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  1. Darkworld_2015

    How do you judge the worth of Secondaries?

    another point is the survivability of those secondary gun turrets ( for example German vs French)
  2. Darkworld_2015

    Stock Bayern Biggest POS In Game

    Bayern is a good, though I must admit, I skipped the stock hull back then :P Tier 9 FDG... was one of my most hated ship during grinding, even that time was grinding together with another friend, but I just couldn't make it work. revisited her a few times with different build idea but well, not working too.. but not saying that GK is bad, it's worth it to get to tier 10 in German BB line
  3. Darkworld_2015

    Graphics Card temps in port

    In any specific port that you notice this problem? I never really check my GPU temp/performance, but I do notice if I'm in the premium port, it does lag a bit compared to other ports..
  4. Darkworld_2015

    CV Rework Feedback-Balance

    It's actually really nice to read players' opinions 🙂
  5. Darkworld_2015

    KM DD feel kinda left behind.

    Well, Gearing with Fletcher torp is way better than Z52, in my opinion. The hydro is a bit useless when so many radar ships around
  6. Darkworld_2015

    Concealment Expert

    Ah, good suggestion.. was thinking of fire prevention initially..
  7. Darkworld_2015

    Any tips regarding to high tier games?

    Be perseverance, grind your way to the almighty Yamato. Put on spotter plane, use mod which improve accuracy. And you will be feared by most cruisers.
  8. Darkworld_2015

    Concealment Expert

    Thanks Humusz for sharing the knowledge in technology of WWII 🙂 Appreciate it. I actually like this CE changes. DDs still get to keep their concealment advantages, while BBs, well, shouldn't be able get too stealthy in the first place (cough cough, Conqueror). I'm just quite pity CA/CL though, especially those with their detection range on the higher side to begin with. Another side note is I really don't like "mandatory skills", it really kills variety of gameplay and creativity of the players. And.. frankly to say, CE might still be the must have skill even for BBs after the CE nerf. I had been playing BBs a lot, both with and without CE. It really makes a big different in the possibility in sneaking up to a tactical location without being spotted, either by navigating through a cluster of islands or even in open waters. Without CV in play, CE still important in terms of for players to choose when to disengage, no matter if the detection range reduction is 10% or 14%.
  9. Darkworld_2015

    DOUBLETENDAY. Free camo code.

    Thank you
  10. Darkworld_2015

    [EXPIRED ]Free Camo code

    thanks a lot MatterCore!
  11. Darkworld_2015

    Aggressive or overextend?

    Hello there, I'd say pushing up in a BB helping your team is a much welcomed tactic for your teammates. The thing is to be fruitful from such acts (though still not always), we really need to consider 1. Any surrounding cover we can seek refuge with if things turn ugly. 2. Any support from friendlies and have a good guess what's their next move. 3. Is the enemy fire power overwhelming? 4. Consider turning away earlier when you noticed you might receive focused fire (the captain skill which shows how many people aiming at you is very helpful in this) Myself, I'm BB main, but I'm a person who can't stand the slow speed of standard BBs.. so I mainly focused on KM BBs, then kinda skipped here n there in USN BBs. Anyone else can give advice on standard BB tactics?
  12. Darkworld_2015

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    I actually kinda miss Xp_On
  13. Darkworld_2015

    On citadels located below waterline ?

    my experience is you will need plunging fire for those, I still aim at the waterline at a target with diatance of 15+ km, though still hit and miss.
  14. Darkworld_2015

    Server down or me only?

    I think the server just recovered, try to log in guys (and girls XD )
  15. Darkworld_2015

    Server down or me only?

    I'm eager to know too :( Nothing from the official page yet