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  1. Darkworld_2015

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

  2. Darkworld_2015

    Up coming buff etc (stolen from NA server)

    I know, still the guns not that well behaved. Well like our Commander to be Jinggles said, if you throw enough #!=/ on the wall, some of them will stick, I guess it's still better than no buff at all.
  3. Darkworld_2015

    750K free exp

    I obtain my Musashi not so long ago, never really tried her in Random Battles yet, but think it'd be quite fun. Thinking about she is able to face tier 7 ships kinda funny. I Personally preferred German/USN BB gameplay over IJN BB, but Musashi will not be available soon, that's why I choose to purchase it cos I don't wanna regret later. (I don't have Gramy, Julius, Nikolai, Belfast. I hesitated, though not really regretted but still...) Just my personal thought
  4. Darkworld_2015

    Up coming buff etc (stolen from NA server)

    What I can see is other nation ships are getting more and more consistent while German ships (BBs, here Gneisenau crying at the corner) are left in the dust..
  5. Darkworld_2015

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    Graf Spee and PEF? I can do ok with PEF but somehow not Graf Spee. Like Paladinum said, I'm hoping for some high tier free XP German ships, well, I'm kinda BB main so, something BB or CA pls
  6. Darkworld_2015

    Gneisenau is my new luv bote.

    I like my Gneisenau over other tier 7 BBs. Fast, relatively tough, hard hitting guns (when they do hit). Guns aren't that reliable, but when it hits, it hurts. Maybe it's just me, but the main gun dispersion mod doesn't seem to have much effect on gun dispersion, in the end I have gone for secondary build 😛
  7. Darkworld_2015

    CV rework FAQ

    Thanks for the info, appreciate it 🙂 Well I really don't have the time to try out PTS, so need for rely on CC YouTube videos and feedbacks in Forum 🙂 thanks mate. A bit hope that the AA system can be a bit more skill base though.
  8. Darkworld_2015

    CV rework FAQ

    Yeah I have watched Notser's videos on second round 0.8.0 PTS too.. kinda worried 😞
  9. Darkworld_2015

    CV rework FAQ

    Anyone has tried the second round public test 0.8.0? How's the CV rework differ this time?
  10. Darkworld_2015

    WG for the love of god fix the keyboard interface.

    I used to face the same problem, however recently I have totally forgotten about it.. maybe I turn off the automatic island avoidance system, maybe I changed my keyboard.
  11. Darkworld_2015

    CV rework FAQ

    Well, I hope they will do something about the AA before going live.
  12. Darkworld_2015

    CV rework FAQ

    I tried in PT server with FDG; basically it's my secondary build for KM BBs with BFT, AFT. In live server, (more of GK instead of FDG) I can shoot down a few planes, even from Harkuyu or Midway, during their attack run or when they have dropped their payload ( GK captain standing in flame-covered conning tower pointing one popular finger at the retreating planes), but in PT server, my FDG could hardly shoot down planes from tier 8 carriers. Mind that my AA was almost full as nobody wanna shoot at me, at the plane was hovering between my long and medium range AA bubble (which is the stronger part of AA for FDG) I went to port and drag out an Iowa specced for AA instead, and I ended up in a match wwith no CV! Edit: watched both videos from Notser, kinda got worried. Shorter AA range means no cover from teammates even sailing relatively, tactically close together, BBs and DDs can't do anything with incoming squadron...
  13. Darkworld_2015


    Anyone calling my clan?