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  1. Darkworld_2015

    Armchair Admirals: Live Premiere

    I was introduced to Drachnifel youtube Channel about 1 year ago, and I must admit I really enjoy the way he presented his video: filled with facts, seasoned with humours here and there, and not to forget those historical photos. I'm glad WG invited him for such a streaming event, as far as I know Drachnifel does play WOWs casually. A bit worried for Mighty Jinggle, yes he is retired Royal navy, but his knowledge is more towards gaming side..
  2. Darkworld_2015

    Expanding the German Imperial Fleet

    I think I can get both Agir and Siegfried, but... That's hurt.. Which one is actually better?
  3. Darkworld_2015

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you WG for the premium time social distancing, regularly wash hands, and stay at home! we can win this war!
  4. Darkworld_2015

    What's up with the vegetable playerbase lately?

    To brighten the things up a bit, despite having matches where my team just melted like a snowflake under summer sun, but quite frequently I had teammates who knew what to do, response in chat, willingly supporting others, focus down an opponent, and push for cap. Can't help it but to have below averse teammates, I will just do my best to make it less salty XD
  5. Darkworld_2015

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.0

    Not much time to play after update goes lives. Will add on other parts of feed back. Love the buff for Hindenburg. She is my first tier 10 ship. But I do notice Lutjens' "early reconnaissance" skill, which receiver 300hp per sec X tier, appeared not working on Hindenburg. I might be wrong as the match was intense at that point.
  6. Darkworld_2015

    New Ship balancing Change

    Roon: WG, have you forgotten about me?!
  7. 2 hours per session on working days (usually 1-2 days out of 5) weekends maybe 3 hours per day, if those are my off-work days
  8. Darkworld_2015

    after 4 years of casual play.... finally....

    Congrats! I do find Yamato still a great ship to play despite all the new ships been introduced. She can play her role well with her main guns.
  9. Darkworld_2015

    I love Indomi

    It should be fried but keep the egg yolk raw. Imagine those delicious egg yolk mixed with well stirred, springy noodles.
  10. Darkworld_2015


    I all lready have legendary mod for GK, Yamato, Hindenburg, Des Moine, Worcester, Gearing (bought it during one of the event). I have Moksva, Zao, Montana (wait, I think I might have Monty's legendary mod already) and some other tier 10. I understand that Zao and Moksva legendary mod are good, and I intend to get them in time (hopefully). Are there any Legendary mods that should be obtained before they put them to RB? PS:unless they come out with NEW unique upgrade for certain ship that is vastly superior to current Legendary mods, and fit my playstyle, I am not willing to spend time regrind the lines.
  11. Darkworld_2015

    German Dispersion

    Well, after several games in GK, I do feel the guns are more reliable. Not as good as Yamato (without legendary mods), Montana (with 6th slot dispersion upgrade), but I can feel it is more reliable, and the damage count achieved by main gun improved by maybe... 10 to 15% I have no time to play FDG yet, and only sailed once on Bismarck and Tirpitz since last patch update, so far it felt better, though still trollish at times.
  12. Darkworld_2015

    The Prodigal Max

    Wow great! Welcome back! 🙂 Please share your thoughts and experiences about your NA server visit.
  13. Darkworld_2015

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.11

    I really want to say the dockyard feature is really superb (excluding the PR event) Really love it if you can add in features for real ship in game as well, for instance, how Iowa was built. Maybe no need too many ships at start, just a few examples.
  14. Darkworld_2015

    Bot report by wargaming asia devs

    I was looking for it as well.. Is it because we are too polite regarding the issue?
  15. Darkworld_2015

    Why I'm taking a break.

    Gaming, to put it straightly, is just a recreation. If the game failed to make a player happy/motivated/pleasured, then there is no reason to play it until he/she feels wanna give it a go again. It is not a must. Sometime the way WG does it makes me feel they aren't clear about their own status.