. Darkworld_2015


    with so many planned high tier premium ships, I'd suggest to wait and see Out of the three FXp ships and one coal ship, i have only being playing Missouri regularly, well at least up to a few months back.
  9. Darkworld_2015

    [NA] When A CC's Vision Becomes Reality

    It's mvery irritating to fight against conqueror in BB except conquorer herself.. Please no more HE slinging ships..
  10. Darkworld_2015

    Changed my mind - Not funny. Makra gud.

    How in the world you have all the time to write such a long... post. But, it is interesting to read.
  11. Darkworld_2015

    Random plane kill score boards

    "choked on water coughing vigorously" 74 planes?! wow you did save the surprise until the last one
  12. Darkworld_2015

    What's Happened to Alena?

    Stopped watching... what's the name again? "full ahead"? Quite some time as most of the info can be read on the beginning of the month. It's quite a lot, still I will just try to remember important ones, if I can remember. I only noticed they put in a guy recently, not realising Alena is not around until last week or so. Compared to 3 years back there is a lot of small missions for rewards since last year, up to a point I stop taking note of them.
  13. Darkworld_2015

    What's Happened to Alena?

    I'm curious as well. Sorry for saying, I still prefer ladies in such videos. Other videos eg naval legends, how it works etc I choose male /male voice over ladies, but not this one
  14. Darkworld_2015

    Reasons to play

    Oh glad to hear there is a way to reduce chances of being dragged into tier 10 battles in a tier 8 ships. I personally love Hipper very much, he is my second tier 8 ship after Mogami. Hipper, in his won ways, is a tanky ship compared to his counterparts. With recent buff of the rudder and main gun reload, Hipper is actually quite fun to play, IF he is not bottom tier. However I do think Charles Martel is overshadowing Hipper, especially the main gun reload booster.