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  1. Ding0


    why don't you fix the glitch in plane's going around the map, its exploit fix it. or do you allow exploits ?.
  2. lol, what Aussie ship, we don't have one. made over sea's.
  3. Ding0


    lol, if your team die's around you, then you die, because your out numbered how do you improve win rate. That would be a good trick ?.Or you go in to support,your team, then everyone runs leaving you to fight by yourself & get smashed. Last time I looked teams were random, can you pick your teams ?.So I haven't missed the point.
  4. Ding0


    lol, not a rage quitter.. the qustion was how are teams linked when fighting, 20 plus games lost nealy in a row, all ''TEAM MEMBERS DEAD''. Bad luck by the looks of posts. Its funny mention cheats everyone jumps on the defence or its my fault for asking. You think peeps spend money & don't cheat ?. Google cheats see what you come up with ?.But no one uses them ?. Stats can be improved as you get better. But if bad dumb luck plays its part, I guess you cannot ?.@ the end of the day I wasn't talking about my stats. I was talking about how TEAMS ARE LINKED in battles games ?.Glad I could clear that up.
  5. Ding0


    Thanks for the replys help was great,as for my spelling I get lazy, so if you have problem as some seem to, GET A LIFE., live with it or go [content removed] youself Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~TheAzure
  6. Ding0


    How are players matched in games. I am over, the team looseing every game. The amout of games win to loose ratio, is not normal. Not talking about times I have died. I am talking about why I am on the team that dies all the time. ''Bug'' in the game ?. Find it hard to believe you can play 20 games only win 2. Or cheats that rampert in the game you cannot keep up with them ?. Don't fool yourselves, they are are their. Or is it just another way to make your client's spend more money ?. What ever the problem is I won't be spending money.
  7. Ding0

    Completed the Kongo Challange and...

    So everytime you get a ship like this you have to go to its port?. Thanks wow for getting back to my tickets on this. Have to look up forums to get anywere.
  8. I have completed ARP Kongo as well. Looking it up it says if you have not recieved your prize in 14 days submit a ticket, I submitted a ticket then found the thread. Personally if you go through all the trouble of getting the mission completed you should not have to wait any time. It should be awarded to you strait away. I cannot say to wow, give me a ship I will pay for it 14 days?. So whats the differance ?.