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  1. Darkworld_2015

    Yamato, i know her evey millimetre

    Gorgeous ship! Really admire your work!
  2. Darkworld_2015

    German BBs need changes ? 🙄

    In other BBs I can at least do something even when my team decided to lose from beginning of the game, but not GK (except delaying the inevitable of defeat by pushing in hard) I have most games in GK and I did quite ok with her, but well, most of the time it is frustrating to play
  3. Darkworld_2015


    Oh wow, accidentally causing another issue while fixing the current ones? I haven't tried yet, away from home. Edit: tried. problems not solved. after a few matches upon exiting to port client not responding
  4. Darkworld_2015


    Happy with the effort of fixes. Really hope they work.
  5. Darkworld_2015

    Remove or Nerf Smolensk

    Well, I'm with you mate. It feels a bit strange but I think we might have similar play style, though you are CA main while I'm more towards BB. PS: I have the Smolenks, but I never enjoy playing her. At least not yet.
  6. Darkworld_2015

    Remove or Nerf Smolensk

    Smolenks. The problem Im facing when in BB, is I couldn't punish them when they went broadside in smoke in front of me. All shoots went over pen. If a Minotaur does that, sometimes I can Dev strike her even with GK, but never never with Smolenks. So many games against her, the only time I could citadel smolenks was with Yamato, when the smolenks was showing her stern.
  7. Darkworld_2015

    The problem of 0.8.9 patch today...

    Sigh, mine not always successful.. Kinda frustrating.
  8. Darkworld_2015

    The problem of 0.8.9 patch today...

    Hmm.. Will try this first and see how.. I like in port music 😞
  9. Darkworld_2015

    The problem of 0.8.9 patch today...

    Had a few times upon clicking exit, the game client is shutting down except the screen will stuck in port, motionless. Has to press the "Window" key to go to"Desktop". But my main problem now is the Game client apparently screw up with my GPU while IN battle. A few times it forced my screen to go back to "Desktop", had to click on "WOWs" at the task bar to reopen it. Most of the time this will bring me back into the game, but there was once it just crashed. Had to restart my computer.
  10. Darkworld_2015

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    well, it is still the same old story of client having issue with GPU (GTX 1050 Ti) it used to crash the GPU driver (either the game client turned a black screen on me, which I need to go back to "Desktop" and activate the task manager to kill the game client and quickly jump back in; or the computer just become unresponsive other than pushing the computer physical power button to shut it down and manually restarting it) ) while either loading of the result screen by then end of a match (usually after a heavy match), or while in the waiting screen. It used to happened once every time I freshly power up my desktop. after this update, it happnens more randomly, and it had twice forcing me to restart my computer when loading into a match. I was late by 1 or 2 minutes intoboth matches, but luckily both I was in an BB.
  11. Darkworld_2015

    Amateur help needed

    I'd say IJN BB line is still one of the more enjoyable line to play. The accuracy is actually quite good, survivability is good enough, you wil have better speed to reposition yourself
  12. I have got Mutsu from tier 6 container. Sorry failed to get a screenshot
  13. Darkworld_2015

    Another buff German BB thread

    Well, sadly that's true
  14. Supposed the turtle back armour will protect them, however ended up have to endure waves and waves and waves of long range HE spamming. German BBs should have a little more than they have to tank and move forward while being more rewarding to do so. Imagine the feeling of deleting hopeless enemy ships when they failed to stop you from pushing towards them (salivating)
  15. Darkworld_2015

    Another buff German BB thread

    FDG is the worst among all German BBs. Once you get through her, GK is slightly more consistent as she throws 12 shells per salvo, and her armour is good enough to fend herself. Secondary build in GK is more for fun rather than being competitive, and can be at times, frustrating. Flamu once upon a time recommended tank build for GK, however I don't remember when was the last time he featured GK. Hang in there mate, just remember there is light (GK) at the end of the tunnel (FDG)